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  1. This. Seems... fishy to me.
  2. https://fmovies.app/tv/watch-rupauls-drag-race-all-stars-online-38509 I have used this a few times, however it takes some time for the site to catch up to what has aired. This post on Reddit is my go-to for anything Drag Race. https://old.reddit.com/r/DownUnderTV/comments/mtyqbi/the_fracking_big_drag_post_bimini_parttwolash/? Here is the folder link for all of the All Stars seasons, including 6 updates are usually done by Saturday, as I believe it airs on Fridays: https://mega.nz/folder/B3wEDTLD#fNS0qaqdh9uEiRaI1Am27g/folder/ZvYB0Soa
  3. It's been almost two weeks. When does the journey actually start?
  4. I don't know any details on the instrumental leaks. It was a weird one. Any other BP instrumentals have been ripped from credits of shows or DVDs. OTG demos wouldn't leak. I don't know if there's much for demos. There may be a Jon Bellion one, but I don't know what the writing process of that was as Teddy and Rose are credited as writers (they likely only had minimal input). Kpop demos just straightup don't leak unfortunately. CLC's La Vie En Rose did weirdly, some CL ones have and Whatta Man by IOI as well, but that's because Nikki Flores stuff leaks all the time. Jon
  5. I believe Kpop stuff doesn't circulate much between artists and producers and representative companies. The companies in Korea do most of the recording and producing in house, so things would be more secure. There are exceptions with demos and things. I don't know much about the future, I know that the ALBUM instrumentals did leak. Anything else is likely all locked down.
  6. When I tried to make it, it sounded potato quality, and I assumed this was real because the verses sound so clean.
  7. https://dbree.org/v/060b7b This is apparently the finished version of Satisfied by Dua and Galantis. I cannot tell if it's legit or not. I think it is specifically because I tried to remake it with her version and the Galantis instrumental. It did not turn out at all. *Edit: Pretty sure it's fanmade. It sounds really well done though. You can tell during the chorus and breakdown, a little bit of the original instrumental was left over from Dua's demo.
  8. I'd love a new Sonic game. I really hope they do a good job though. A complete remaster of Sonic Adventure in HQ would be unreal. Sega team seems to flop with Sonic though. They rely solely on nostalgia and fans LOL. Sonic Forces came out about 3-1/2 years ago. It's decent, but I just couldn't get into it. I don't love the random perspective changes. I prefer 3rd person for sure. If you like BoTW and open world-type RPGs, I would highly recommend Immortals: Fenyx Rising. (Apparently, if you own the game on multiple platforms, you can save online and pick up from any console at any
  9. I never thought I would live to see such an iconic day in Gay History. Queen @Skinny Legend giving us life.
  10. Hahahaha wtf I literally have the untagged on my phone, and that one is the file on my iTunes. The untagged is on that SoundCloud. idk wtf I have.
  11. Well, "HQ" LOL I am pretty sure I have 320KBPS somewhere, but not on this hard drive, YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL, UNTAGGED https://dbree.org/v/725603 BONUS YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL DEMO (AIMEE PROAL) https://dbree.org/v/31dca9
  12. Idk where my original file is, and this isn’t mine, but there’s an untagged version of Young and Beautiful available now. https://m.soundcloud.com/dangerousdinah/young-beautiful I do have the HQ somewhere.
  13. TF whoknowsmehere has shared countless numbers of FLAC files, and is always the first to jump to share something if someone requests it. Check yo privilege.
  14. Like, it sucks that you got scammed. But you tried to buy from a member who has no community rep, who joined less than a week ago, who has one post about selling unreleased/unleaked Miley. Sis, you scammed yourself.
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