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  1. Here's what some of of the people weighing in are saying!!
  2. Honestly, love how many pillars of the forum we have!! I've been Jimmy Gnecco since day 1!!!
  3. I say hey Jimmy Gnecco
    Happy birthday <3 

    1. Jimmy Gnecco

      Jimmy Gnecco

      aww thanks <3 love you !!!!

  4. OMG These are soooooo goood The Melanie one is my favorite!!! Do you have a coverlandia account? if not you should totally make one
  5. Dua Lipa +1 Bebe Rexha + 4 Jessica Sutta + 3
 K.I.D + 1
 Lola Blanc +1 Ry X +1 Sky Ferreira + 1 Kerli + 1 Allie X +1
  6. the unreleased, Soundtracks, Cinematography and then you added the text to the honeymoon one!!!
  7. You only made one silly and even that you just added the text for it!!
  8. Thanks!!! Some of them were from an old masterpost, but were missing some albums and different things so I made some to help tie everything in together!!
  9. Ah!!! Love this thread!!! I just got my Lana collection in order!!! I'm so happy with the way it turned out idk who I should try and tackle next tbh
  10. Not even going to lie, I'm feeling that BN remix!!!
  11. That seal looks so cute, Love it so much
  12. Kathy_Bates !!! I'm pretty active on it if so just snap me if you ever wanna talk
  13. This is like pretty good!!! I like a couple of the other songs from Hue better than "Confidential Lovers" but it's still solid!
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