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    Lindsay Lohan Xanax
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    Hey guys! I've been meaning to post this, but kept forgetting. Below is a link to my covert art tumblr. Please let me know what you think! Also, if you have any requests, don't hesitate to ask! (: http://ztmcoverart.tumblr.com/
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    hey! i just started to make my own covers and concept designs, i was inspired by all the art galleries i saw here. this is my first cover, of timothy heller's secord single "see ya!"
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    Kim Petras Turn Off The Light
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    Not an official release, but I like this mashup of Leona and Mariah singing 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)'!
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    The question is, who would want to sign her?
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    1. Just Feel It 2. Only If For A Night 3. ? 4. Petty Nonsense 5. Pose 6. Only One (Who Knows) 7. James Joint 8. Kiss It Better 9. Love On The Brain 10. Higher 11. Yeah, I Said It 12. Close To You 13. Joyride 14. Body Soul Mind? 15. Let Me In 16. One Way Ticket 17. Sledgehammer 18. Lock & Key 19. Brand New
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    Kim Petras - Clarity (2019)
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    Ok so today's post is actually not a cover but i did use my covers in! So for one of my classes (it was only like 5 weeks long) our final project was to create an Ad for some type of technological device or whatever so i chose to do mine on the latest iPhone because i knew i could do something nice and sleek with that! and because i'm me i wanted to showcase my covers somehow so i decided to use a music app screenshot as the titular image showcasing the phone. That looked slightly low quality to me so i decided let me just re-create it and i did and it was quite identical BUT i kinda felt lackluster, even though it looked legit, so i decide to try to give it a little update with an opaque - black background and peaks at songs (well covers) that have played or are up next. I also tried to do an update for the lock screen music player since i hate how small the covers are on there.
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    This is such a bop! Oh my days... hope shes back with more music. xx
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    Leighton Meester Front Cut So a few days ago me and some fellow users talked about miss leighton's music and it reminded me of this GEM of an unreleased song and decided to make a cover for it. (I had actually made one a while back like 8 years ago, when i first started playing around with graphics and looking back it was so bad and so LQ lol)
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    Only two more days until Christmas. So it's not too late to add some music. Merry Christmas to you all. As well as to your Families and Loved Ones. Taylor Swift - Christmases When You Were Mine (Demo) 5.8MB https://www57.zippyshare.com/v/4lutPJki/file.html http://itssodamnfunny.tumblr.com/
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    Long shot but does anybody have the original file for this? Apparently this was sent out to the fanclub as an official audio around the time of Pretty.Odd.: If not, I'll just have to deal with a youtube rip.
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    Were they really trynna pass this off as live?
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    Disney's Holiday's Unwrapped 161MB https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B5sDixxS15JPZ0hWczRGUEg2Sms?fbclid=IwAR37ExOS9A60PD4TGSRNNxlQBjj0UDzMtBEgMA2f5YRy-zXahdmsv5vAn0k If you are interested in more Christmas Music? You can find it here. https://vk.com/disneytvmore
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    Don’t forget to buy and stream the best Christmas song of all time:
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    Are you still looking for this?
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    Mariah would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas. Yes. Even @jlnsgr
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    @Tweener Here is A Very Special Christmas 1, 2, 3, 5, Acoustic & 7: https://mega.nz/#F!2PJxyY6K!Iq8lxGK2xWuhfz8FfVQR3Q
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    Does anyone have this song in its original file? It says in the description that you can download for free but the link doesn't work anymore. Also looking for Bonnie McKee's Have Yourself a Merry Fucking Christmas in the best quality
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    Christmas gonna be her before you know it. Here is some music to get you started. I have not gone through every folder yet. Check it out. But be quick as this site tends to change it's address every so often. Not the best quality, but fun to go through anyway. A-TEENS - XU02 - 11 - I WISH IT COULD BE CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY mp3 3.0M - XU02 - 11 - I WISH IT COULD BE CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY.mp3 Might be a bit slow for some of you kids. LOL. But I love her voice. For those of you that are not familiar with her. She is mostly known for her Broadway style of music. Give it a listen if you are not afraid to broaden your musical horizons. Kristin Chenoweth: A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas (2008) 124MB https://mega.nz/#!svQimALD!IR9G9vAXmw5DCun1YbPuX-yDIzJh7i9tL3-NZfDvf1o Cannot believe this still works. Found this back in November of 2017. Kylie Minogue - Kylie Christmas (Snow Queen Edition) i+ https://mega.nz/#F!RpNEkRYJ!EjP7BJTfkUfuILJT67ol1Q For the young at heart. Or if you have a friend or family member that has young kids. They might enjoy this one. Disney's Princess Christmas Album (Sung By your favorite Divas) 40MB https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1aIW_npfdp131TWIyqkvATkh_Kg5XlwVB Kelly Clarkson's Cautionary Christmas Music Tale (ClarksonVille 2013) (Video) 1.0GB https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxn1mUotEu78ZUR6ZW5iY19mTDg/edit Nick Jonas & Shania Twain - Say All You Want For Christmas (Web-FLAC-2017) 24.5MB https://mega.nz/#!gbpySDpQ!vAOkm6DZs7tUVEfzldvHB4guJr0KkofOka0p3nXM27A Ellie Goulding - O Holy Night [Web-FLAC-2017] 18MB https://mega.nz/#!9LRQnTRD!VWz0skcjAbxHSfSyL0BXB0xRe56c1wIo6D3hd9Tk7-0 I never downloaded this one as I can never get dbr.ee to work. Sofia Carson - Chillin Like a Snowman 3.8MB https://pp.userapi.com/c639228/v639228404/68b60/Ov8WXV6hXtE.jpg https://dbr.ee/nrJR https://vk.com/wall-84424423_446 https://vk.com/disneytvmore Miley Cyurs - 01 Sleigh Ride (Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC) 7.0MB Miley Cyrus - 02 Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree(Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC) 4.3MB https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tab9zgi3mq4ilvisKSWlWQs0WsmwAsJr?usp=sharing Jessica Simpson - Happy Christmas 67MB https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51Pwm-qMdlL.jpg&key=8350664f12a0969ec0041dc4dc31ba597c0740e4618d7e8d654e69146c100ab5 https://mega.nz/#!010zgZqL!9d8n-u_Xba8EXjjT6LW-NH803IGN27nibKlc60mTyCg Pentatonix - That's Christmas To Me https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0ByaIcwSlM1eudVVRbHk5c1ZzTEE&export=download PTXMas https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BzlBPoR1pY2nQVRUZG5rY0Y3U00&export=download You can find the Delta Goodrem - Christmas (EP) here: It includes 5 songs https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7AN0Pl2OoRjYUo1aDVqaFhUOG8 That should get you all started. I will go through more of my Christmas music folder later and see what else I have to share. (If I remember to). Ok kids. Share what you have.
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    This is still the only Christmas album that needs to be heard:
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    YASSSS! I have always wondered why they have never done that for a official release TBH. Mainly because different studios own different songs and for some fucking reason no one will just release a massive box set with everything she's ever done.

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