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  1. Countess

    Rihanna - #R9

    It's a style of Jamaican music that's kinda similiar to reggae but a little more hard-hitting and digital...Think 'Work' by Rihanna or anything by PARTYNEXTDOOR.
  2. Countess

    G.R.L. - Want Forever [Information]

    Don't forget about the iconic King of Pop A.R. Rahman!
  3. Countess

    PHF Song of the Week: Alexz Johnson - Right Now

    Thanks so much for posting, you're a sweetheart!
  4. Countess

    Dua Lipa Nabs James Bond Theme Song

    She has a nice huskiness to her voice that would probably work well in a jazzy slower song, but imo her image is waaay off for this kind of a thing...
  5. Countess

    Leona Lewis - Unreleased/leaked songs

    So glad to have you here, enjoy your time and let us know what you think of the songs!
  6. Countess

    Miss Darla's Requests

  7. Countess

    Rihanna - #R9

    We haven't heard much yet about Rihanna's upcoming ninth album, but Rolling Stone recently published an article exposing a lot of info about the album(s). It seems like she's got a lot of tracks ready for a dancehall inspired album and that she may also be working on a pop project on the side as well. Are you guys excited for the album or is the dancehall trend overplayed?
  8. Giving me AHS: Asylum, 'The Monster' and Sky Ferreira teas! It's not a bad video although I wish the story was a little stronger. I hope the song does well for her!
  9. Countess

    American Horror Story: Season 8

    The concept for the series has been announced! It's also been confirmed that the season will launch on September 12th, so we don't have long to wait.
  10. Countess

    Meghan Trainor ā€“ TREAT MYSELF

    As much as I wanna hate her, I've actually really enjoyed all the funk inspired songs she's been releasing with this album! Go off Meghan, this is a bop!
  11. Countess

    Ariana Grande - Sweetener

    I don't know how @Ari already knew it, but we now have an official tracklist! The article I read didn't have any features listed but it looks like Missy and Pharrell are still on the album.
  12. Countess

    G.R.L. - Want Forever [Information]

    I'm pretty sure the whole thing was just a ploy to excuse Nicole's solo music... Although 'I Don't Wanna Fall In Love' was a bop!
  13. Countess

    Mo's Long-Awaited Leona Lewis Megapost

    Oh girl, you're right about almost everything but Kelly definitely ain't remembered for that song anymore! When she has 'MLWSWY', 'Because of You', 'Breakaway', 'Behind These Hazel Eyes', 'Stronger' and 'Since U Been Gone' I highly doubt that anyone is checking for that basic ass mess. Thank god because I can't handle hearing those shrill notes one more time.
  14. Countess

    Rose McGowan | Planet 9

    Wasn't it meant to be released back in February?
  15. Countess

    G.R.L. - Want Forever [Information]

    It seemed like Robin always planned for them to have their own solo songs on the album, judging by 'Big Pony' - although if this was considered as a single I can't imagine the final version would just have one of them singing. Either way, it sounds like a cute little bop, I hope we hear it in full one day!

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