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    I always had a soft spot for "I Belong to Me"
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    Thank you! And I made something for her 2016 era songs (which I think were scrapped again). It is called Wild Things, it would have been amazing if it were released back in 9 October 2016, and it would look like this: Track listing: Blossom Feral Hearts Racing Time Build the Cities [Karma Fields feat. Kerli] Diamond Hard Whispers Blue Skies Ahead [AFSHeeN feat. Kerli] Spirit Animal Raindrops [SNBRN feat. Kerli] Sound of Walking Away [Illenium feat. Kerli] Diamond Hard (Akcent Remix) iTunes bonus track Blossom (Futuristik Remix) iTunes bonus track Singles from Wild Things: «Feral Hearts» (February 19, 2016) «Blossom» (April 29, 2016) «Diamond Hard» (July 27, 2016) «Spirit Animal» (December 15, 2016) Here you can download it and I moved "Whispers" and "Blue Skies Ahead" from Weapons of Mass Creation to Wild Things because I think they fit better in the latter one I think I would like Kerli finally release something (an album, please ) this year, but I think it's not very likely that the 2016 songs will be released there, since there was nothing in 2017, so I decided to give them an era, too
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    Honestly, I find this heartbreaking. Obviously pedophilia is wrong, but that doesn't stop the people who engage in it from being real human beings with their own inner turmoils. I feel incredibly sad that he felt like he needed to resort to this.
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    I don't see him as a gross pedophile. He was someone who people have said was himself abused as a child, who struggled with desires that he knew were unnatural and so he tried to hide them away. As far as we know he never laid a hand on a child which is a lot more than can be said for some people in Hollywood who are still considered popular. Are you being serious right now? That makes me really sad to hear. Why do you think of things like that? I really think it really depends on the image. When I scroll through Tumblr I sometimes see risqué or even nude selfies taken by people who look to be underage, but I don't see that as child sex abuse - they can't be abusing themselves. Obviously if it's an image or a baby though or if there's other people involved then that's a different situation.
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    I honestly wish I could feel sorry for him, but he was a gross pedophile, so I really find it hard to do so. If anything, I'm very sorry to his family for all that they are going and have been through. I hope they can find peace in their lives.
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    I am here! Hello! I'm Keathen Young. I'm a KatyCat, Black Star, Lovatic, Smiler, Little Monster, Animal, Arianator and a fan of many other artists, bands, duos/trios, et cetera. A proud bisexual, I am. I was an introvert back then, until friends came up and I built my charisma; people say I have this "good candor". I love to listen to music and sometimes dabble a bit, I also love to watch TV shows and films/movies, and also love to read and write stories. I don't know what else to say, so just comment down your questions about me. I don't bite! I've been in different forum communities and I hope that's okay. I am hoping for older/earlier members of this forum to take show me around. And I wanna be friends with you. Hope that's okay, lol! - xoxo, Keathen
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    Lana Del Rey - Be My Daddy
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    Kylie Golden Simple edit hated the colouring on the official.
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    Girl this is a whole ass mess, it seems like you're making her messy era even worse. Havana was (and still is) a huge hit and Never Be the Same hasn't hit top 10 yet-- Inside Out is the least streamed track from the album & was already set for release but got scrapped. Adding OMG and Bad Things is stupid, one is a collab and the other was a promo single that people don't really care for. Crying In the Club tanked and was part of the THTHTL concept which is why she left it out. Well I Have Questions is one of her best but I don't understand how you'd want music she's already released on her debut album instead of new music especially when there's only 11 tracks, though She Loves Control is a great idea for a single because it's the most streamed non-single from the album so far!
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    Hey! I didn't mean to offend you in any way, that was definitely not my purpose. You pre-ordered the album, good for you and so did I but that doesn't give you the privilege to want the album to leak. Do you know what a leak can cause to the entire era? Just look at how Dancing is doing on the charts right now. I just want the best for Kylie since she's my all time fave and I don't want her to flop because of that! Also congrats on having a life, I guess? Unlike me who apparently spend all my free time online arguing in forums like this... I might be a hypocrite but you seem to get butthurt very easily just for a simple comment on your post... You should definitely continue on your path to become the perfect power bottom! Anyways, you tried to come for the wrong person on this forum Sir, Lady, Mr, Mdm, boy, girl or whatever. I've been on this forum for about 2 years now and I've probably never argued with anyone else so that's really show how much I like this start drama for no reason, right? (I did enjoy your Human Nature reference that was very cool, interesting and a lot of fun! + No, I've never used a leak since I don't trade so stop trying to make assumption when you don't know the person ) Let's not compare Bonnie's situation with Kylie ones, okay? You surely did some research to find my post! I must applaud you for that!
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    Even if fans have pre-ordered the album and it leaks, it still hurts the album massively. What about the GP? The planned promo? Surprise drops/buzz singles etc? An album leak hurts the era/person/sales massively, which I'm sure already happened with Dancing.
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    Kim Petras Heart to Break
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    The Powder Room released a new song Friday. Seems like she's using that name for the more electro/popish music. My Way
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    Walkin' Round in a circle bops too! Funny how we BOP to Public Affair I mean, it's the crown jewel of ha Discography
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    Not here for a country album. I want songs like "A Public Affair", "You spin me round (like a record)" or "Between you and i".
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    I'm honestly not here for another country album... We need some new iconic song like 'A Public Affair'
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    My collection of unreleased tracks by Allie X, Charli and Gaga, their remarkable lives, acoustic versions of released songs and instumantals. Charli XCX: https://mega.nz/#F!95FGmbRY!UOSwXSKiXBP-FHmRscDy6A - Includes recently leaked music and old stuff Allie X: https://mega.nz/#F!80MxEJLI!mMGIoacgCxZ0AqeQE0CDUA - whole pack Lady Gaga: https://mega.nz/#F!9wlimQJD!x64Ka17Nkp7KchjHIwNcbw - whole pack Whole "Music" folder, which contains much more unofficial releases (such as Iggy, DEV, K.I.D, Marina and small lossless collection: https://mega.nz/#F!IwsEiRrL!Os1rV2R3Nj0o6l4N9ENOUA I actively updating this stuff, so stay tuned if you want IF YOU HAVE MUSIC THAT I MISSED - SHARE IT
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    Ready For It is the best on the record in terms of production, but I Did Something Bad is just super noisy.
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    Not yet. But I am on the hunt. In the meantime I did find this. 67 photo albums of Mandy Moore. Get back to you if and when I find the song. Unless someone beats me to it. https://vk.com/albums-27578679
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    Hi , I 've started making my own music , and want to ask which DAW program and sources u are using for production. I am currently use Fruity Loops ver 12 I take sample packs , drum kits and other stuff from theese websites: 1.https://www.looperman.com/forum 2.https://www.lucidsamples.com 3.http://soundbible.com
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    50,000 images and hundreds of videos. Let that sink in. That's a lot of child abuse.
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    He was in possession of media that depicted the sexual abuse of children. Child pornography is not a victim-less crime. Those children were sexually abused in those photos/videos, and his possession of them makes him just as disgusting and as much a part of the problem in my eyes. It's unfortunate that he was abused when he was younger and I feel for him in that regard, but a shitty past is not an excuse to literally possess CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. As I said before, I find it hard to feel sorry when that is a part of his history. My feelings remain the same: I feel bad for his loved ones.
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    I don't have sympathy for him, but suicide is always very sad. His family and friends must be so devastated and I'm sad justice won't be served. On a side note, I really dislike how the media refer to child sex abuse images as 'child pornography'. I wish they'd call it what it is - child sex abuse.
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    every time i see someone comtting suicide my heart breaks cause suicide is one of the first things that come to my mind when i wake up
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    So if the course of things would have been like this, Utopia would actually be the fourth studio album released by Kerli, and we would have gotten a fifth studio album in 2014, entitled Weapons of Mass Creation: Cover for the deluxe version (sorry for the shitty quality, it's the copy I have for the tag editor of the songs) Weapons of Mass Creation would have been the fifth studio album released by Kerli, including many songs that were discarded from Utopia, and some collaborations she made by the time too. Songs like "Love Bomb", "Dirt In the Glitter", "Bullet" and "Dollface" would have been amazing singles. The track listing is the following: Blow the Speakers Up Bullet Heart Line Dirt In the Glitter Music Is Dead Angel Dollface Love Bomb Blue Skies Ahead [AFSHeeN & Kerli] Whispers Skyscraper Worlds Apart [Seven Lions & Kerli] Glow In the Dark [tyDi & Kerli] (Deluxe version bonus track) Something About You [tyDi & Kerli] (Deluxe version bonus track) XO (Deluxe version bonus track) Sex Tape (Push Rewind) (Deluxe version bonus track) Just Like That (Deluxe version bonus track) Immortal (Deluxe version bonus track) Keep It Close [Seven Lions & Kerli] (Deluxe version bonus track) Singles from Weapons of Mass Creation: «Love Bomb» «Dirt In the Glitter» «Bullet» «Dollface» Turns out that I have all these albums for download here you go with this one. And now, instead of waiting for her second album, we would actually be waiting for a sixth album but Kerli, her messy management and her fucked up luck, have hanged us waiting for her new material while listening old unreleased stuff
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    Hey Hey Hey, Witness, Dance With The Devil, etc
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    Welcome, I hope you'll enjoy this forum and make sure to buy/stream Kylie Minogue's new single Dancing
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    How 'bout no, you also say that yet down vote all my comments which doesn't give you a very good reputation in the eyes of other people (Like you have any anways ) so by doing that your also just killing down your reputation as a person, and simply getting yourself no friends. So if you would like to stop and be a grown up for once, and take whatever I say without getting mad all the time. It would be deeply welcomed But since your not like that I would recommend you stop before you kill of the rest of your already bad reputation.
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    i'm surprised you did not mentioned worlds like ''Trade'' ''unreleased'' ''unleaked'' ''Rare songs " ''share with me'' U r not into lana ? welcome sis Pophatesflops is the best place to make friends and enemies and disc music i hope u will stay
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    Kylie Minogue Dancing
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    Over the past few months we've had a fair few requests for PHF to have it's own official Discord server, as well as a bunch of leaks that have happened because of messy people playing songs on other servers that should have been PHF exclusives! Up until this week I didn't even really know what Discord was, but with the help of the incredible @Ari I've finally figured out how it works and what we can do with it. @Ari took the initiative to set up an official PHF server and we would love to have all of you join it! Discord has a few capabilities that are better than our own chatbox, but please don't think that this means we won't be using the chatbox as well. For me personally, I probably won't have too much time to visit the Discord more than a little while each day, so I'll still be checking the chatbox for my quick fix of messiness. If you want to check out the Discord, click the link below and come say hi! And don't forget to invite all your pop music obsessed friends to come join the fun. Join us here!
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    Britney Spears - Breathe On Me and a lot of In The Zone Mabel - Passionfruit Beyonce - like half of self titled
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    I first heard about her from youtube videos where she was or still is (don't know for sure), where she was a judge on a talent show back in her home Country. But I do like her some of her music. I am kind of curious to hear what her new album will sound like. Although I do think I like her as a blonde more. But yes, she is stunning as you say. Like her I do. Not sure about love. LOL. Not sure how much music you all have of hers. But I did come across this link with quite a bit of her music included in it. Check it out and for those that don't know much about her, here is your chance to get to know her. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7AN0Pl2OoRjYUo1aDVqaFhUOG8
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    Heidi's voice is totally natural, stay away hater
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    What about 'The Lover In Me'? A Public Affair is definitely her best album
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    Hold up right there Loyal people don't leak things that are traded with them to start with, they respect other trades and trade it on (Unless it's piratically leaked, and common) and second of all, I don't think sending nudes to minors is right
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    Anyways, here is my album concept for ARTPOP: Act 2. This album will feature some of Gaga's rejected ARTPOP songs from the first album along with completely new songs. Whereas the ARTPOP album was experimental, this one is more commercial and focused on the prospect of art and pop combining together. It is released without her former manager, Troy Carter, and is released under her soon-to-be manager, Bobby Campbell with production by Dream Lab, John Nation, Zedd, Alex Da Kid, Madeon, DJ White Shadow, The Futuristics, Giorgio Moroder, Greg Kurstin, Rick Nowels and Nick Monson. She put her all and pain into this album and released it as a treat for her fans and has planned to keep the ARTPOP era alive. She's also making good on her promises from last time with every song having a video of its own, but there will be 5 singles released instead of three. The planned album release date is December 27, 2014. ARTPOP: Act II (Lady Gaga) TRACK LIST: 1. Brooklyn Nights 2. Nothin' On (But The Radio) 3. Maren 4. Ratchet (ft. A z e a l i a Banks) 5. PARTYNAUSEOUS (ft. Kendrick Lamar) 6. Princess Die - remix (ft. Lana Del Rey) 7. Tinnitus 8. SIRE 9. Tea 10. In Like With You 11. Onion Girl 12. I Wanna Be With U 13. Keep It Underground 14. Temple BONUS: 15. Big Bang! 16. New York Woman JAPANESE/MEXICAN DELUXE EDITION: 17. The Stage 18. Dance Floor Nightmare SINGLES: 1. Brooklyn Nights (July 18, 2014) 2. Big Bang (October 24, 2014) PROMO SINGLE: I Wanna Be With U (December 20, 2014) ALBUM RELEASE: December 27, 2014 3. Nothin' On (But the Radio) (remix) (ft. Katy Perry) (January 12, 2015) 4. SIRE (March 29, 2015) 5. The Stage (June 17, 2015)
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    He may not be abusing them physically, but by downloading the photos/videos, he was re-victimising the children and increasing the demand for such photos/videos to be taken and distributed which continues the cycle of abuse these children face.
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    SOPHIE - Ponyboy Charli XCX - Emotional Qveen Herby - Wild Dev - Bouncy Lizzo - Truth Hurts Brooke Candy - Volcano K.I.D - Elevator EASYFUN - Blink GFOTY - Tongue Charli XCX - Femmebot
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