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  1. Albums coming in 2018

    I have 2 interpretations about the title. 1. She will release a debut album without featurings which is what everyone expects from her 2. It will never come out cause the album itself will be only an expectation.
  2. Charlie Sheen Accused of Raping 13 Year Old Boy

    Tbh I am confused. All of his victims were female. And it comes out of the convenient place now cause the victim is dead. Pick what to think about it
  3. CTTR was a great song. Much better than Million Reasons
  4. Grammy's HATES ex-acts. That's the real tea. I am happy with Kesha tho. I hope she wins (she won't of course) but I am rooting for her. Out of all the albums nominated, Rainbow was truly a masterpiece. She deserves it.
  5. Pink's album is eligible to the next year's grammys because it was released after the deadline And I hoped Ariana would get a nomination for Beauty and the Beast. I loved her rendition.
  6. Random questions for the PHF users

    1. Yes. I am good at cooking. 2. Yes, because I am hungry for money 3. A LOT 4. Yes lol. It was a Xmas special in my town and I did some charity work so they filmed me cause apparently I was "camera-friendly" 5. Nope, unless I die tragically 6. Well.. I organized a charity concert once and set up the setlist. Does it count? 7. I am afraid of my relatives dying. 8. Be kind to each other. People die so fast. 9. Love 10. Yes 11. love: I'm easy-going, rational, but optimistic. hate: I'm poor, I get easily annoyed, if I hate sth or sb I easily show it. 12. yes 13. Miley Ray Cyrus 14. yes 15. yes 16. every day I'm sad 17. I would love to kill the laziness inside of me. My days would be much more productive 18. Too personal 19. Now, yes 20. Shh...
  7. This is fucking gross. Gaga and Sheeran get Grammy's nominations and not Katy, Miley, Demi or Dua. New Rules is like TSOTY. How could they snub it so bad?!?! However, it was all expected. For Grammy's it's quantity over quality. That's why Taylor Swift has so many of these awards. That's truly saddening.
  8. Bullshit. The most important thing is a pure heart, y'all!
  9. Happy Birthday, baby!!! May your dreams come true, sunshine! :sassy: 



      thank you so much daddy!! :sassy: 

  10. Thoughts on Jelena?

    I think she used him or they used each other lol. They are back together which means Selena's new album is coming really soon
  11. Pussycat Dolls Reunion Confirmed

    Wasn't like one of the members exposing PCD for bring a prostitution ring lately? I am confused
  12. Albums Released in 2018

    As far as I live BTW, I think at this point even if she came out with such a great album now, I wouldn't like it that much. She has lost a lot in my eyes during the last eras. She has proven to be fake at and I just can't enjoy her music as much as I did during the BTW era. Wish her well tho.
  13. Bitch snapped


    1. Reflecting


      maybe she snapped

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