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    Hello to you all, merry christmas Like last year, I will give you a list of my personal leaks/unreleased/demos this year. Here's my list : 1. Female singers : Avril Lavigne : In Touch/ Warrior (Demo) Madonna : The Rain Tapes (Erotica Demos)/Be Careful/Never Love A Stranger/Frozen (Demo)/Nothing Really Matters (Demo)/Like A Prayer (Demo) Bebe Rexha : My Own Worst Enemy/ Guaranteed For Life Dua Lipa : Telling Like It Is Christina Milian : Cat Fight/ Say That You Want Me Leona Lewis : Love Killer Jessica Sutta : Drown In Me/Don’t Poppy : Heavy Metal/Renegade Selena Gomez : Girl Crush Demi Lovato : The Beauty/Proof/Somebody New Sia : 2 Beautiful Carly Rae Jepsen : Believe In You/ Sun On You/ 10.000 People Meghan Trainor : Curves/Caribbean Love/Hard To Please/Have You Now/Red Flare/Ain’t Your Mama/Cherish You/Claustrophobic Marina : There’s Nothing Wrong With You/Worth It/ Please Don’t Call Me Hilary Duff : If I Fall/ Hurts/ Wherever We Go/ Wild Night Out/Feel Alive Rita Ora : Champagne Lights/Could It Be Fergie : Men All Pause/Dancin Julia Micheals : Too Much Tinashe : Underneath The Lights/The Same/Taboo/Make Me/Fashion Nova/Fearless (Demo #1) Kesha : Birthday Suit (Demos) Nicole Scherzinger : Last Goodbye Lana Del Rey : Wild On You (Color Blue)/ Sad Girl (Demo)/Fuck My Way (Demo) Charli XCX : Blow Your Mind/Champion/Pop The Balloons/ 100/ 1 2 Bamboo/ Rain Over London / Heartbeat/ Beat You At Your Own Game/ Party Party/ NYC (The Way Out)/ GENERATION BRAINDED/Get Dirty (2014 Version) JoJo : Waiting For You/ Painkiller Lady Gaga : I Wanna Be With You (Dope demo) Gwen Stefani : Overdose Sky Ferraria : Guardian Zara Larsson : Confession/Follow You 2. Male Singers: this one is for you @Marin Travis Scott : Rodeo (Demos)/Blame/Left Cheek, Right Cheek/Hot Sauce (Version #2) Kanye West : NewBody/Hurricane/Last Name/Ultimate Lie/Spread Your Wings/ Hurry/On Sight (OG)/Black Skinhead (OG)/Jealous Drake : Boo Hoo Hoo Nick Jonas : Wrong/Pressure/Flawless Shawn Mendes : Love Me Or Leave Me/Satisfied/You Make Me Feel Charlie Puth : Love Game Ed Sheeran : Cold Water/No Love For The Lonely Chris Brown : Technology (Demo)/Daylight Savings Justin Bieber : Double Negative/Trust Me/Supermodel Post Malone : Stoned/Feel [OG] (feat. Rita Ora)/Me Or Us What are your favorite unreleased songs by your artists? comment below
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    Hello ladies. Here's my latest creation I'd recommend opening it in a new tab.
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    Title Perfume Release date February 2014 Genre Pop, EDM Record label RCA Unfortunately, we all know how Britney Jean really turned out. I really just created this album and use it in my music library as the official album that adheres a bit more to the "personal" album that Britney promised us. I also titled it Perfume to speak to the highly female driven narrative in this album, also because the album name "Britney Jean" has been tainted to me so I needed a replacement. TLDR: This is what I imagine a personal album should have been given the tracks that had been released around this era. Tracklisting 1 Work B**ch 2 Now That I Found You 3 Pretty Girls [Featuring Iggy Azalea] 4 Alien 5 Tom's Diner [with Giorgio Moroder] 6 Passenger [Featuring Sia] 7 Hold On Tight 8 Body Ache 9 Perfume* 10 Brightest Morning Star Deluxe Edition 11 Ooh La La (from the Smurfs 2)** 12 Don't Cry 13 Perfume (Remix)*** Singles 1 Work Bitch 2 Alien 3 Pretty Girls [Featuring Iggy Azalea] 4 Perfume**** *I used the Dreaming Mix on my album because its a softer vibe that works better as a penultimate album track, personal preferences right? **I really only included this track because I figured if it was really personal, Britney would have included it in the deluxe for her kids etc. ***The remix I used would be the original album mix. ****Probably release it with the nice pop album mix for more potential commercial success, but we also saw how that went...
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    songs that might get leaked (during Christmas or early 2020) are (in my opinion): Bebe Rexha - Nothing At All Bebe Rexha - Fell In Love With A Stranger Charli XCX - Beat You At Your Own Game (HQ) Charli XCX - Heartbeat Nicole Scherzinger - Wonderful Love Charli XCX - Rain Over London Meghan Trainor - Last Laugh Meghan Trainor - Suga Mama
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    Whew, fifth edition! What an icon, I stan Ava Max is likely coming with an album in 2020. I just wished she / her label didn't wait too much since the release of the lead single, "Sweet But Psycho". Almost 2 years old
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    Fifth edition is here! I’m going to update this topic throughout the year once we get official announcements. Feel free to submit some! January 10: Kesha - HIGH ROAD 18: Halsey - Manic February 7: La Roux - Supervision 21: Agnes Obel - Myopia TBA Adele - TBA Allie X - TBA (already out: Fresh Laundry & Rings a Bell) Ansel Elgort - Cherry Blossom Trees BoA - TBA (already out: AMOR, MY LOVE & Wishing Well) CL - LIFTED Cruel Youth - TBA (already out: Devil in Paradise & Portrait of a Female) Dev - TBA (already out: Down For Me, Rock On It, Clean Break & Girls Don't Cry) Dua Lipa - TBA (already out: Don't Start Now) Ellie Goulding - TBA (already out: Close To Me (feat. Swae Lee), Flux, Sixteen & Hate Me (feat. Juice WRLD)) Greyson Chance - TBA Grimes - Miss_Anthrop0cene JoJo - TBA Justin Bieber - TBA Lady Gaga - TBA LOLAWOLF - TBA Miley Cyrus - SHE IS MILEY CYRUS Noga Erez - Kids (already out: Sunshine, Bad Habits. CASH OUT (feat. SΔMMUS) & Chin Chin (feat. ECHO)) Selena Gomez - TBA (already out: Stained (feat. Last Lights), Lose You to Love Me & Look At Her Now) Sia - TBA (already out: I'm Still Here & Step by Step) The Veronicas - TBA (already out: Think of Me) Tinashe - Songs For You (already out: Die A Little Bit (feat. Ms Banks)) YELLE - TBA ZEDD - TBA (already out: 365 (feat. Katy Perry)) RED = confirmed to be released in 2019/2020 GREEN = delayed or canceled
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    Hey guys! I decided to share with you some of my covers, and I hope you like them. I'll be posting them in here, and if you have a request, I may try my best to do something with the little I know. I hope you like my artworks! (I've shared some before in other threads, but I may place them here too!) The first I'm sharing with you is for the unreleased debut album by British singer Florrie, presumably entitled Trouble In the Making: I can give you a link for it in HQ, as the forum won't let me upload +1MB files for some reason. This is the version I use for the files tags, so they won't be very heavy.
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    I'm gonna choose Guardian for leak of the year the only fucking song she tease us for 5 yrs and where's mAsOchiSm
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    Does anyone know or have this demo in full?
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    I updated it. I think you're right, it doesn't look off anymore.
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    I think more Charli XCX's Charli outtakes are coming soon, because of the flow of unreleased tracks we've been having the last days. However, it's just a feeling, not that I have solid information about it. I woudn't even know which tracks could be in circulation.
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    I've been listening to Pure a lot lately. Amazing that you know them!
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    Kerli - Shadow Works (2019)
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    Don’t forget Steps has a new album coming out in 2020 as well!
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    hey! i just started to make my own covers and concept designs, i was inspired by all the art galleries i saw here. this is my first cover, of timothy heller's secord single "see ya!"
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    Something by Katy Perry? Unreleased, Old songs or Demos?
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    Porcelain Black - Mannequin Factory (2015; unreleased)
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    Fergie Clones Rihanna Same Old Love Camila Cabello God is A Woman,the Boy(ft Ed sheeran and Solo),Curious,Taxi Madison Beer Tell It To my heart, Bad news(Demo for Selena Gomes) Ella Henderson Crown Charli Xcx Hearts ft Marshmello Bebe Rexha Nothing At all Ariana Grande My way Dua Lipa Carry On, Bad to you ft Ariana Rita Or Rest of OG second album Demi Lovato Somebody New Lana Del Rey Don't stop and Queen of hearts Any Era Istrefi(Sapphire Hq) Sofia Carson Girl Like That Miley Cyrus Victoria(Hq) Becky G Garden Hq,Locomotion Iggy Azalea Diablo Nicki Minaj Good Luck Selena Gomez Girl Crush ft Iggy Azalea Ciara can't help it Jennifer Lopez forever young and Violin Sia Bam Bam SHOULD LEAK FOR GOD'S SAKE
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    Fixed font for the "Borderline" single cover by Florrie (2019). I didn't notice I used a different one than the font I wanted to use. This is the one
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    please leak lady gaga & britney unreleased
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    Any Britney Unreleased or Britney related track (Gaga's Quicksand Demo, Sia's Perfume Demo etc)
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    Leak Shanti and Mustang by Miley Cyrus. If you don't have it, get it! thx

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