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    In honor of Vroom Vroom's recent 3rd birthday i decided to make another cover for the amazing ep. (also i'm so happy at how my transparent sticker came out!! the sticker on my 7 rings cover is shaking!!) CHARLI XCX - VROOM VROOM - EP
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    Let's not forget Ariana Grande's original 3rd album, "Moonlight"!
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    My doctor decided not to give me any meds for the time being, so here are some methods I use to cope with it! 1. If you feel like biting your nails (which is a very common unhealthy coping mechanism), try to get something to chew on, preferably made of rubber so that you don't hurt your teeth. Also, rubber is less likely to give you an infection. 2. Anxiety is sometimes triggered by overthinking. I'd suggest you find an activity that keeps your mind distracted from any malicious thoughts! I personally do dancing and reading, but that depends a lot on the person. 3. Surround yourself with positivity. Really, I cannot stress this enough. Many of my friends don't feel like listening to cheerful music when they're feeling anxious, so they go for depressing songs instead in an attempt to match their state of mind. However, I've noticed things work the other way around for me. When I'm feeling anxious, I try to listen to happy hardcore or mellow music. 4. If your anxiety stems from a relationship, you can either talk it out with your partner or convince yourself that you should trust that person and not let the little things get to you. I can't give much advice on this because I've never dated though, but I've noticed the methods I use to keep my friendships healthy can be applied to romantic relationships too. Hope this helps! If you ever want to talk, feel free to PM me!
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    I’m ready for that since Any Other Day! That kind of sound suits her so well! An album with songs produced by Goldfrapp, Ladytron and similar would be magnificent!
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    Thank you! Wish RCA had kept the style of the "Sparks" single for the album cover, so that was my intent.
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    Heidi Montag Body Language Fanmade Album
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    I've been listening to this album again, and I honestly still can't believe Britney served us such a masterpiece! We got these flawless singles with stunning music videos: We also got bops like How I Roll, the criminally underrated Inside Out, the iconic "Vegetables" song, Drop Dead Beautiful, the cute little hoe anthem Seal It With a Kiss, the romantic Trip To Your Heart, the should-have-been Bonnie collab Gasoline and of course, one of the fan favourites, Trouble For Me! Oh, and let's not forget this iconic song and performance Because why would you need a mic if you're Britney Spears? Did you think I was going to forget about the single-worthy bonus tracks? You're seriously wrong! The boss bitch anthem: The superior club banger: The go-to song for Justney videos: Britishney's comeback: And the Japan bonus track that should have been a Halloween themed single: But was that all Femme Fatale had to offer? Definitely not. THE ICONIC INTERVIEWS! Also, please, we all know Unbroken is one of her best unreleased songs: And to conclude, the song that makes us all cry because we wish her vocals were on it: Which are your thoughts on the Femme Fatale era? Feel free to post any of your favourite moments!
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    Congrats to Gaga for her first #1 single since 'Born This Way'! I can't believe that Bradley Cooper has a #1 single before Nicki Minaj does!
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    Exhale can go shove it. 🍵
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    Hello there 😃 I never really introduced myself in a propor way, so here it is 😊 My name is André, I'm 25 years old and I'm from Portugal! My music passion and journey started around 2005, when "Wake Up" from Hilary Duff and "Hung Up" from Madonna came into my life! After that I develop a truly love for miss Duff and I'm still in love with her until now! I've always felt some kind of joy and happiness when I was listening to her songs, watching her movies or similar, she is such a breathe of life, I can't describe it! Although, I know that something was growing inside me around the time that I listened to t.A.T.u. when I was really young, when they released "All The Things She Said", "Not Gonna Get Us" and their Eurovision entry "Ne ver', ne boysia (Не верь, не бойся)". And I'm still a die hard fan of them, even if they broke up, I still listen to their music and I follow their individual career. I love pop, electronic, rock and alternative music, but I still like a little bit of the other kinds, I'm not that picky with music, I just listen to what it feels right to me. I hope that I can share my passion with all the users here and feel free to ask questions if needed 😊
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    Guess who entered the studio? Even if it's a song for the serie, it's better than nothing 😅 https://twitter.com/HilaryNews/status/1101172937632165888
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    We just try to help, at least that's my idea of living. I'm happy when everybody around me is also happy, and when I see someone sad or similar, I just try to help. As everybody said, we are all different and act in different ways to each situations, so, if you need help or you don't feel okay on sharing it public just try to PM me or someone else. You're not alone and we can help each other 😊
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    Walking around with music in your ears is a great solution. I used to be very stressful about everything, but then I started walking and I started feeling so much better. You just have to find your best time and route. I like walking around my city when it's dark and lonely, like around 3 a.m. I also love walking by day in the nature - forests, lakes etc. It surely helps a lot. I used to walk like that to the point of reaching 28km distance tho but it also helps your physique.
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    I’m a little bit like that, that’s the reason I can’t get more weight, I have 56kg (I don’t know the conversion into pounds 😅). But I can’t get more then that since I was 15 years old. Its a little bit hard to deal with anxiety but sometimes I try to go for a walk, just me, my music and, sometimes, my dog. And I can think during the walking and I try to find solutions for the problems that are worrying me, and if I don’t find them I just try to see what I can learn from that, since everything happens for a reason. Other times I just try to read or play with my dogs, just to try to forget about it and, eventually, everything fades away.
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    I am here for a dark EDM song. Little Lies was a jam!
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    They should release a soundtrack to Younger (include Little Lies, the original Outlaw, and a couple outtakes from the EDM stuff). Or just an EP of sorts. Maybe even a new cover like you said. Just something. I gotta keep telling myself that these songs are old and she hasn't even hit the studio yet xD
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    I would enjoy something on the same line as Little Lies. I hope that she records a new song or cover for the new season of younger, at least to awake the musician that she has really deep on her heart!
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    Idk why you'd wanna buy her unleaked stuff when most of her released stuff lately has been really boring, but best of luck I guess!
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    Someone tell me why everyone wants this song so much. I listened to the extended snippets and it doesn't seem terribly out of the ordinary as a pop song. I think I'm missing something...
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    Heidi Pratt You Don't Even Know
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    Hilary Duff - This Heart
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    Avril Lavigne Head Above Water (Fan Made Deluxe)
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    I was just listening to her performance of 'I wanna fucking call you'. That song is really catchy and fun. We basically have the full song already. I really hope the studio version will leak this year. I don't think she is ever going to release any song from the album she did with Epic.. except for maybe 'Forever 21'. It just sucks for her and the fans who wanted that album to come out. Epic really messed up. I really think that this album would have been life changing for Bonnie. I cant believe we still dont have 'Slay'.. I hope that 2019 will be a great year for Bonnie and she will release great music this year!

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