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    Hey guys! I'm a huge fan of Poppy's I Disagree album and was so sad there's no Japanese edition. So I made my own! Hope y'all like. Full mockup:
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    So I can't tolerate Alessia's stale voice on the chorus it sounds so pale, so I edited her out. Dbree Picosong Second is the scrapped single "the other bitch" Which was later censored to the other chick, I edited the "bitch demo" snippet with the full the other chick demo Dbree Picosong
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    Considering its from the same website, I wouldn't call it 'tradeworthy'. It sounds like her voice, but I also thought some of the OG VOTD songs did but everyone else says it sounds nothing like her. Once I'm off work ill post a wi.to & let everyone else judge 😄
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    Hello, everybody. Around four months ago I released what I thought was my first album entitled Not Ready for Life, and much to my displeasure, I ended up hating it a lot. I blame it on my idea of rush-releasing it one day before my 21st birthday, and what a mess. So I decided to rework everything in terms of vocals and vocal editing. I tried to learn a little more of audio editing, and I think I like this result much better than the previous one I shared back in April. Still I don't consider this is a great record, but I feel happy with it. Anyway, I wanted to share I'm re-releasing an enhanced version of the album, with a new title Last Days of Freedom, and it is out now! Three singles were released prior to the album: "Hello", "Numb" and "Mind Games (Shattered)". FREE DOWNLOAD iTunes AAC M4A Mastered files If you guys give a listen to this or share it, I'd be infinitely thankful! I truly hope you like it. It's been such a journey to create this record, and I'm glad it's finally out in the form I wanted it to be. For streaming, click below:
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    If anyone has Selena Gomez Out of My Head it'd be super cool and interesting of you to leak it 👀 Wishlist that will never come true - Avril Lavigne - Gone - Avril Lavigne - Candy - The Veronicas - Best Friend - Aly & AJ - Damaged - Aly & AJ - Civillian
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    We will take on this industry together babe. LEAVE THEM ALL SHOOK AND SNATCHED
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    Oh my oh my oh my!!!!! Gosh I don't know what am I (pretending I'm) doing in the industry. This is really, really good! I enjoyed a lot every aspect of this track. The instrumental, the production, your voice, the lyrics, the delivery, the catchiness... I wish I was half this good! I gotta admit I got a little sick on my stomach when you had the heart in your hand, but I liked the visuals so much! This is amazing, boo, keep up the great work! This is the first track ever I hear from yours, but I'm already waiting for your album to be released!
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    It's sitting on her computer since 2014 She litteraly has no excuses since she brought the songs back from Epic.
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    Rhythm Nation 1814 - Janet à Loose - Nelly LAMB - Gwen Forever Your Girl - Paula Abdul Fantasy Ride - Ciara Chromatica - Gaga All For You - Janet Survivor - Destiny's Child Dignity - Hilary Duff Inside Out - Kat DeLuna The Emancipation Of Mimi - Mariah Britney - Britney B'day - Beyonce
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    i also like BAD - MJ Thriller - MJ Debut Album - Chris Brown F.A.M.E. - Chris Brown Confessions - Usher
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    It's more and more difficult to trade on this site. People make few alt accounts to scam, get snippets and simply know song titles and after they create a new account again to do the same shit. We can't really ban anyone with the certitude they will not come back with a vpn or proxy. All of these things affect the forum. We can't safety trade anymore. And since people mainly come here to trade or for the leaks, the forum start to not be so active than before and it's sad. I think some actions need to be taken. I was thinking of not allow new registrations with a vpn and proxy. (can be find here https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9695-proxy-vpn-disposable-email-blocker/ )
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    If i only choose one, i think it's this one.
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    Did you know you could see how many reputations you gave and how many reputations you received in detail ? You just need to add "reputation" at the end of the link of the profil member of your choice. Fo example, with my reputations : I also tried with @Whoknowsmehere to see how many negative reputations he received in his phf career. Sadly we can't see negative reputations anymore. But @Whoknowsmehere has 1052 positive reputations and 1532 positive reputations received, so he got 500 dislikes i guess
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    My reputation's never been worse so 👀
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    I have Kiss The Night Goodbye There’s another version of it on dbree already that leaked some time ago but this version sounds different
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    I've been looking forward to this for ages actually! Does anyone know where I can watch it ilegally? Cos I already have like three different streaming services and I really don't wanna get another one.
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    I figured that song was a joke lol. It probably is, but they do sound different
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    Do I want to know what the Shadow Works ceremony is?
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    I Dmed her & she responded lmao it’s in the d*scord
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    Taxi, Some Meghan, Some Dua,Some Tinashe
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    leak cassadee featuring kesha my way ariana criminals and look at us meghan
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    I thought the same lol, she should’ve pushed the date more forward imo
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    I'm all for a Christmas album, as it seems to be a right of passage, but why is this coming out the day before Halloween? I get that Halloween is cancelled this year, but Christmas isn't for 2 months following.
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    Just listening through now! I have to ask, was 'Elastic Days' a Lana style beat that you found? It reminds me of BTD for some reason! I've gotta say, your production is still 100% your best work for me. You could definitely sell 'Numb' or 'It Will Rain' on that BeatStars site for other artists to sing or rap over! I'm sure people would buy them cos they sound super legit! Good work boo, I hope you keep up making music! Your songs get better and better all the time!
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    YES KING! You inspired me to share my song on this forum! All the best of luck! 💙
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    Thank you so much! I'll definitely have to do something about that Autotune with my next releases, 'cause it bugs me a little as well. At first I was enthusiastic about it, but some songs just don't sound well when Autotune is excessive. And thank you so much for listening!
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    You know 'Last Days of Freedom' was my favourite track so I'm so happy it's getting the recognition it deserves! I think your production has only gotten better, although I wish there wasn't quite so much Autotune on your voice. Still you did a great job babe, I'm so proud of you.
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    surprisingly, yes. there's even a snippet. still sounds like shadow works era to me though. not too impressed by what i hear.
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    I gotta give her credit for still managing to release AND promote an album even while she's been ready to pop for the past few weeks. The album will probably still flop, but it's not gonna be because of her pregnancy and that's impressive imo!
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    Your Mental Age is: 34 (8 years older)
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    Your Mental age is 43 (Very possible. However, as I am not 43, I really have no idea) Sophisiticated (Very true). You were born in 1977 (I was not).
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    Interesting to know! Now release the goddamn album!
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    Feel free to log out at any point! I don't think anyone would miss you!
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    Steps second single from the album has leaked according to people on here. The first single What The Future Holds already leaked and the second single something in your eyes is out there somewhere.
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    Ariana: Dangerous Woman > My Everything > Yours Truly > Sweetener > Thank You, Next Carly Rae: Emotion > Dedicated > Kiss > Tug Of War Demi: Confident > Tell Me You Love Me > Demi > Unbroken > Here We Go Again > Don't Forget Ellie: Halcyon Days > Delirium > Bright Lights > Brightest Blue Gaga: The Fame Monster > Artpop > Born This Way > The Fame > Chromatica > Joanne Katy: Prism > Teenage Dream > One Of The Boys > Witness Meghan: Treat Myself > Thank You > Title Nicki: The Pinkprint > Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded > Queen > Pink Friday Taylor: Reputation > 1989 > Lover > Red > Folklore > Speak Now > Fearless > Taylor Swift
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    Just remembered I had this...pretty rare. Kara's "Mad DoLL" album, released in 1999. Files aren't the greatest quality but better than nothing! https://mega.nz/folder/cAIzDQKZ#OBqgriUZhwpxGW_PaVyCGg
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    Camila Cabello - Romance Release Date - October 18, 2019 Album Background/Info: Following the release of the Shawn Mendes duet, Señorita, Cabello began teasing her sophomore album as "sounding like what falling in love feels like." The era would begin with the premiere performance of first single, My Oh My (feat. DaBaby) at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, which would be released for stream/purchase on Aug. 30th, the performance begins with a 1:00 intro that sneak peeks album track, Shameless, before dropping into My Oh My. The red hot performance, along with Señorita during the show, is buzzed about and gives the single the anticipation one can hope for, the duet performance with Mendes launches their single to the #1 spot on the Hot 100, with My Oh My also charting the following week in the Top 10 at the #8 spot. Following the chart debut, Cabello releases the teaser for the music video which is released Sept. 9th along with the album title and date at the end of the music video. Album pre-order was released on Sept. 20th with two promotional singles: Liar (Sept. 20th) and Living Proof (Oct. 4th), both of which garner much buzz with how the singer is taking the idea of romance in many directions; a teaser trailer is released with Living Proof that shows many visuals, giving speculation to a visual album for Romance, which Cabello confirms as false, stating "This album means so much to me and when we began working on this era, I wanted to show what romance was through my eyes and we brought so many ideas to the label and they were on board with it. So the visuals in the trailer, which total to 5 videos, including the music videos for My Oh My and Señorita will be released upon the release of Romance." The album's second single, Shameless, is released alongside the album on Oct. 18th, with the album being met with generally positive reviews, many stating that Cabello levels herself up as an artist without trying to advance herself too soon. Romance debuts at the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 and remains within the Top 10 for 3 more weeks before trickling out slowly. Promotion for the album works it's way through the talk show circuit following release, most notably being the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, performing Shameless and Easy; the album finds life again at the 2019 American Music Awards where 3rd single, Living Proof, is performed along with the announcement for the Romance Tour, to be kicked off in May 2020. Camila is announced as a performer for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, performing Shameless/My Oh My and Living Proof. The album's last major promotion happened one month later at the 62nd Grammy Awards, with a medley performance including Living Proof, Should've Said It, and This Love. The Romance Tour, which was set to hit the road in May of 2020, was postponed to a yet-to-be announced time frame due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; following the announcement of the postponed tour, Cabello took to social media to announce a mini project for fans in place of the tour, The World of Romance. A docu-series that would be released via YouTube in April & May showcasing the writing, recording, and making of the Romance era from Camila and her team, along with two tracks that Camila teased during her debut album. 1. Shameless 2. Living Proof 3. Should've Said It 4. Señorita (feat. Shawn Mendes) 5. My Oh My (feat. DaBaby) 6. Liar 7. Bad Kind of Butterflies 8. Easy 9. Feel It Twice 10. Dream of You 11. Cry for Me 12. This Love 13. Used to This 14. First Man 15. Must Be Love* 16. Scar Tissue* *Released May 2020 following the postponement of the Romance Tour due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
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    Just added you 😃 here’s my profile too:
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    i wanna see the videos of When Your Eyes Say It, Gimme More, Hot As Ice, I Wanna Go, Make Me, Circus. I wish she could complete the Outrageous video, if only she didn't injury her knee, sad....
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    Such a detailed reading, loved it. I'm shocked with BTMY original plot, I never knew that. lol
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    So the design of the Kesha one isn't of my own idea I saw a similar cover but remake it in better quality with a different "High Road" font
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    The things I would do for original explicit solo demo of I Can Only and full version of Cold thx for these tho
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