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  1. I have returned! Hope everyone is well ūüėĀ

  2. I hope she is still friends with JJ Brine. That is the coolest thing ever. I want a satanic Charles Manson loving Amanda to still be a thing. That was my favorite.
  3. Odyssey better win for best long form. Lemonade was boring aside from the cool cinematography. Delilah better win as well. That was absolutely amazing.
  4. Haha I didn't even read the article I just love Genesis and can't stand Caitlyn or any of the Kardashian/Jenner brood.
  5. Fuck Caitlyn and all the newbies. It's all about Genesis. http://dangerousminds.net/comments/genesis_breyer_p_orridge_on_caitlyn_jenner_she_hasnt_got_a_clue
  6. P.S. Fuck You-The Anchoress
  7. Loved Me Back To Life-Celine Dion/Sia
  8. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful-Florence+The Machine
  9. I have snapchat but I post stupid shit haha: xtwystedx

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