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  1. I've been reading articles similar to this actually! What started off as a niche market has now become mainstream and introduced the addition of scalpers. Honestly, I kinda liked it better when these special releases were exactly that. Special releases for just the fans. I don't know how I feel about major labels jumping the queue and paying top dollar to have their products completed before indie artists...but it makes sense that they would try to get on the trend cause otherwise they're missing out on potential revenue. All that being said, I'll still support the artists I like, but no way i
  2. Did anyone attend RSD, Drop 2? I picked up Amy Winehouse's Remixes and t.A.T.u.'s 200 km/h In The Wrong Lane!
  3. @Skinny Legend Kesha's webstore pressings are back in stock!
  4. I just realized it's not i+, but the quality seems high! Icona Pop - Icona Pop
  5. Selena Gomez - Love Me Like You Do (Ellie Goulding Demo) Anyone have info on this? Is this a vocal edit? Cover? Legit?
  6. Halsey just listed pre-orders for her new album! I pre-ordered the clear amber pressing. https://shop.loveandpower.com/products/if-i-cant-have-love-i-want-power-limited-edition-exclusive-clear-amber-lp UO also announced their exclusive release with an alternate cover.
  7. At the rate material is being churned out, her early projects...and also career are ancient.
  8. I also managed to get one of my most sought after pieces! Allie X - CollXtion I + CollXtion II double LP. I managed to get a mint copy for $100, which I think is double the original price, but better than $235+!
  9. I'm genuinely surprised they're selling out. I didnt think Kesha was still at the forefront of anyone's minds... no offense. I still love her, hence why I bought both pressings of each project.
  10. Kesha's webstore editions are back up for pre-order!
  11. While I get that part, their decision to stop pursuing the case is what I was referring to.
  12. I bet it's more of a company reputation type of thing. If they were to be tied to such a high profile controversy, it'll probably reflect poorly on the company's image in the long run.
  13. I haven't followed this whole saga unfortunately, but from the bits I have read, it seems a lot of people are unhappy that she hasn't been more outspoken about Britney's freedom...but that being said, we don't know how she's been handling things behind closed doors. Either way, it seems like she finally made a public video supporting her, so hopefully it's genuine!
  14. Right? Seeing the surge in vinyl demand has been crazy! RSD used to be just for music nerds, but now it's a holiday for scalpers.
  15. Kesha just announced she'll be releasing more of the webstore colour variants but won't ship until 2022. She didn't announce when the second pressing pre-orders would go up though.
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