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  1. Cypher

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Did this ever leak in full? I've been waiting like 6 years for it.
  2. I would sit and watch all the Lana fans flock over to stan a true legend.
  3. #JusticeForRebellion #JusticeForBritney
  4. Watch her new direction be acoustic campfire tumblr-esque. I'll single handily go through and delete all my comments where I've ever mentioned her name if she does that.
  5. The funny part being that while the video was playing, I kept thinking to myself, this writing sounds really familiar. Where have I heard these exact words...
  6. I'm ready for the album of the decade! #WhenWillGaga
  7. @Skinny Legend Your prolific writing has become a legend
  8. Cypher

    Who are your favorite members ?

    All 3 Heidi fans must stick together.
  9. 3 EPs in 2019 or 3 EPs in her entire career?
  10. UGH I THOUGHT THIS WAS AN ALBUM RELEASE. tbh, I'm surprised she's still going, I would've thought her new label would shut down any sign of a new project just like all the others.
  11. Cypher

    Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato Check Out Of Rehab

    We all know they have the time to get together to record something like this!
  12. True! Bless Michelle for sharing the songs she kept. Who the eff has Rebellion?? Which producer do I need to write to for the next 5 years everyday until he/she leaks it?
  13. Be back in 15 minutes while I skim through all the choruses.
  14. Cypher

    Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato Check Out Of Rehab

    Imagine a modern collab: Selena's sultry vocals over the verse that leads into a power-house Demi chorus with insane harmony. This needs to happen.

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