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  1. jlnsgr

    Thoughts on Melanie's newest K-12 snippets?

    They are fucking good! I'm very excited about High School Sweethearts, Lunchbox Friends, Detention and Nurse's Office. Wheels On The Bus and Recess didn't do much for me yet so I will see once we get the whole thing. Can't wait for the movie and album release!
  2. jlnsgr

    Melanie Martinez Leaks

    Share with me sis
  3. You are the best, keep going

  4. jlnsgr

    Albums coming in 2019

  5. jlnsgr

    Albums coming in 2019

    FKA twigs is coming!
  6. @Tweener the little shit thinks I have no boyfriend 🤣😂 can you be my virtual boyfriend? Promise I won't tell James

    1. Tweener


      which little shit? expose ha <3 

    2. jlnsgr


      The exact same one that has been a pain in the ass the past few days

    3. Tweener


      Well, boy just be my lollipop. Lemme Lemme lick you up. <3 

      miley cyrus wink GIF

  7. Ignorance is your new best friend

  8. I fully agree with you on that but the problem is that it is not just downvotes. And we shouldn't have to deal with those people. As it was mentioned by others, I feel like the dislike button should be removed or at least only available for accounts who are actively participating in the life of the forum.
  9. That's my first name... And yeah that's definitely the same person thinking they are funny. My guess would be on some 14-16 yo with no friends, bullied and feeling the need to kill everybody in their school. Frustration is a bad thing to express, my boy/girl
  10. Because they can still see your posts. That's something that doesn't make sense to me. Someone can still talk shit about you, while you have no way to acknowledge it.
  11. I don't think, I know they are. I have proof of it! Lets burn down the witch
  12. That's why their account should be simply deleted. I don't see the point of keeping this account alive.
  13. Well, you can thank @Mrs. Potato Head for that. Glad to see I'm not the only one affected by some people that clearly need to see their psychotherapist.
  14. Hey true PHF family, I didn't think I would actually have to say something about it, but today, we reached a new level in the craziness of some "member(s)" of PHF. About an hour ago, I received 100 notifications and as I expected it, they were all downvotes coming for some nobody member. The problem is that that member as multiple accounts on PHF and is using them to spread negativity on this forum without facing any consequences due to the fact that those fake accounts are empty. @Me and Melanie @Mrs. Potato Head and probably even more melanie rats accounts. The past few months, the forum has become a place where I don't even feel like sharing anything due to how badly it has changed since the arrival of some new members. I don't know how most of you feel about it or even if you share my opinion on the subject, but I think it is time we do something to gain back our forum and spread some positivity instead of disrespect. I know it's impossible to block all those people but I think we can easily change some rules to make it all better. Such as: In order to prevent fake accounts, new members should not have the right to downvote anything until their account turns a year old. If someone is being disrespectful (despite being warned a few times), their account should be removed. It probably won't fix the problem but, at least, it's gonna annoy the fuck out of them. Some popular sections of the forum should be forbidden to members with less than 100 posts. The ignore user option should work both ways, I don't see the post of not seeing their posts if they can see mine. Whether you agree or not with me or just want to come up with more solutions, feel free to share your thoughts. Julien EDIT: I forgot to say something. I don't even care about those downvotes. I only care about making sure this place stays the same and that no one feel like they are part of a bad community. I love music and sharing my thoughts about it, as much as my masterposts or latest leaked tracks. I just don't want to do that and have complete assholes coming and ruining everything because they think that since they are behind their screen, they are the shit.
  15. jlnsgr

    Albums coming in 2019

    Updated with some new adds and a new delayed section

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