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If PHF Was A High School...

Main Pop Girl

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The Queen Bee


The Minions


The Mean Girls

The Cheerleaders

The Jocks

The Stoners

The Glee Club Members


The Photography Club Members


The Kids Who Spend all Their Money on Manic Panic

The Kids Who Skip Class to Play WOW in the Library

Do you agree? Is there anyone I missed? Make your own list and let me know. :tan: 

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37 minutes ago, High Princess said:

Everything's so accurate besides me. A jock? More like "The school gay that sucks all the football players dicks and then runs his mouth about it so he gets beat up"

You should explain your choices @Countess:morning:

I might have to start a special category called that for you and @Dayfid. :morning: 

For me, the Cheerleaders are the relentlessly bubbly ones who everyone loves on the forum. <3 The Jocks are more laidback and chill but everyone likes them anyway. The Mean Girls are the drama starters. :morning:  The Stoners are too laidback and don't give a shit about anyone. The Glee Club Members are your run of the mill student who most people love but sometimes get bullied. <3 The Photography Club Members are the artsy ones but they're still social and fit in. The Manic Panic Kids are the ones who come here to post about their favourite rock band and then leave. :morning:  And the WOW Kids are the ones who don't come on here at all. :mo: 

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