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  1. bonnie walked so Tate McRae could run
  2. thanks to whoever leaked I Can Still Dance
  3. how does your bonnie discography looks?
  4. it's impossible that what we got is 90% of her unreleased catalogue lol
  5. now start leaking porcelain black songs pls
  6. Muri

    Heidi Montag

    that video was already released in like 2009, still a bop!
  7. anyone has the list of registered songs from 2014?
  8. she wrote on these too! i remember a pic of them together with will.i.am
  9. changed the title to american girl, it feels more official to me AG being the opener sets the whole mood, ends with IM AN AMERICAN GIRL, then unlock your love following with ''i don't know about the other girls you're used to..''
  10. if qveen herby could do it without writing all the hits bonnie did.. bonnie is just lazy
  11. head on and risky business are from 2009
  12. unlock your love is such a slutty bop, love it
  13. thank you gays for all of this lol we are literally the only people caring about these songs leaking
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