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  1. I haven't really played video games consistently in a few years, but I guess the latest game I played was poker. I do enjoy a good card game!
  2. I gotta agree, not sure if we're ready for shows like this, but honestly, those are all great picks! I would be down for all 4 of them.
  3. I think it's great you had a group you love; we all have our favourites and we all get carried away time to time. But as with everyone, let's help each other get/stay on the same page to keep this place a positive experience. (not talking about the world of trading/selling. That shit can't be helped)
  4. tbh, I'm surprised she even had another season after the constant hate she endured. It could've been so easy to hide from the world, but she still continued for another season. I love Ellen and she might not be the perfect image that everyone thinks of her, but nobody is. She didn't deserve all the hate she got. To me, it's pretty clear she really tried to right the wrongs and I hope whatever she does next is just for her. If she chooses to retire, then I hope she retires for her, not because the haters got to her.
  5. Tbh, I don't have a major issue since aside from annoyance, there's no hostile behaviour.
  6. I guess that's true! I think I went into season 3 already kinda half-hearted so I probably ruined it more for myself. I def agree that season 2 was just way too out there for me though.
  7. tbh, each season has been diminishing returns for me. I wouldn't be surprised if season 4 was the last season. I'll still watch it though since I'm already this far invested!
  8. I'm lowkey annoyed at UO. They keep pumping out these discographies of our favourite flops and I keep spending money. If they had decent stock, I wouldn't be as inclined to rush into picking these up, but they keep selling out with super rare restocks. I was going through my collection of UO albums and this is what I'm working with: I'm on a quest to find a reasonably priced Demi Lovato - Demi and Britney Spears - Circus. The resell market of some vinyl records is ridiculous.
  9. An entrepreneur in the making!
  10. She better give us S.L.A.Y. - I swear
  11. Rina announced a special gold vinyl for the deluxe edition of SAWAYAMA! I pre-ordered it yesterday, can't wait! I also caved and ordered a few other things: Billie's new album from Walmart that has a special sandy light brown/dirty gold pressing. Selena's Rare, double LP from her website Chromatica picture LP Kylie Minogue - Real Groove green vinyl has been delayed And now I'm debating if I should pick up Olivia Rodrigo's Target vinyl. I quite like the look, but not sure how I'm honestly feeling about an entire album of her sad bitch hour songs. I love me a sad
  12. Watch this end up going unreleased, yet again. Another broken promise.
  13. omg what a mess. So I'm back to cringing at the lip sync?!
  14. @idrk I'm gonna need you to do this for all of my top artists. 😆 This is amazing!
  15. Rihanna - Russian Roulette (Unmixed)
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