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    Taylor Swift - Lover
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    i forgot this thread lol, some of the stuff i've done recently Ciara - One Woman Army Ciara - Beauty Marks Brooke Candy - Toe Ring Brooke Candy - Daddy Issues
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    nightmare - single art
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    Over the years i have made loads of covers and thought i should post a small selection.
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    Pre-The Veronicas Demo CDs: Unknown Year: unknown title Christmas CD: (as Lisa & Jessica) (unknown tracklist) 1998: If You Don't Know What Love Is: (as Lisa & Jessica) If You Don't Know What Love Is If You Don't Know What Love Is (Pop/Dance Version) Everybody Needs If You Don't Know What Love Is (No VOX Mix) 2002: Double Trouble: (as Lisa & Jessica) Vibe [2000] The Real Me [2000] Tell Me Why [1999] Get Down [1998] Gotta Be [1999] Double Trouble [1998] 2002: Showtime: (as Lisa & Jessica, all songs individually from 2001) What Are You Gonna Do Fall So Hard Make It Hot It's Showtime Maybe 2002: Australia Australia: (as Lisa & Jessica) I am Australian Australia Australia Advance Australia Fair Advance Australia Fair (v2) I am Australian (instrumental) Australia Australia (instrumental) Advance Australia Fair (instrumental) Advance Australia Fair (v2 instrumental) unknown year: Teal: Conflicting reports as to whether their band name was Teal, or they did a demo CD called Teal as Lisa & Jessica. Generally accepted that the band name was Teal because of their old website then (tealmusic.com, changed from the previous thetwinsite.com) and comics. Rumoured that there were two CDs, one with Happening Again on the tracklist. Maybe the earlier one was as Lisa & Jessica, explaining the conflicting reports. Thinkin' It Over I Don't Care (Out That Door) You Want Mine * Yours 4 Good * Baby It's Over Mess My Mind * Happening Again * track that hasn't leaked online The Veronicas CDs and Singles: 2005: The Secret Life Of...: 4Ever Everything I'm Not When It All Falls Apart Revolution Secret Mouth Shut Leave Me Alone Speechless Heavily Broken I Could Get Used To This Nobody Wins Mother Mother Teardrop Hitting The Ground * * bonus track on the Brazil release released again with special Archie Comics and poster in a DVD & CD combo pack with music videos, BTS, and an EPK different from the old one on their myspace 2005: 4Ever: (single) 4Ever How Long Did Ya Think released again in a DVD & CD combo pack, including music video and EPK. 2005: Everything I'm Not: (single) Everything I'm Not 4Ever (Claude Le Gache Extended Vocal) 4Ever (Mac Quayle Break Mix) 2006: When It All Falls Apart: (single) When It All Falls Apart Heavily Broken (Live) * Everything I'm Not (Jason Nevins Remix Edit) *from Sessions@AOL released again in a DVD & CD combo pack, including music video, EPK, stickers, and a poster. 2006: Revolution: (single) Revolution When It All Falls Apart (Lost In Space Remix) Revolution (Live) * *from Sessions@AOL 2006: Leave Me Alone: (single) Leave Me Alone 4Ever (Claude Le Gache Mixshow) Everything I'm Not (Eddie Baez Mix - Edit) 2006: Exposed... The Secret Life Of: DVD: Live Performances: Everything I'm Not When It All Falls Apart Speechless Mouth Shut Mother Mother 4Ever Bonus: Exposed... The Secret Life Of The Veronicas Documentary Bonus Footage Music Videos: Introduction/EPK 4Ever Everything I'm Not When It All Falls Apart Revolution CD: 4Ever Everything I'm Not When It All Falls Apart Revolution Leave Me Alone Heavily Broken Live Tour CD+DVD, all songs recorded live from the Rockhampton show of their Revolution tour, 20 August 2006. 2007: Hook Me Up: Untouched Hook Me Up This Is How It Feels * This Love I Can't Stay Away Take Me On The Floor I Don't Wanna Wait Popular Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were) Someone Wake Me Up All I Have In Another Life Goodbye To You Change The World ** 4Ever ** * only song that is changed on the Amended version, lyric "fuck up" changed to "mess up". Amended Version cover has no checkers on background, solid black. CD gloss art is black instead of transparent. ** UK release. UK cover art has photo of the girls over the checkered background. 2007: Hook Me Up: (single) Hook Me Up Everything Insomnia 2007: Untouched: (single) Untouched Hollywood * Hook Me Up (Tommy Trash Remix) * not included on 2 track special release 2008: This Love: (single) This Love Don't Say Goodbye (Featuring Tania Doko) Untouched (Listen Deep Remix) 2008: Take Me On The Floor: (single, no physical version) Take Me On The Floor 2008: Popular: (single, no physical version) Popular 2009: 4Ever: (single, UK rerelease) 4Ever (UK Radio Edit) includes new bass, played by Jess herself. 2009 rerelease for UK, version from the UK music video. 2007: Hook Me Up Karaoke DVD: Hook Me Up (instrumental) Untouched (instrumental) This Love (instrumental) Take Me On The Floor (instrumental) 2009: Revenge Is Sweeter Tour: (DVD+CD) Take Me On The Floor Everything Popular Mouth Shut Revolution Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were) Secret Mother Mother Hook Me Up This Love Heavily Broken 4Ever Everything I'm Not All I Have When It All Falls Apart Untouched This Is How It Feels Live Tour CD+DVD, all songs recorded live from the Melbourne show of their Revenge Is Sweeter tour, [24/25] February 2009. DVD included performance video and behind the scenes footage. 2009: Complete: (2CD Japan release of The Secret Life Of... + Hook Me Up) Disc 1: The Secret Life Of...: 1-12 unchanged 13. Did Ya Think Disc 2: Hook Me Up: 1-13 unchanged 14. Insomnia Thick 2CD package. Comes in a sleeve with "Complete" cover (UK Hook Me Up release cover with "Complete" written instead of "Hook Me Up"), slip it out and one side is "The Secret Life Of..." cover, flip it over and it is the "Hook Me Up" AU/US cover. Released in Japan. 2012: Life On Mars: (NEVER RELEASED because Warner Bros sucks syphilis dick, leaked online 2016) Did You Miss Me Runaways Cruel Line of Fire Army of One Lolita Stutter Alive 101 Mad Love Dead Cool * Spirits and Sin Take Me Home Cold * Let Me Out * very early demo versions leaked, Dead Cool probably never got a finished studio version. Cold is missing most instruments, Dead Cool is missing almost all instruments and three lines of the song. 2012: Lolita: (single, no physical version) Lolita 2014: The Veronicas: Sanctified Did You Miss Me (I'm A Veronica) Cruel Line Of Fire Teenage Millionaire Born Bob Dylan Always Mad Love You Ruin Me More Like Me If You Love Someone Cold Let Me Out You And Me there was going to be a Deluxe Edition rerelease, with 7 new tracks like Sugar Daddy, Spirits & Sin, 101, Strange, Runaways, and the Line Of Fire remix from the promos, but it never happened. 2014: You Ruin Me: (single) You Ruin Me You Ruin Me (remix) * * remix by Josh Katz, Jess' boyfriend 2014: If You Love Someone: (single, no physical version) If You Love Someone 2015: Cruel: (single, no physical version) Cruel 2015: Sanctified Tour Vinyl: Sanctified (Josh Harris Remix) A red vinyl record given to everyone who purchased a VIP level ticket to a show on the Sanctified tour. The remix is the one shown in the Sanctified tour trailer. ?: (?): Best Friend In My Blood On Your Side The Only High 2016: In My Blood: (single) In My Blood 2016: On Your Side: (single) On Your Side 2017: The Only High: (single, no physical version) The Only High The Veronicas EPs: 2006: Sessions@AOL: Heavily Broken Revolution Everything I'm Not Mouth Shut Revolution Cry 2006: MTV.com Live EP: Revolution Heavily Broken Stay 4Ever released through a now-defunct music program, URGE. 2009: Untouched: Lost Tracks: Untouched (Album Version) Untouched (Unplugged) Hollywood Insomnia Everything Other CDs, Singles, and EPKs: 2007: Something Quite Peculiar: (The Dear & Departed) 14. Under The Milky Way 2007: Make Love To Your Stereo: (Nina May) 6. It's Easy To Be Worst 2008: Easy Fever - A Tribute to the Easybeats and Stevie Wright: (compilation) 4. Good Times 2010: Hanni & Nanni OST: (compilation) 1. The Wild Side 8. Us Against The World 2010: Love The Fall: (Michael Paynter) 1. Love The Fall 2010: The Spirit Of Christmas: (compilation) 6. Grown Up Christmas List 2015: Chains: (Tina Arena ft. Jessica Mauboy and The Veronicas) Chains Live & Online-Only without Official Release, etc: Songs only performed live: Baby I'm Ready (Viper Room) Best Friend (Jupiters Casino, Big Pineapple) Dead Cool (Viper Room, Phoenix Pride, several acoustic sets) Everything I'm Not (slow & sad piano version, done live during Sanctified tour and professionally recorded during Baeble Music Session) Forget You (My Best Mistake) (Viper Room) Happy Heart Like A Boat (Atlantic City) Kick It In (Viper Room) Psycho Bitch (Viper Room) Set It Off (Atlantic City) Woah Ohh (Atlantic City) Online-Only (YouTube/Facebook/Myspace...): Could've Been Cross My Heart Polar Bears On Crack (joke song, Lisa with Tyler Bryant and Seth Jones) Songs performed with other artists: Animal (Badflower ft. Jess) Baby One More Time (Britney Spears cover) (The Veronicas ft. EMPTY) Eye (Smashing Pumpkins ft. The Veronicas) Ghosts (New Empire ft. Lisa) Heroin (Badflower ft. The Veronicas) If You Don't Mean It (Dean Geyer ft. The Veronicas) Love Interruption (Badflower ft. Jess) Mouth Shut (Lisa ft. Paris Carney) Nice Boys (Don't Pay Rock 'n' Roll) (Rose Tattoo ft. The Veronicas) Novocaine (Michael Paynter ft. The Veronicas) Princess (Short Stack ft. The Veronicas) Pyro (Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown ft. The Veronicas) Red For You (Steven Childs ft. Jess) The River (Fretless Delay ft. Jess) Covers: All of Me (Lisa only) (John Legend) * Baby One More Time (Britney Spears) Back To Black (Lisa only) (Amy Winehouse) Bang Bang (Sonny & Cher) The Banishing Of William McGuiness (The Siren Tower) ** Burnin' Up (Jonas Brothers) Crying (Don Mclean) ** Falling (Alicia Keys) Hands To Myself (Selena Gomez) Hotline Bling (Drake) I Won't Back Down (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers) Part Of Your World (The Little Mermaid) * Ride Like The Wind (Cristopher Cross) *** Rock You Like A Hurricane (AC/DC) Skyscraper (Demi Lovato) So Beautiful (Lisa only) (Pete Murray) Torn (Natalie Imbruglia) Uprising (Muse) Wannabe (Spice Girls) The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson) We're Happy Little Vegemites (commercial) *** We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister) **** You're The Voice (John Farnham) * 15 seconds, instagram posts ** very short, a couple of verses *** a joke, short **** for YAZ birth control, along with "Change" - an early version of Change The World Acoustic Mashups: 4Ever/U + Ur Hand (P!nk) Cry/Baby One More Time (Britney Spears) Lolita/As Long As You Love Me (Justin Bieber) Mad Love/Trouble (Taylor Swift) Promotional: Change (YAZ birth control) * Neighbours theme song (live cover for ad with Dean Geyer) Related theme song Samey Samey/Double Trouble (on Merrick & Rosso show) Untouched (lyric change, for Habbo) When It All Falls Apart (Simlish version) (for The Sims 2) Side Projects: CakeHole: (Jess & Catinabox & Vali) Stab You Stab You (acoustic) Dead Cool Dropouts: (Lisa & Tyler Bryant) Green Eyes Make Me Blue Criminal Heart Write You Off Blame It On Me Playing For Keeps (live session of Blame It On Me) Ju Ju Ya Ya Lisa solo: Monster Shallow Snippets/Sneak Peeks of songs that weren't released at the time: From official videos: Baby I'm Ready [x] Cross My Heart (studio version) [x] [x] [x] Did You Miss Me [x] [x] [x] Go Your Own Way [x] "loving you will send a man insane" [x] Strange (believed to be Strange, not verified) [x] Sanctified (Josh Harris Remix) [x] Sugar Daddy [x] [x] [x] [x] You Ruin Me [x] During the Life On Mars era they did sneak peek BTS videos, titled The Awakening, Which Witch, and Reincarnation. Which Witch was never reuploaded by anyone so it disappeared when it was taken down. I don't remember which songs it featured. Once they signed to Sony they did Did You Miss Me episodes showing BTS of their self-titled. Reupped publicly after old snippet videos were taken down: All I Think About Is Be Yourself Left Waiting Leaked & Common Demo Versions: Leaked: Cold (Life On Mars) Change ("Change The World") (officially posted by YAZ) Changes ("Everything I Need") (as Lisa & Jessica) Cry Dead Cool (Life on Mars) Did You Miss Me (Life on Mars) Heavily Broken I Wanna Kiss A Girl ("Take Me on the Floor") This Love (ft. Kesha) Common: Everything When It All Falls Apart Common, very little change, maybe fake: Hook Me Up I Don't Wanna Wait Unreleased Songs: Leaked: 101 (Life on Mars) Alive (Life on Mars) All About Us Army of One (leaked looooong before Life on Mars full album leak. from someone who worked on it's soundcloud, along with 'Til I Say It's Over) Back to Life Broken Crashing Down Cry Don't Make Me Everybody Loves You Everything I Need Faded Go Your Own Way Happening Again In Love Again Luv Runaways (Life on Mars, leaked pre-full album leak) Spirits and Sin (leaked long before Life on Mars full album leak) Stutter (Life on Mars) Sugar Daddy Superstar Take Me Home (Life on Mars) Til I Say It's Over To Know Him We Are One What's Goin' On Without Love Worlds Apart Wrong Your Song You're Trash Unleaked: (incomplete list, obv. known songs that haven't leaked) Lisa & Jessica: Amazing C U Naked Infatuation I'm Not Listening Look At Us Now Pieces of a Girl Smokin' Gun Stop The World Taking Back My Life Too Good For You Unforgivable Watching The World You Want My Love The Veronicas: Did I forget anything? Anyone have anything to add? Haha I'm tired af now, just sat down and typed this all out. Let me know if I missed anything! (I might go back through and add album art if anyone wants me to) (here you go, @trayertrash & @Countess )
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    Madonna - Madame X (2019) Stream the hell out of "I Rise", that shit is great.
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    i love this forum, i don't post much but i appreciate the masterpost threads so much. Y'all doing gods work.
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    I just use Spotify... RIP to my unreleased collections!
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    Why did you have to post this when I'm at work? These dudes are hot, go post some more in the Night Club section!
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    Don't forget about AKB48 and their 130+ members... I don't know too much about LOONA but I've heard a couple of songs from the sub-units which I really liked! I'm just glad this is actually coming together because I remember seeing some of the girls were on a reality show to join another girl group and I was getting worried.
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    There's groups with 13 or even 18 members, you haven't even seen it all
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    The devil has spoken. In a world where Kim Kardashian defends a racist Jeffree Star (and then apologises) and Porcelain Black stands by Donald Trump's side, we are no longer surprised when we hear news about other ignorant celebrities sticking with these disgusting human creatures. Once relevant celebrity Paris Hilton simply had to add her five cents into the discussion as she defended her family's longtime friend Donald Trump and his "grab them by the pussy" comment in a new interview. The 36-year-old heiress started out the interview by stating that she didn’t actually vote for Donald Trump in the recent election because she didn’t vote at all, even though she stated in an interview that she had. The old perverted Cheetos-lookalike further admitted to watching Paris's infamous One Night in Paris film, even though he has known her since she was a 12-year-old girl. Paris told Marie Claire that Trump watching her sex tape "wasn’t creepy at all. He’s not like that at all, he’s always been so respectful." She was also asked if Trump‘s "grab them by the pussy" line bothered her. In response, she stated, "I’ve heard guys say some pretty crazy things. Like, worse than that. So I think that when someone doesn’t realize they’re being filmed or recorded, they say things. Especially with a guy." She went on, "So I think it was kind of just one of those things where you’re with someone – I’ve heard guys say the craziest things ever, because I’m always around guys, and I listen to them speak. So I definitely don’t think he would just say that." Paris fell even deeper into the shithole when she was asked about the claims made by several women stating that he had sexually harassed them. Paris said: Later, Paris DMed popular Twitter account PopCrave to clarify that the words were taken out of context. But is it too little too late? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!
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    I was ready to drag her for filth but I'm gonna give her a pass after I saw the DM she sent to PopCrave. It sounds like she was trying to be diplomatic with a friend of the family who she's known since she was 12 and even if that's not the best thing to do with someone who may be the future president it seems she's cut all ties now which is all we can expect from her really. At the end of the day no one loves Paris for her brains so I don't blame her and I respect that she's seen the error of her ways and changed her opinion on the subject.
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    Hey everyone! A member here recommended me to join this forum, and to be quite honest I'm glad I did! I'm a pop fan, but not really what's in now. I'm more interested in the 2010ish dance songs I love Heidi Montag, Kesha, Kristine Elezaj, Nicki Minaj, Myah Marie, Kaci Battaglia, Taio Cruz, Meghan Trainor and of course the one and only Miss Britney Spears! I hope I can get along with everyone (or at least most of the people) in here! More about me? Well, I kinda like doing my own edits of songs. They don't come off well really often but I really try at least! I'm also slowly but steadily starting to get into the trade business. If any of you guys would like anything from my list, just PM me. Take a look if you want. Not much more to say, but anyway, I hope I like my stay in here!
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    Consideration is the best song off ANTI. SZA is great on this track!
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    not 100% sure how i feel about this one. I couldnt get it fully untagged, hence the boxes, but I think it kinda works.
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    not 100% sure how I feel about this one.. i like how it turned out, but idk...
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    They're both gorgeous! And I'm impressed that you managed to make them look super official while still making them exciting and stylised. Most covers either look like this: Or this:
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    There you go 3 Different outcomes. Enjoyed doing this cover, no stress just messed around and personally like the outcome...
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    :stretcher: Omg, you are so shady...

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