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  1. Thank god. Bonnie stans are ridiculous.
  2. Such sad news. I really hope she's able to pick up and keep moving. She deserves happiness.
  3. omg are you the holy angel that's been giving us leaks lately? I recognize your name from the tags.
  4. This is great! I used to follow these guys up to the Elevate era. I didn't really keep up during their final album cycle, but I saw that they were coming back and I'm excited for them! By any chance, could we get a zip of all their unreleased songs? I think I have some from when they were leaking on Tumblr, but I'm 100% sure it's not complete.
  5. As far as I know, a full version isn't out there. The og file came from a publishing site. But that's not to say someone hasn't hacked Bonnie to find a full version, but per the source of the og leak, fans didn't have access to a full version back then.
  6. Yup, it's the final version. It's taken from a video of Bonnie visiting a radio station.
  7. This is great news! She was just saying last year that she really wanted a baby! I'm happy for her!
  8. I swear she better not release Nothing On But the Radio because that's Gaga's song.
  9. We all have our faves, but have there been any that you've fallen out of love with over the years? I feel like unless an artist retires, I'm usually excited for any future releases.
  10. hey do u know the song sweet dreams by madison beer? i cant find the snippet

  11. Yes!! 10/10 highly recommend!
  12. But is your intent to trade it? I'm just trying to understand the the scene.
  13. Genuinely curious. If you have a song, what's the point of publicly saying you have it and then doing nothing? Back when I used to trade, you would showcase what you have and then people could make offers. Is that the same MO now?
  14. literal hero 100000000% more awesome than any hoarder that gloats about this or that song
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