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  1. Don't take it personally, most of us here are just direct or ignorant. Joan is a perfect example of this ignorance. (I legit respect her him? It's really impressive.) As for your dilemma, I presented options, including welcoming y'all to stay here and be active here. Again, yeah, it sucks y'all got kicked from the Discord server, but like @Skinny Legend said, the PHF discord server operates independently from the forum, so there's no sense in questioning people here about it. @Charlie91xo is a great example of someone who's found a home in both places and without the server, still has her
  2. There's too much brain damage with the Discord users. Long story short for everyone, if you got kicked out, boo hoo. You're welcome to use this forum or any other forum. You're also welcome to create your own Discord server. Why is this so complicated? <--This is a rhetorical question, I literally don't care why it's so complicated.
  3. If the Discord server doesn't exist anymore, then you only have one option. I mean, you can decide not to be active here either, but then this whole thread is a moot point.
  4. @Skinny Legend We should take a poll and see how many users were active on the Discord server, but not active on the forum.
  5. I noticed that Jesy was missing from some of the promo and signatures! But I also heard she's been sick, which is why she hasn't been at any events.
  6. Can't argue with talent! But tbh, I do hope Little Mix gets it next week!
  7. Can I vote for Kylie to hit #1 this week and then Little Mix next week? 🥳
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