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  1. I love this edit of "Not My Problem"! tbh, I don't really like the album track, but this made it way groovier. I'm not familiar with "Not My Vibe", but this edit sounds really good! I can't wait to hear snippets of your edits being tagged as "demos". Lmfao
  2. Ah, that's probably why! I do remember seeing their production credits with The Weeknd, now that you mention it. welp, end of an era, wonder what they're (individually) gonna do next!
  3. And also, it's public knowledge when accounts are created. Lmfao.
  4. Over time, with the block feature, I've been able to stop viewing the user's writing, but it does show up as quoted text. While I've largely been able to overlook what's written, I do see the impacts it has on the forum as a whole. Despite attempts to reach out, offer material the user has asked for, etc, I've been met with brash and hostile responses. At the end of the day, I do hope/believe all users want to do their best to adhere to generally accepted behaviour, which in my eyes, is offered as a range to accommodate many varying personality types. Are there users on here that get on my ner
  5. I didn't even realize they were still together! I haven't heard much from them since...2013?
  6. Awesome, thank you! I really gotta get my Kerli folder organized...
  7. Ah, that makes sense. I love both of those! To your knowledge, were there other songs written during that camp? Or in a similar type of setting?
  8. Thank you! I knew I saw it somewhere, but I didn't wanna go digging through pages. Were songs like "Just Like That" written for other artists? I remember that one, specifically, having a more dance-pop beat.
  9. Does anyone have a list of songs that were intended/recorded for WOMC and Utopia?
  10. tbh, I've never cared much for Justin. Overall, I'm glad he's taking responsibility for his past behaviour and I'd be curious what else he addresses, if anything.
  11. So...sorry to hate, but I don't get why he was picked. I finally got around to watching it and I was bored 2 minutes in. His vocals are good, yes, but imo, he's not a great entertainer. Like, if Adele was selected to perform, I'd also have questions. Isn't the purpose of the Halftime Show to entertain? I think the best part were the field dancers...
  12. Wait, I don't get why the interviewer is being shady. I mean yeah, J.Lo is playing in the background, but...that's it?
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