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  1. Obsessed

    ABBA Announces New Music

    So excited, love them
  2. Obsessed

    Fave song off Camila?

    never be the same
  3. Obsessed

    Jaycoolguy - a thread

  4. Obsessed

    Jaycoolguy - a thread

    "don't make a 18 old cry" ICONIC
  5. Obsessed

    Amelia Lily

  6. Obsessed


    Yeah, just like that, just being out of my 'comfort zone' makes me anxious It really sucks. But as long as we are strong to deal with them...
  7. Obsessed


    I deal with panic attacks since I was 13 years old, I've been taking some pills about almost 10 years from now (diazepam for panic attacks and cipralex for depression), there was a time I couldn't even leave my house because of the fear of having a panic attack and that caused me serious depression, I was medicated to depression too but I finally stopped this year, I'm also trying to stay out of the panic attack medication, I just take one pill in sos thing is: it's all in your mind, of course the pills will help you, but if you can control it it's even better, it was hard for me for being 'clean' after 10 years of diazepam, first weeks were rough but right now I'm totally fine, today I had to the center of my city and I took a train, I was "exposed" in the middle of lots of people, If that happend like 5 years ago I'm pretty sure I would have a panic attack even with the medication, I had a diazepam in my pocket just in case but I tried to get my mind distracted and It worked well (I'm sorry if this sounds dumb to you guys but It's been my life lately )
  8. Obsessed


    Welcome bb.
  9. Obsessed

    Celebrity Big Brother UK (Season 20)

    omg get that promo amelia
  10. Obsessed

    Has It Leaked?

    Skye Sweetnam - Remember Me?
  11. Obsessed

    What are your favorite albums of 2017 so far?

    My favorite is Dua Lipa - self titled. I'm too lazy to make a top 10, but I love yours.
  12. It's fucking good, loving me like you should

    1. Goodbye


      Hello, i would like to send you a PM but your box seems full.

      Edited by Brian
  13. Obsessed

    Fifth Harmony Copies Terror Jr

    It does sound similar... omg
  14. Obsessed

    Hello! :)

    Hi Matheus, welcome! Hope you have fun here. And stan queen Gretchen.
  15. Obsessed

    EUROVISION 2017 - Grand Final

    I love Portugal's song. It's very sad and melancholic, but I'm here for it.

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