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  1. Fefe Dobson

    Firebird (4th album) got scrapped which is a shame cause I loved In Better Hands
  2. Fefe Dobson

    I love Fefe! And those 3 tracks you picked are 3 of the best!
  3. Confessions, I live for the day, innocence, edge of seventeen I love both of her albums though I wish we got the third
  4. Real Housewives

    I'm an entire season behind on RHONJ but that is my favorite. i can't believe they got Danielle back 😂
  5. Jaycoolguy - a thread

    what a mess...
  6. Finally got my hands on a physical copy of Moonbaby album sampler <3 

  7. Bad Tattoo Ideas

    Well... once I saw somebody with Cher Lloyd's face tattooed on the top of their arm. It looked horrendous (only resembled her rather than looked like her) 😩😂
  8. What's Been Happening With Me Lately

    I know somebody who had similar things going on with her sister. She ended up being chased by the police, wouldn't stop because she thought they were spies trying to shoot her tyres. she ended up being taken into hospital and diagnosed with bipolar. it was a bit of a struggle to get the medication right but shes been doing a lot better
  9. What's Been Happening With Me Lately

    I hope you feel better soon, it seems the shit all comes at once but hopefully that's it all done with now. sending love ❤️
  10. What are your favorite cartoons?

    Gravity Falls Star vs the Forces of Evil And I have to admit I love watching Elena of Avalor & Tangled the Series with my niece
  11. Tomb Raider Appreciation

    I loved the original 4 games but I never played any after that until the recent reboot. Loved Tomb Raider and I only just got round to buying rise of the tomb raider this year, i'm enjoying it so far but yes it is a bit slow to get going
  12. Why is Katy flopping this era?

    I find her incredibly underwhelming this era. It started strong with CTTR which I loved straight away (slightly over played on the radio now though!) after that its downhill from there. i loved her previous albums especially teenage dream so i have been a fan but I'm just really unimpressed this era. plus I find her really embarrassing to watch at the moment 🙈
  13. RuPaul's Drag Race RuView: Your Pilot's On Fire

    Valentina was my number one I'm sad she went Underwhelmed by the rest tbh but I guess Trinity is my new favorite...
  14. Brand new member here!

    Heidi saved pop music
  15. What happened to Kyrah?

    Give me a few mins

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