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  1. This really is interesting! Shania isn't really a big deal over here in Australia so I'm always surprised to see how popular she is overseas. It's also interesting that artists like Alanis, Jewel and the Dixie Chicks had so much success when they're barely heard of at all nowadays. I definitely thought that Madonna, Barbra and even Cher would have albums up there, but I guess they're all singles artists more than anything...Shoutout to Michelle Visage for having the second highest selling female album out there though!
  2. DO you BOP to Willa Ford?

    I remember @Turn Ya Head really loves this girl... Y'all should start the fanclub!
  3. Are You Gay?

    Omg, you must be the only straight girl I know of who loves Heidi Montag like every gay man should! Congrats on being PHF's token female!
  4. Selena Gomez - InStyle

    I agree with you! I love blonde hair but it makes her look kinda weird tbh, this brown hair is just classic, effortless and beautiful.
  5. Help Us Interview...

    I feel like she's too popular for our little forum! But I'll try sending an e-mail over and see what happens! They still haven't responded... I sent over the questions, they asked if they could remove the one about Dr. Luke ( ), I said yes and since then they've been ignoring my e-mails. I just don't get why all these managers make us go to the trouble of getting excited and writing up these questions in the first place. If you don't wanna do the interview just say that!
  6. Member of the Month

    Congratulations boo, you totally deserve it!
  7. hello, what @BlackoutZone did post and then delete it?? can you plz give me a link.


    1. Countess
    2. Tweener


      OH STOP IT! Just give him the damn link!

      Here you go baby. Enjoy :)


  8. That moment when the only Valentine's Day card you receive is the newsletter you wrote yourself and sent out... :cackle::yeah:

  9. What kind of bop is this! :hail: 

    1. jaycoolguy


      i found this ages ago and no one listened to me !

    2. BlackoutZone


      Totally amazing, I'm bopping lately

    3. Countess


      @jaycoolguy You should sue them! :ban: 

  10. Fix the Era

    It's all over the Olympics right now though...
  11. Fix the Era

    Why wouldn't you release 'Woman' as a single?
  12. What Animal Are You?

    When was this? Not on PHF I hope!
  13. The Powder Room - My Way

    This is better than anything Natalia Kills ever released tbqh...
  14. Has the media turned on your fave?

    Yes... How can we forget the iconic ARTFLOP? To be fair, some of the bad publicity was Gaga's fault (like the flying dress, the failure of an app, and the pretentious speeches she gave) but she didn't deserve the criticism to be that harsh.
  15. How to make status posts

    Exactly. I was looking into how we could make it so this feature was automatically available to everyone but apparently it's no can do.

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