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  1. Radiohead, trying to save the last fleeting second of fame they have by dragging their own name. Bad press is still press.
  2. The 17 Best Singles of 2017

    @Countess Thanks for facilitating the open discussion for this list! Going down the list was a great way to lead into 2018. That song honestly deserves more recognition and I encourage everyone to write their own story with "Anywhere" as the soundtrack. Happy 2018 everyone!
  3. this whole situation is a mess.
  4. That's not a legit reason to get mad at you. If she delivered more material, then there would be more to talk about. Even if she just posts vlogs or something moderately interesting. I still support her, but it's getting awfully difficult with all the competition.
  5. What happened? You called her out for being a flop?
  6. It ended up being the Paradise leftover, "Young & Beautiful". And then, of course, the 48 variants of the song that were used throughout the film.
  7. But Toy Soldier and Everybody are such fun ones, especially during the time they were released. I feel like it's because of those two songs and the singles that I decided to give the album an entire listen. ofc going back to the entire album, those two may not be the strongest, but they were instant hooks and got me to listen to the album as a whole.
  8. Justin Timberlake Announced as Super Bowl 2018 Performer

    Let's hope he brings something fresh.
  9. This is why she should've leaked everything the moment she knew the album was never coming.
  10. Justin Timberlake Announced as Super Bowl 2018 Performer

    Not gonna lie, I'm kinda excited for this. I'm curious to see if he's gonna pull a reunion like Beyonce did.
  11. I'm still praying for the day we get the original version of "Petty Theft". I'm literally gonna die praying.
  12. Is this because she's never releasing music again?
  13. Will & Grace

    I hope I age this gracefully.
  14. The begging thread (please leak....)

    Ferrari isn't worth it tbh. I heard it a little while ago and it didn't impress me in the least.

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