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  1. The cover is giving me TM vibes! I actually really loved TM and a lot of the outtakes during that era. I would be here if she wanted to revisit some of the other material we haven't heard yet. SIDE B???
  2. I'm ready for anything by her at this point. Old songs, new songs, more lies, anything.
  3. Wait, I haven't followed closely. Did she post Worldwide, Spirit of Love, Whole World to Wait and Alive?
  4. Wow, she actually came through. All right all right, I'll send a vote.
  5. I'll hold my vote until she's 1 away from winning. lmfao
  6. I'd be surprised if she cracks top 5, but I'm sure all 8 of her fans will vote every month until the end of this competition.
  7. Whoa, Greyson looks so different.
  8. This leaked a few months back right? Or is this a different demo?
  9. Going back to this album, I'm sure people have asked her about this album/era in recent years. Does anyone know what her responses have been?
  10. I hope she doesn't have a Britney moment. Lash out a little, get it out, and then rebalance Lana!
  11. lmfao I was just gonna ask, is she okay? Maybe she has cabin fever...
  12. "when in reality, I'm just a glamorous person" is going to be my response to any hate moving forward.

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