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  1. I commented her last picture about the songs she wrote with Leighton Meester lol she said, 'Are they on spotify?' I WISH
  2. she just sent me a dm lol how random
  3. virgo sun, pisces rising, aquarius moon, libra mercury, leo venus and sagittarius mars
  4. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2978462/soundtrack anyone has this invincible track by julia michaels? it's different from the one that leaked since it was written with other guy Invincible Performed by Sahaj & Julia Michaels Written by Daniel Ticotin & Julia Michaels Courtesy of Songs of SMP & Julia Michaels
  5. Interesting .. I remember William Orbit worked on early Britney Jean sessions too, Charli XCX wrote a song for the album around that time with him
  6. someone know if kylie has shelved albums too? i'm sure ultimate kylie was going to be a fully xenoania record but.. just thinking lol
  7. soooooooo i became obsessed with this diana girl this month lol so i tried to do something for her shelved debut album Wynter Gordon - Wynter Time
  8. that would be an amazing combination, there’s so much material and interesting titles from the toy boys that we haven’t heard 😬 i remember when boxers, the one and play fight leaked i was so happy to get stuff from that era
  9. apparently is a compilation of songs from the toy boys era #imsousedtogive
  10. this bitch is messing my library.. the 2009 album was called Rockstar and the 2012 album was Eva-Lution
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