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  1. Charlie91xo

    Latest leaks

    Selena’s same old love is better 💁🏼
  2. Yup. My favorite album of all time is a real masterpiece
  3. Charlie91xo

    Nadine Coyle - September Song

    Go buy the EP 💁🏼 (Please) then we might get an album...maybe...
  4. Charlie91xo

    Eva - Collection

    I don't anymore sorry!
  5. Charlie91xo

    Kim Petras - Heart To Break

    Her music is so good
  6. Charlie91xo

    Nadine (Coyle) - Girls On Fire

    Unfortunately I agree. i think it’s a pretty good song (especially compared to a lot of the crap people are putting out recently) but it’s not as good as go to work. Maybe not the best single choice
  7. Charlie91xo

    Nadine (Coyle) - Girls On Fire

    Pretty good album filler.
  8. I was literally just about to comment this. She was really beautiful and so talented. She went down hard and fast
  9. Charlie91xo

    Destinee & Paris - UNRELEASED

    @Volcanion Paris shared a snippet of her version of nothing on but the radio by Lady gaga so maybe it was her
  10. Charlie91xo

    Destinee & Paris - UNRELEASED

    Oh my gosh I was so obsessed with these after I saw them on the Femme Fatale tour. The songs were so instantly catchy Still waiting for the album to leak, it's obviously not getting a release
  11. Charlie91xo

    Albums coming in 2018

    Amelia Lily
  12. Charlie91xo

    Help Us Interview...

    What happened to the Kim interview, did I miss that?
  13. Charlie91xo

    Fefe Dobson

    Firebird (4th album) got scrapped which is a shame cause I loved In Better Hands
  14. Charlie91xo

    Fefe Dobson

    I love Fefe! And those 3 tracks you picked are 3 of the best!

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