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  1. jlnsgr

    Albums coming in 2019

    Updated with some new adds and a new delayed section
  2. jlnsgr

    Make an assumption about a member

    You only say that because I've been with my bf for 2 years now, even with the stupid distance I'm just saying that you clearly are a true queen because you've already been one before Ö
  3. jlnsgr

    Make an assumption about a member

    False. If I only count the ones I had sex with, 8 is the number that comes to mind. I assume that @Skinny Legend was a real Queen in his previous life
  4. jlnsgr

    Albums coming in 2019

    Obviously it didn't happen so it most likely going to be released around... Never!
  5. jlnsgr

    Albums coming in 2019

  6. jlnsgr

    Cardi B Confesses To Drugging Multiple Men

    And people still stan people like her... She is just another talentless braindead bitch.
  7. jlnsgr

    Albums coming in 2019

    Can we even call that a release 🤣
  8. jlnsgr

    Albums coming in 2019

    Has she ever like really released an album on time?
  9. jlnsgr

    Albums coming in 2019

    I don't agree with you on that. I'm in love with Audio. Like really!
  10. jlnsgr

    Albums coming in 2019

    LSD - Labrinth • Sia • Diplo Present... LSD: COMING APRIL 12
  11. As much as I hate my life at the moment I'm thankful for the boy I got to spend my life with. Take care of your loved ones 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tweener


      Everything will be okay baby. You are amazing. And your boy is too. Wish you both all the best ❤️

    3. jlnsgr


      @Skinny Legend definitely get, even though I just had to let him go home again and won't see him until May. Can't wait to move in with him. That will be the highlight of my year

    4. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      @jlnsgr Awww, I'm so glad. <3 You don't have long to wait! May will come around so quickly!

  12. jlnsgr

    Kill Fuck Marry

    K: Chris F: Chris M: Chris 🤣 KFM: Zac Efron, Macaulay Culkin, Justin Bieber 🤔
  13. Sounds like she's half of an already discounted item
  14. I think you meant to say trashy braindead people
  15. jlnsgr

    Anxiety - How do you deal?

    It's hard to tell without a little bit of backstory. Don't want to be nosy, but it would help to understand a bit better what your problem is. It's not the same to deal with a bad breakup, the loss of someone or toxic people. DM me if you feel like sharing privately.

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