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  1. Hi

    Trade me trade me please retweet
  2. Miley Cyrus - You Do (Instrumental)

    Could you post an mp3 file?💕😍
  3. Miley Cyrus (again...) - You Do (2012 FULL TRACK)

    nah. The full is 03:08
  4. Miley Cyrus (again...) - You Do (2012 FULL TRACK)

    It's not full
  5. Lindsay Lohan Defends Harvey Weinstein

    I was so shocked when I saw that instastory. I understand that she didn't have any bad moments with him and that she is probably desperate for a new role now. Defending one of the biggest executives in Hollywood is a good way to get a job, but however what about everyone else? I mean... she kinda supports such a behavior by stating such things. I am very sad about her ways these days
  6. Jaycoolguy - a thread

    it's funny that this Jay guy is super sure he has somebody's IP
  7. I am literally in tears since I heard the news. This act of violence was so unnecessary (as every act of violence). I don't understand why people have to be that way. It's seriously fucked up. I wonder if the shooter thought for a minute about the mothers and father's of those killed people. Some of them might even have babies who became orphans now. This is disgusting. I can't even imagine how my mom would feel if I went to a concert and never came back. What is the fucking purpose of this hatred? What do such people score by killing others? I am truly devastated by what happened.
  8. Hiya!

    Hello! Did you buy Younger Now by Miley Cyrus? miley.lk/YoungerNow
  9. aloha !

    No need to say more! Welcome, baby!
  10. BUY YOUNGER NOW NOW! miley.lk/YoungerNow

  11. Jaycoolguy - a thread

  12. Jaycoolguy - a thread

  13. Jaycoolguy - a thread

    Is it a challenge?
  14. Jaycoolguy - a thread

    I saw on your twitter once.
  15. Jaycoolguy - a thread

    unless one of the mods ban you again

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