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  1. It ended up being the Paradise leftover, "Young & Beautiful". And then, of course, the 48 variants of the song that were used throughout the film.
  2. But Toy Soldier and Everybody are such fun ones, especially during the time they were released. I feel like it's because of those two songs and the singles that I decided to give the album an entire listen. ofc going back to the entire album, those two may not be the strongest, but they were instant hooks and got me to listen to the album as a whole.
  3. Justin Timberlake Announced as Super Bowl 2018 Performer

    Let's hope he brings something fresh.
  4. This is why she should've leaked everything the moment she knew the album was never coming.
  5. Justin Timberlake Announced as Super Bowl 2018 Performer

    Not gonna lie, I'm kinda excited for this. I'm curious to see if he's gonna pull a reunion like Beyonce did.
  6. I'm still praying for the day we get the original version of "Petty Theft". I'm literally gonna die praying.
  7. Is this because she's never releasing music again?
  8. Will & Grace

    I hope I age this gracefully.
  9. The begging thread (please leak....)

    Ferrari isn't worth it tbh. I heard it a little while ago and it didn't impress me in the least.
  10. (That) Poppy - Music Evolution [2012-2017]

    I think I've only listened to like 5 of them and they're pretty demo sounding.
  11. (That) Poppy - Music Evolution [2012-2017]

    I think I have like 100 unreleased songs by her. I don't even know how I have them.
  12. Will & Grace

    This show is comedy gold. I am so excited to see what they do with this grand return. Props to them for still upholding their looks (and let's hope talent)!
  13. (That) Poppy - Music Evolution [2012-2017]

    I have so many of her miscellaneous tracks. I don't understand how she has so much unused material.
  14. Lady Gaga Kicks Off Joanne World Tour

    I understand if her fans are frustrated, but they have to realize that she probably spent the entire morning arguing with her doctor to let her perform.

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