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  1. muri

    Last Fm

    https://www.last.fm/user/botanicalgod great idea haha we all love flops here
  2. muri

    Muri's Covers

    Rihanna - Talk That Talk
  3. muri

    Muri's Covers

    Iggy Azalea - In My Defense
  4. muri

    Muri's Covers

    Mabel - Ivy To Roses
  5. muri

    Muri's Covers

    i forgot this thread lol, some of the stuff i've done recently Ciara - One Woman Army Ciara - Beauty Marks Brooke Candy - Toe Ring Brooke Candy - Daddy Issues
  6. muri

    Charli XCX Unreleased Masterpost

    anyone has that 'long ass file'? it was a 3 hour bunch of snippets
  7. This album is CRIMINALLY underrated a pop bible in the shadows
  8. She has to be cursed or something, I've never understood why her career didn't took off, she has the looks, personality + she's a great songwriter and she delivers pop perfection Valentine, Perfect Shade Of Red, El Barrio, Petty Theft, Money Makes The Girl Go Round, Hitman, etc ALL KILLER This Is How Rumors Starts was going to be a great album
  9. The original Can't Go Back To London too please!
  10. muri

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Someone hack RedOne's vault so we can get Jessica Sutta, Porcelain Black, Paris Monroe, Destinee and Paris, Gaga and Nicole Scherzinger
  11. lol which one of ya'll was this time?
  12. muri

    Scrapped Tracklists

    Iggy Azalea - The New Classic (2013) 1. Walk The Line 2. Goddess 3. Don’t Need Y’all 4. Lady Patra 5. Rolex 6. Leave It 7. Live A Little 8. New Bitch 9. Cheeks 10. Impossible Is Nothing 11. Change Your Life 12. Fuck Love 13. Last Plane 14. Hilife 15. Monkey 16. Didey Sound
  13. this really sounds like it was for the album
  14. ''I know it's dangerous to play these games''
  15. actually the full song exists

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