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    I understand why everyone is so frustrated and I'm sorry it took me to long to respond. Just as an FYI, I had already banned three accounts from posting that were downvoting people before this thread was made, but what I didn't realise was that even if I had banned them from posting they can still give people reputation. I've now banned them from the forum completely so that they won't be able to even see posts, let alone react to them. Some people (especially @Whoknowsmehere) have expressed the thought that the downvoting option should be removed entirely. Personally I like keeping it around, but I've taken the liberty to add a poll to this thread asking you guys what you think (hope @jlnsgr doesn't mind!). Please feel free to vote in it so we can get a better idea of how popular the idea is. As for the idea about the ignore function working both ways, unfortunately that's something that's built into the PHF software and as far as I can see there's no way to add it. It is a good idea but I don't have the coding skills we'd need atm. Sorry to disappoint. If anyone has any other ideas feel free to let me know! And thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts in such a constructive and positive way!
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    Hey true PHF family, I didn't think I would actually have to say something about it, but today, we reached a new level in the craziness of some "member(s)" of PHF. About an hour ago, I received 100 notifications and as I expected it, they were all downvotes coming for some nobody member. The problem is that that member as multiple accounts on PHF and is using them to spread negativity on this forum without facing any consequences due to the fact that those fake accounts are empty. @Me and Melanie @Mrs. Potato Head and probably even more melanie rats accounts. The past few months, the forum has become a place where I don't even feel like sharing anything due to how badly it has changed since the arrival of some new members. I don't know how most of you feel about it or even if you share my opinion on the subject, but I think it is time we do something to gain back our forum and spread some positivity instead of disrespect. I know it's impossible to block all those people but I think we can easily change some rules to make it all better. Such as: In order to prevent fake accounts, new members should not have the right to downvote anything until their account turns a year old. If someone is being disrespectful (despite being warned a few times), their account should be removed. It probably won't fix the problem but, at least, it's gonna annoy the fuck out of them. Some popular sections of the forum should be forbidden to members with less than 100 posts. The ignore user option should work both ways, I don't see the post of not seeing their posts if they can see mine. Whether you agree or not with me or just want to come up with more solutions, feel free to share your thoughts. Julien EDIT: I forgot to say something. I don't even care about those downvotes. I only care about making sure this place stays the same and that no one feel like they are part of a bad community. I love music and sharing my thoughts about it, as much as my masterposts or latest leaked tracks. I just don't want to do that and have complete assholes coming and ruining everything because they think that since they are behind their screen, they are the shit.
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    Was sorting my unreleased collection and found it, Here https://picosong.com/wEysV Leave a upvote if you download
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    I'll have to completely agree with @jlnsgr Ever since the Joan incident, we've been getting accounts like @Major Lazer who are only here to downvote other members and cause drama for literally no reason. It really pains me as this forum used to be active in a good way, but it's turning into an immature Call Of Duty server with 12 year olds who still think "your mom" jokes are funny. One of the best things in PHF is the freedom we have. I've never been in a forun where you could start fun drama, share download links and express your opinions regardless if they're offensive or not. However, some people are abusing of this privilege and if things keep going that way, we'll end up like that forum that shall not be named. I love this forum for the memories I've made and the few flawless members who have been like a family to me for the past two years, but honestly things are starting to get out of hand.
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    Taylor Swift ME!
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    Marina - Fear (2019). I only removed the word 'Love' since there already was a Love only cover.
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    Leighton Meester Front Cut So a few days ago me and some fellow users talked about miss leighton's music and it reminded me of this GEM of an unreleased song and decided to make a cover for it. (I had actually made one a while back like 8 years ago, when i first started playing around with graphics and looking back it was so bad and so LQ lol)
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    I think that the downvote button should still exist, HOWEVER, users who abuse it like this need to be banned all together. It's getting absolutely ridiculous. (I mean, to make it easy, just don't allow Melanie stans to join, because that seems to be the trend of downvoters...)
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    Florence + the Machine - High as Hope (2018)
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    Lately, the infamous "downvoters" have been attacking everyone. Including me. However, things are starting to get worse since it seems as we have some impersonators on the site. Here's an example: This person has been downvoting people and after doing that, they changed their username. My point being, be careful of who you get mad at. Double check usernames. It might be an impersonator trying to make us turn to each other and start pointless fights between the nicest of members. Thanks to @Whoknowsmehere for alerting me of this account. Steer clear of these weirdos!
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    Hey guys! I decided to share with you some of my covers, and I hope you like them. I'll be posting them in here, and if you have a request, I may try my best to do something with the little I know. I hope you like my artworks! (I've shared some before in other threads, but I may place them here too!) The first I'm sharing with you is for the unreleased debut album by British singer Florrie, presumably entitled Trouble In the Making: I can give you a link for it in HQ, as the forum won't let me upload +1MB files for some reason. This is the version I use for the files tags, so they won't be very heavy.
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    Marina - Love + Fear (2019)
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    Kim Petras Broken I hope ya'll are ready to Buy/Stream Broken i sure am with this new cover
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    Mollie King - Hair Down
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    Something simple Tinashe - Prisoner
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    I feel like they need to get out more...
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    they are fucking retarded. They stan the rattest rat in the music industry. I believe they will.
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    Fleur East - Heart Attack Louisa - Bad Habit
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    That's my first name... And yeah that's definitely the same person thinking they are funny. My guess would be on some 14-16 yo with no friends, bullied and feeling the need to kill everybody in their school. Frustration is a bad thing to express, my boy/girl
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    Me too! I've been downvoted in a cover I posted of my own, which I don't feel it's horrible at all but these guys are like viruses or something, they just pop up and downvote everything they see, even if the posts they downvote are not negative or harsh at all
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    Amen. Now watch this comment get down voted for no reason whatsoever. Who and the heck is this Julien person down voting almost all the comments in this topic. I have never heard of them before.
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    @Skinny Legend should remove the downvote button. Why spread negativity at all. And now it's a weapon for rats to annoy members. Just get rid of it
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    BLACKPINK -KILL THIS LOVE Blackpink in your area!
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    Let's settle this once and for all. Do the gays really run PHF, or are the straights slowly taking over? Serious replies only please (@GINGERGREEN ). And @asexualguy, you better vote in this because typing out all these options took time.

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