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  1. I was kicked too... although it always said i didnt have permission to post so i dunno.
  2. Yes this album was everything back when it came out. I loved it all from start to finish (except big fat bass - def. a skipper!) He about to lose me is still the standout for me. The tour was my only experience seeing Britney live and unfortunately, it was my least favourite concert I have ever been to though.
  3. I'm loving these leaks. I needed a new Hilary album so this works for me
  4. I hope we actually get the EPs. I need another good solid project from her. Anyway, I'm glad we are finally getting dirty blonde
  5. I'm still patiently waiting for her to finally happen. It's been a long time coming
  6. I was literally just about to comment this. She was really beautiful and so talented. She went down hard and fast
  7. What happened to the Kim interview, did I miss that?
  8. Firebird (4th album) got scrapped which is a shame cause I loved In Better Hands
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