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  1. When it comes to adding shadows it's always worth making it a few shades darker than you think it should be. You can't usually go wrong with darker shadows, lighter ones might allow too much backing detail in which is where the realistic-ness can be challenged. Another possible option is to highlight/select the shadow layer, and then with a large and soft black brush add a couple of clicks of darker backing where the subject is sitting just to add some depth! Also, the further away the shadow is from the subject, the further away the person is from the wall/surface. For example, in the Al
  2. These are the first legal ones I've got lmao, I battled a shiny Hippopotas on Pokemon Light Platinum (Rom Hack) and on a copy of Pokemon Silver the test battle where the kid in the beginning shows you how to battle was a shiny Rattata, I literally cried bc he defeated it and I couldn't catch it
  3. I'd make it solid stark white to get it to really stand out as the focal point, but it's getting there!
  4. I'd make the text a lot stronger to stand out, at the moment it's fading too much Love the use of textures tho
  5. This is so cute, my only critique would be to either make her render darker (especially her lower body and feet because that's where it stands out) or the background lighter to make it balance more evenly. Love the selective masking of the typography too! I'm still as shook as I was when I first saw it on Instagram, really really nice work and congrats on one of them liking it Also your Sky campaign designs have me snatched as well, especially the disk stickers!
  6. edit: (idk what just happened and why that posted in three separate posts but you get my gist)
  7. I rebought Platinum the other day and within two days I'd happened to catch a shiny Machop and a shiny Unown, completely by chance. Meanwhile in all of the games I've played (all of them) I've never caught any (excluding a shiny Hippopotas on a rom hack)
  8. I hated Sun and Moon, and I know that I'm gonna hate these ones too. If I wasn't committed to the series I wouldn't even buy them They're just too easy, who even thought giving you a rival who's weaker than the player would be a good idea? Not to mention the lagging, constant annoying cutscenes and lack of post-game options, truly tragic. I know that they're trying to be innovative but when it was all pixel/sprite based they had so much more room on the actual game to add more exciting and lengthy storylines but with all of the 3D scenery it firstly all feels so much smaller and basic,
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