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  1. Latest Updates

    You're so welcome! I'm so glad you like them, I never know if other people care as much about Trisha as I do so it's nice to see y'all like that mess. You have a better memory than I do, I completely forgot about that layout...I remember all your inappropriate signatures which my dad used to find and be like "wtf"... Don't worry, my OCD would never let me do that! Tbh I still prefer the section view just cos it's easier to navigate, but I think for people who are more used to social medias like Tumblr or Facebook the Fluid view is a really nice option.
  2. Latest Updates

    It's still working on my end! I just reuploaded the file so let me know if it's working for you now?
  3. Latest Updates

    I saw you make that post about a Trisha background five minutes before I added all this and I was all, "Bitch don't know what's coming for ha"...
  4. Latest Updates

    That's really weird, it's working okay for me. Would you do me a favour and try a different browser and let me know if it's still not working?
  5. Latest Updates

    We have a few new features which I'm hoping you guys will enjoy! Firstly, all the forums are now colour coded which will make things prettier and easier to identify. We also have different new ways for you to view the forum. 'Table' view is the forum view we've always had, 'Grid' view will break each forum and topic into individual grids, and 'Fluid' view will show you all the topics at once unless you filter them out in the sidebar. Hopefully this will allow you to choose the view that suits your experience! Finally, I've also added new Reactions for you guys to choose from. Liking and disliking posts is still there and that will change user reputation, but all these other reactions won't affect reputation and will allow you to express yourself more openly. All of the Reactions feature our Queen and Saviour Trisha Paytas!
  6. Why Taylor fans are snakes like their idol?

    Sis, you are really trynna start some shit with this one...
  7. (Not)New In Here...

    I just realised I never responded to this! I feel like you're already such a big part of the forum that it's weird to welcome you, but I hope you're enjoying your time here. I love Amy and Gaga as well! And yes, there's definitely some measures in place to make sure you can't mention DISGASTING's name. That way I can know who to ban for stanning such a DISGASTING human being.
  8. Dynasty

    I'm sure Edie would have a lot to say about a hung jury... Gabrielle is a queen! And her obese daughter is the true star of the show.
  9. How Can PHF Be Improved?

    I really wish we could but at the moment it's not looking like we could add that many backgrounds. But do't forget you can always change the header image on your profile if you want some more customisastion! The fact that @jlnsgr is Member of the Month and doesn't even know this...
  10. She deleted the evidence.
  11. If the case is really that she said "no", then I agree with you 100%. My response was based on Melanie's reply where she states that "Timothy" apparently never said no to what she was doing. I did read the statement as well but a lot of it was difficult to decipher...Charging someone as manipulative is kind of a cop out because where does manipulation start and flirtation end? If a guy pays for dinner expecting to be able to have sex with a girl, is that manipulation? At the end of the day, I don't think it's fair to include psychology when it comes to rape - in most cases, anyway. People have to be strong enough to stand up for themselves and tell others what they want, and you can't then go on to blame the other person for not reading your mind. That's assuming that Melanie is telling the truth and Timothy didn't say no, of course.
  12. Oh no! I didn't realise that for the hundreds of time I've had sex in my life without signing a contract to say I agree to having sex, I've actually been getting raped. I better Tweet about this ASAP!
  13. But do you have to explicitly say "yes" to give consent? If I'm in a club grinding on some guy's dick I don't want to have him ask me, "Do you wish to engage in recreational copulative activities with me?" before we have sex. It should be enough that I'm not stopping him from touching me or explicitly saying "no".
  14. Guess I better wash my mouth out with soap!

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