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  1. Cypher

    Artist Jeff Hong

    The Chicken Little one is too funny!
  2. Cypher


  3. Cypher

    Charli XCX Unreleased Masterpost

    Yes please! I would love to hear what the differences are. EDIT: Nevermind! Found it!
  4. Cypher

    Charli XCX Unreleased Masterpost

    Is it true that the demo for "SuperLove" was circulating at one point? I feel like it was being traded and then it vanished (cause someone proved it was fake?).
  5. Cypher

    Charmed Reboot

    They've got my coins. The HD Remasters look so good!
  6. Cypher

    That Poppy Comes For Cameo Casmello

    I don't think Titanic constitutes as her fanbase since he discovered her. Are there even actual fans for this chick?
  7. Cypher

    Changes To Uploads

    Cleaned out most of my big uploads!
  8. Cypher

    Bucket List

    Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes what we see isn't actually what's there. tbh, Palm Springs is actually probably pretty accurate.
  9. Cypher

    How do you feel about this forum?!

    As long as the new members aren't bitches who think they run the forum.
  10. Cypher

    How do you feel about this forum?!

    Fixed it for you!
  11. Cypher


    Toss a photoshop link over here too if you find one!
  12. Cypher

    My New Puppy!

    Aww he's so cute!
  13. A while ago. I wanna say 2016.
  14. Cypher

    The Doomsday Clock Is Now Two Minutes To Midnight

    welp, it's been real. Might as well tick it to 0 minutes left.

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