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  1. tbh, Miranda could have easily been derailed early on and gone the route of some other child stars, but she's always seemed to keep a pretty solid foot on the ground. I applaud her for choosing higher education and afaik being pretty much problem/drama-free. While I do hope the rest of the songs surface, I also hope she's able to get back in the studio and record some new material she enjoys and find the next step in her career.
  2. gdi, I thought I had more dislikes. I only have 303 dislikes. Let's start the #CancelCypher trend.
  3. I'm all for a Christmas album, as it seems to be a right of passage, but why is this coming out the day before Halloween? I get that Halloween is cancelled this year, but Christmas isn't for 2 months following.
  4. Such a shock, honestly. It's insane that he's been going through this and putting on such a strong front. Prayers go out to the family during this time.
  5. oh shit she's a machine. tbh, I haven't gotten in too deep with her material, but from what I've heard, she's definitely on my watch list. I keep downloading the new stuff that leaks meaning to get around to checking it out, and then more leak and I lose track.
  6. Is anyone available to give me a quick rundown on how Kelsea has so many unreleased songs? Her level of material rivals that of Kesha or Gaga. Are a lot of these songs old? Or does she write a lot of material for each album and pick the top 12, leaving her unreleased collection a variety of leftovers from each era?
  7. Is it bad that I can't stop thinking about when Gaga said she was pregnant with LG6? Katy was pregnant with KP5 and Daisy Dove Bloom. Congratulations to her and I'm happy for her! Thinking about to her Part of Me movie, I remember the part where she said she wasn't ready for kids cause she still feels like a kid. To see her grow as an artist and a person from then to now, it's clear that she's not destined to just be a pop starlet. I appreciate that she's more vulnerable in this album and has been speaking up about her internal dialogue. I think this was a good move sonically and lyrically and I hope this helps push her longevity. I'm pretty tired of hearing "Katy Perry is a flop" and "she's over". tbh, if she pulled a CRJ and decided to change her focus to just a niche audience, I'd be okay with it.
  8. Liam Payne's entire LP1 album. smh.
  9. If y'all haven't heard the incredibly sad news, a large explosion (some reports state there were 2 separate blasts) has rocked the city of Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. So far, CNN has reported 73 confirmed deaths and injuries upwards of 3,000. Hearts and prayers go out to all those affected during this time.
  10. Please god, let these two stay and become active members of this forum to balance out the half I'm ignoring.
  11. I tried not to resort to this, but finally added someone to my Ignore list for the first time. Thank you @Skinny Legend for this option. Simply amazing. Is there a full on block mode where my posts also won't be visible to my Ignore list?

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    2. Whoknowsmehere


      @Skinny Legend is there a difference between ignoring someone and blocking them?  I only have an option to ignore, not block

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    3. Skinny Legend
    4. Whoknowsmehere


      @Skinny Legend thanks for the clarification.  I've used it a few times.  Especially during the Great Down Vote War. 

  12. This whole thing is just so sad. She was so talented and based on interviews, seemed as though she was well-liked by her co-stars. I felt like she carried Glee when everyone else was ready to give up. I actually finished that show, and I would pretty much only watch for her storyline. Prayers go out to her family during this time.

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