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  1. Maybe ask her if she's planning on releasing any merch? Like shirts and signed posters and stuff? I wouldn't mind buying stuff.
  2. Make Me Cry, Screamers, Black Rainbow, and Living in Sin were the Deluxe tracks I believe. So the Standard would have been 14 tracks.
  3. This is the tracklist she posted on Twitter Stealing Candy From a Baby Make Me Cry Swallow My Bullet Mannequin Factory Naughty Naughty This Is What Rock n Roll Looks Like Screamers King of the World I'm Your Favorite Drug Pretty Little Psycho How Do You Love Someone? Black Rainbow Kisses Lose Their Charm Mama Forgive Me One Woman Army Rich Boi Living in Sin Too Much of Not Enough
  4. You misspelled Complicated on your Nick Jonas cover
  5. She seems like a total sweetheart and I'm glad you got to meet her and she was really nice to you!
  6. You wanna wear shapeless sacks? You wanna look a hot mess? You Betta not bitch.
  7. You're still trying? Give it up Hun. This is the last reply you are getting from me, you're boring as hell. Pretension isn't cute dear.
  8. You are literally making no sense. So have fun with your little power trip or whatever. This is boring.
  9. Don't you have to suck a dick to get a load in the face tho...? Like...? You tried it tho. Bye GURL.
  10. Ha. Cute. I'm sure she's next in line after you <3.
  11. With all this ass licking, I feel like I'm watching a bathhouse porn.
  12. Ask the guy who did this to Sky, that is if he's allowed to have visitors in jail.
  13. Ivy stole her look from Porcelain and she sounds like she's gargling with glass coated dildos. Hate her.
  14. Sick. Just sick. Give him to Bubba. And let's see how it feels to be exploited.

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