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  1. our intl shipping for a record is somewhere around $6
  2. the Gaga one was sold for $15 in Polish stores a week ago
  3. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA... I miss the PHF heydays. When I first joined this forum in April 2016, I was so insecure, naive, and the level of self-loathing in me was incredibly high. I was scared to join any site like this knowing I wouldn't be accepted, welcome, or treated with respect. However, on the other hand, I was really lonely and I was hoping to find amazing friends who share the love and interest in music with me. And I really did! I have met so many amazing people here. The drama was ALWAYS entertaining, even though in later days of my presence here I felt like it resolved around me. Ma
  4. Of course Miley and Hilary but don't forget the poor baby Alexz Johnson!
  5. Queen has returned! :hail: 

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      It makes me happy to see your new posts. <3 I've missed you! Hope you've been well boo.

    3. Tweener


      Still corona-free so yeah :) Hope you are too <3



      Запускаем бизнес за 1 месяц. Подробная информация - бизнес под ключ Заходите на сайт!

  6. I am hyped for Robbie because he might have a collab with Emma Bunton there?
  7. Upcoming Christmas releases: Lea Michele - Christmas In The City - Oct, 25 Robbie Williams - TBA
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