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  1. Hey sis i dmed u! plz check!

  2. blondeboy

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    i just wanna hear kara diaguardio demos thats all :)P
  3. blondeboy

    (That) Poppy - Music Evolution [2012-2017]

    im not into poppy but has anyone done a masterpost on her yet
  4. blondeboy

    Help Choose PHF Banners

    I vote for a trisha meltdown banner for the leaks/requests area lol
  5. blondeboy

    Ultraviolence - Acoustic

    any update on the project boo?? really looking to this whenever it gets released
  6. Where?? i wanna see those pics
  7. blondeboy


    this beat is tight your deff on to something! keep at it i'm interested to hear what else you got
  8. blondeboy

    Marina & The Diamonds 'True Colors' Leaks

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcxgJkV6-h8 its on her official youtube page now
  9. The video is a film by Bryan Adams shot during the photo shoot of Lana Del Rey for the cover of the Summer 2012 issue of Zoo Magazine. Bryan Adams co-founded Zoo Magazine in 2003....so my guess he wasnt thrilled with whatever shots he took mabye idk
  10. blondeboy

    YouTuber Shane Dawson Comes Out as Bi

    shes just not into animals cuz she grew up on a farm where they were used for food/ shes afraid of dogs i cant remember why
  11. blondeboy

    Things to do in America

    im in maryland so idk what to do in most of those places could always go to castro street in sf or visit the armory where they shoot kink.com :)P
  12. pimp my ride more like pimp my puppy.....
  13. blondeboy

    American Idol Ending Next Season

    Finally about damn time they took this show off the air I dont know anybody who even watches anymore lol btwsomeone i know got to have their 15 minutes of fame & I wish them the best but man tv changes people...... https://www.facebook.com/whoisshi incase you were wondering who im referring too
  14. OMG the dream team itd be like what we saw go down on american idol but 10x better!!!!!

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