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  1. Your Mental Age is: 34 (8 years older)
  2. Cringiest lyrics ever...
  3. Obsessed


    Back In 2012 I asked her to leak "The Way We Were Together" full and she said she would leak it someday as a gift.. Still waiting. We can't complain cause we have lots of stuff tho...
  4. I just voted for her and I hope y'all do the same!!!
  5. Only by the teenage pop stans, Emotion deserved more hype. 😭
  6. by the way I think Blackout is very overrated, I don't get the hype, Circus is way better imo... Original Doll demos > Blackout
  7. Gaga: The Fame Monster > Chromatica > ARTPOP > BTW > The Fame > Joanne > A Star Is Born > Cheek 2 Cheek Carly Rae Jepsen: Dedicated > EMOTION > Dedicated Side B > EMOTION Side B > Kiss > Curiosity (EP) Charli XCX: Charli > True Romance > How I'm Feeling Now > Pop 2 > Number 1 Angel > Vroom Vroom (EP) >>>>>>> Sucker 🤢 Marina: Electra Heart > The Family Jewels > Froot > Love&Fear Xtina: Bionic > Stripped > CA > Lotus > Back 2 Basics > Liberation > Mi Reflejo > My Kind Of Christmas
  8. Thank u so much!! I love Nicola
  9. Still waiting "The Way We Were Together" to leak.. The snippets are amazing and I love Kana's version.

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