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  1. You can actually hear her singing live but for some reason they lowered her mic so much
  2. Nothing At All and The Little Things are not confirmed.. they were left off the tracklist but everyone hated her so she said she would revisit them
  3. Wow i feel so bad for Dami! What a total mess. Ill be happy if she gets that original album out soon
  4. Whats with these Australian pop artists? first Samantha Jade now Dami Im. Why are they releasing cover albums? Thats TWO cover albums in a row from Dami. Can they not make new bops?
  5. Meant to Be solo is taking up one of those 11 spots.
  6. 11 song standard and 19 song deluxe or im unstanning
  7. 1. Anja Nissen - Where I Am 2. Bebe Rexha - The Way I Are 3. Lady Gaga - The Cure 4. Bebe Rexha - (Not) The One 5. Jessica Sutta - Feel Like Making Love 6. Bebe Rexha - Gateway Drug 7. Jessica Sutta - Distortion 8. Clean Bandit - Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson) 9. Dua Lipa - New Rules 10. Bebe Rexha - Small Doses
  8. Aly & AJ - The Distance >>>>>>>> I Know. yall should actually listen to the whole ep and not just the singles..
  9. I second that Dagny album. i just got into her songs a month ago and i love all of them
  10. She likes to call EP’s albums so we cant tell which one it will be. Also theres only one feature on it this time. Thank god.
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