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    READ: Download links for all albums will be up tomorrow. (This album was originally shared by @Lancasters in his Kim Petras masterpost) "One Piece Of Tape" was Originally released as an EP of 4 tracks in 2011 this deluxe version includes all of Kim's other older songs that where released from 2007-2015 before she hit the big time with her new label and music. Kim Petras is a German Pop music singer who is also well known for being the youngest trans person. The sound of her early music is a lot different and quite demo sounding to what she is releasing now. Once Piece Of Tape (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist: 01. One Piece of Tape 02. Feel It 03. Supersonic 04. Money Got Her Hot 05. Boomerang 06. Die For You 07. Last Forever 08. When Dreams Come True 09. Fade Away 10. Loose Control 11. Bad Boys Gun 12. Magnetic 13. Just Another Story DOWNLOAD This fanmade album includes old Kim covers or songs, also old features she did. When You Go Away Tracklist: 1. Primadonna 2. Flight To Paris 3. Be As You Are 4. Don't Wake Me Up 5. Girl On Fire 6. Stronger 7. Marry The Night 8. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 9. Try 10. Don't You Worry Child 11. The Closest To Love 12. Hidden Affair 13. Plastic Factory 14. Stay 15. Won't Feel Like Christmas DOWNLOAD This album includes my favorite unreleased songs that were in circulation and the singles i think fit in with the style of the album, i made a edit of I Don't Wanna Wait for it to be longer. Summer Chicks Tracklist: 1. Alien 2. Break The A.C. 3. Bittersweet Surrender 4. Push Push Push 5. Painkillas 6. Choker 7. Shut The Fuck Up 8. Hillside Boys 9. All The Time 10. Homework 11. I Don't Wanna Wait 12. I Don't Want It At All 13. Slow It Down 14. I'll Be Dancing 15. Sweet Talk 16. Shame On Me 17. Hills (feat. Baby E) DOWNLOAD This album has more recent unreleased songs and some singles i thought could fit in with the style if the album. Oceans Tracklist: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. DOWNLOAD
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    01 Running 02 Afterlight 03 Yours 04 High, Wild and Free 05 Want To 06 Voodoo 07 No Lie 08 Bullets and Heartbreaks 09 New York DOWNLOAD - https://filescdn.net/wh6a7q5ip6da
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    The full HQ High, Wild and Free leaked
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    Can someone explain why y'all hyping this rapist Dr Luke supporter?
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    Specifically which one of you will leak all the time
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    CHARLI XCX – POP THE BALLOONS (EDIT) https://www3.xclusivejams.com/charli-xcx-pop-the-balloons-edit-222206.html Noonie Bao – Theme Park (feat. Charli XCX) https://www3.xclusivejams.com/leak-noonie-bao-theme-park-feat-charli-xcx-222203.html LIZ – PONYTAIL https://www3.xclusivejams.com/leak-liz-ponytail-222200.html Joe Jonas - Only Thing Nick Jonas - Time Hillary Duff - Who's that girl ? (demo) Joe Jonas - Only Thing.m4a Nick Jonas - Time.mp3 Hillary Duff - Who's That Girl (Demo).mp3
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    This is cringy and embarassing. They both need to take their braids out, stop trying to play the badass role, quit pretending to be bisexual and delete their careers.
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    The lyrics are so moving :(
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    I also have the song "V.I.P" but i don't know if it's leaked. Some help please ..
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    Found this on Twitter it contains 47 unreleased/leaked Bebe tracks https://f2h.io/dir/6ik3m2y9jq4n
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    Whatcha gonna beg for next?
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    Sweetie hate to break it to you but I think you got scammed...
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    I have: Dua Lipa - High, Wild and Free Kim Petras - Trampoline Kim Petras - I'll be Dancing Bebe Rexha - Between Us
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    These literally sound like the messiest FL Studio tracks imaginable, I don't know why y'all are hyping yourselves up over them! I thought you meant songs and I got so excited for a second...
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    Hello i'm fairly new here and in light of coverlandia being down for quite some time now I've decided to start posting my stuff on here, to actually start using this site lmao anygays here's just some of my most recent stuff
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    Tracklist: 01. Patron Tequila (Feat. Lil Jon & Eve) 02. Who's My Bitch 03. That's Just What I Like (Feat. Will.i.am) 04. W.O.W. 05. Boys Go Crazy 06. My DJ 07. Big Ponny 08. I Came 2 Party (feat. Space Cowboy) 09. Unpredictable 10. So Over 11. Boys & Girls 12. Down 13. Love Is All I Need 14. W.O.W. (Rock Version) 15. I Got It From My Mama (Feat. Will.i.am & Daft Punk) Download
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    Charli XCX No Angel Sophie Demo http://picosong.com/w9EkX/
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    kim petras - oceans http://picosong.com/download/w9EVZ/
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    I have almost everything too. I think some people are jealous because we got a lot of stuffs very quickly. I'm not gonna share my tradelist in public anymore. I think Where my heart at and Shame on me are next leak If someone broke into your laptop, he would leak Between us.
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    Why is this news? Oh yea....Because he is Michael Jackson's dad. However. From everything I have ever read about this guy, he was not a nice man to his Children. And a lot of that is from his own kids. Not going to get any sympathy from me.
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    Dua Lipa - Afterlight
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    That would be called....purchasing, and or buying. Trading is when you offer something of possible value to another person or persons, and they give you something of value to you in return. If you get hurt easy, I would advise you to stay clear of the trading club. If you do choose to play. You might want to have a bottle of alovera around, because at some point in time you are bound to get burned. LOL. Trading is a game for wolves. Not sheep. I personally do not trade. But I am smart enough to know how the game is played. And I just choose not to play it.
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    I HATE IT TOO! I actually asked our developers if they could fix that years ago but it seems like they have other priorities. As a workaround, you can always click on 'Source' and copy and paste the Youtube embed code into there. If you do it that way you can centre it just using the centre button up the top.
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    It's bland and Nicki is trash as usual. Good thing this mess is not on Ariana's album but Nicki has still a chance to ruin her album with The Light Is Coming

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