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  1. Muri

    Muri's Covers

    soooooooo i became obsessed with this diana girl this month lol so i tried to do something for her shelved debut album Wynter Gordon - Wynter Time
  2. that would be an amazing combination, there’s so much material and interesting titles from the toy boys that we haven’t heard 😬 i remember when boxers, the one and play fight leaked i was so happy to get stuff from that era
  3. apparently is a compilation of songs from the toy boys era #imsousedtogive
  4. this bitch is messing my library.. the 2009 album was called Rockstar and the 2012 album was Eva-Lution
  5. not this old ass song we want saving up my love
  6. yeeeeees i screamed when i saw this in the morning 😱 the photos were taken in january 2015, it's the same shoot as the weekend and hold me now covers, she did like 10 outfits
  7. does anyone know from what year ‘Stranger’ is?
  8. Muri

    Last Fm

    https://www.last.fm/user/botanicalgod great idea haha we all love flops here
  9. Muri

    Muri's Covers

    Rihanna - Talk That Talk
  10. Muri

    Muri's Covers

    Iggy Azalea - In My Defense
  11. Muri

    Muri's Covers

    Mabel - Ivy To Roses
  12. Muri

    Muri's Covers

    i forgot this thread lol, some of the stuff i've done recently Ciara - One Woman Army Ciara - Beauty Marks Brooke Candy - Toe Ring Brooke Candy - Daddy Issues
  13. anyone has that 'long ass file'? it was a 3 hour bunch of snippets

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