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  1. Tweener

    Christmas Music

    Does anyone have any of these albums in m4a or FLAC or 320 kbps? All Wrapped Up 2 A Very Special Christmas A Very Special Christmas 2 A Very Special Christmas 3 A Very Special Christmas 5 A Very Special Acoustic Christmas A Very Special Christmas 7
  2. Tweener

    Christmas Music

    @Whoknowsmehere excellent! I'm looking forward to it😊
  3. Tweener

    Christmas Music

    What are your favorite Christmas albums?
  4. Goodnight to everyone except Melanie rats. You can choke 

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Good morning to everyone except Ratsey. I hope you died in your sleep.

  5. Tweener

    Skylar Stecker - Let It Pour

    Hi y'all. You may want to check out this song. I found this girl very randomly today, but I think issa bop.
  6. Tweener

    Little Mix And Nicki Minaj Collab for Lead Single of LM5?

    Ugh. Can all those rising Stars stop making feats with her? I'd rather have a proper bop from Little Mix than the feature. Spice Girls would never.
  7. Tweener

    Scam Reporting Thread

    not when you beg for stuff lmao
  8. Tweener

    Scam Reporting Thread

    @DownLikeXCX is a scammer. Ineffective, but a scammer. Avoid
  9. Tweener


    Okay. She hasn't sounded so good in YEARS! And she didn't do playback this time. She performed at iHeartRadio Music Festival and gave a real show! She clearly wanted to show that she still can sing and she fucking proved it. I had tears in my eyes watching it. She's amazing. Buy GTFO on iTunes!
  10. Tweener

    Some Of My Covers

    This photo is just bad xd
  11. Tweener


    If you wanna be welcomed, you have got to give. Taking is too easy, well that's the way it is
  12. Hey you ..do you have white mercides in full HQ ?

  13. 2728.png 1f382.png🎂 1f98b.png🦋 HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY, METAMORPHOSIS!!! 1f98b.png🦋 1f382.png🎂 2728.png


    1. nanapop99


      Wowowow really? :o I legit listened to the album yesterday without knowing that! Come Clean is such a classic :yaskween:

  14. she looks very average tbfh. Selena Gomez outbeautied
  15. Tweener

    My Covers

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