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  1. I feel like they need to get out more...
  2. Charlie91xo

    Femme Fatale appreciation thread

    Yes this album was everything back when it came out. I loved it all from start to finish (except big fat bass - def. a skipper!) He about to lose me is still the standout for me. The tour was my only experience seeing Britney live and unfortunately, it was my least favourite concert I have ever been to though.
  3. Charlie91xo

    Hilary Duff Leaks February 2019

    I'm loving these leaks. I needed a new Hilary album so this works for me
  4. Me either... maybe Bad Guy?
  5. I hope we actually get the EPs. I need another good solid project from her. Anyway, I'm glad we are finally getting dirty blonde
  6. I'm still patiently waiting for her to finally happen. It's been a long time coming
  7. Iconic live performance of one of her best songs
  8. Yup. My favorite album of all time is a real masterpiece
  9. I was literally just about to comment this. She was really beautiful and so talented. She went down hard and fast
  10. Charlie91xo

    Albums coming in 2018

    Amelia Lily
  11. Charlie91xo

    Help Us Interview...

    What happened to the Kim interview, did I miss that?
  12. Charlie91xo

    Fefe Dobson

    Firebird (4th album) got scrapped which is a shame cause I loved In Better Hands
  13. Charlie91xo

    Fefe Dobson

    I love Fefe! And those 3 tracks you picked are 3 of the best!
  14. Confessions, I live for the day, innocence, edge of seventeen I love both of her albums though I wish we got the third
  15. Charlie91xo

    Real Housewives

    I'm an entire season behind on RHONJ but that is my favorite. i can't believe they got Danielle back 😂

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