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  1. Hahahaha wtf I literally have the untagged on my phone, and that one is the file on my iTunes. The untagged is on that SoundCloud. idk wtf I have.
  2. Well, "HQ" LOL I am pretty sure I have 320KBPS somewhere, but not on this hard drive, YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL, UNTAGGED https://dbree.org/v/725603 BONUS YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL DEMO (AIMEE PROAL) https://dbree.org/v/31dca9
  3. Idk where my original file is, and this isn’t mine, but there’s an untagged version of Young and Beautiful available now. https://m.soundcloud.com/dangerousdinah/young-beautiful I do have the HQ somewhere.
  4. TF whoknowsmehere has shared countless numbers of FLAC files, and is always the first to jump to share something if someone requests it. Check yo privilege.
  5. Like, it sucks that you got scammed. But you tried to buy from a member who has no community rep, who joined less than a week ago, who has one post about selling unreleased/unleaked Miley. Sis, you scammed yourself.
  6. I don't know that any of these were planned, but The Getaway was definitely serviced to Radio in Canada.
  7. God give me that demo for Cheryl.
  8. It gives me a little hope at least, for the others being in existence.
  9. Volcanion

    bye bye

    How did she even end up on AI as a judge?! She's good a writing, but so obscure.
  10. I still have hope. Simply for the fact that Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt leaked and circulated for a while. This was played and teased in a live stream along with Don't Get Mad (Get Famous).
  11. This. Literally. But actually IIRC there was something about her losing a harddrive with all of her work on it at one point.
  12. This is a bop. Where's the snippet from?
  13. JFC Does anyone have this? https://picosong.com/w2TKM/ xoxo
  14. Thought this would be a good thread to have going for songs/unreleased/unleaked that have little to no info. For example, I have a 1:30 clip of a song which is labelled as Harry Connick Jr. It's called Story of Our Lives. I can upload a clip later this evening. It's got a JAMS.TO tag in it, so it was leaked at some point, but I only know of the 1:30 version. Anyone have the full or any info on it? I've searched leaks, databases, lyrics, everything. No dice. To me, it doesn't sound like Harry, but I'm not 100% confident.
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