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  1. Cypher

    Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Engaged

    I will never understand that pairing.
  2. Cypher

    Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Engaged

    I'll believe it when they make it past the 5 year marriage mark. There have been too many broken off engagements this year...and it's only February.
  3. Cypher

    Avril Lavigne Head Above Water & Possible Leaks Thread

    I would love to hear her demo for Dancing Crazy. Miranda is cute and all, but she's no Avril.
  4. Cypher

    Hilary Duff Leaks February 2019

    Here's my collection of her two eras massed into one: https://mega.nz/#F!apkBRKoI!XSKIa5FkIwi3b3A9i4wswA
  5. Cypher

    Avril Lavigne Head Above Water & Possible Leaks Thread

    Anyone wanna hit me up with the link for the clean 3:08 version? I found a YT version, but I was curious to see what the original file's quality is.
  6. Cypher

    Hilary Duff Leaks February 2019

    Awesome, just saw this post. Thanks for making that link, I'll use it for the OP. Appreciate the help!
  7. Cypher

    Avril Lavigne Head Above Water & Possible Leaks Thread

    Avril isn't necessary one of the artists on my constant radar, but when she drops a new album, it's always worth a complete listen. I quite respect her for creating her own music and more or less staying drama free.
  8. I wanted to create a place where we could consolidate all of the Hilary Duff leak discussions. And also, it's hard keeping up in the Latest Leaks thread. I don't have an updated link yet, but I'll add one when I get home today so we can all stay up to date on the latest leaks from this goddess. Chat away! Update A collection of fixed tracks by @Moonchild may be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BIUY1ILfc-Pqxey9ieq1CM1SJzdT9QIK Chasing the Sun If I Fall All About You Wild Night Out Hurts Carry On It All Starts Tonight This Heart Wherever We Go Feel Alive (Summer Heat) Neighborhood
  9. Cypher

    The 2018 PHF Rewind Awards!

    I love winning the Hermione Granger award year after year because it just means I haven't gotten any dumber. The year I miss this one will be the year I retire from life.
  10. Cypher

    The 2018 PHF Rewind Awards!

    Wait a sec, did I miss the announcement of the winners? Someone link me to the results!
  11. I just found out about this today. I can't believe they blocked her from performing 7 Rings. That song is better than 90% of what's being performed/nominated.
  12. Cypher

    Lolene's unreleased songs discussion

    I remember going to a meet & greet and we all walked away with advanced copies of her album. There were a few early versions of her album songs that were never leaked. I barely remember her these days, but when I do, it's a full week of her catchy tunes.
  13. I'm ready for a new era from her! She may not deliver to her fans often, but when she does, she goes hard.
  14. Cypher

    Ariana Grande

    From one snake to another.
  15. Cypher

    The 2018 PHF Rewind Awards!

    For everyone who was quick to interpret my words, I didn't say all the new members from 2018 were only in the Trading thread, I was just shocked at how many of them are exclusively looming in the Trading thread. Do us all a favour and don't be so quick on the defensive, chances are, you are the great ones that I voted for because you went so far as to find my post.

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