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    • Nicola was the instigator behind moving away from Xeno with “On The Metro” and “Beautiful Because You Love Me” during the “Ten” sessions.  Since then she has become more connected in the industry and learned about the specifics of publishing and made herself a key part of that whole side of things, she would want at least 50% songwriting credits on at least half of any sixth studio album.  They would have greater control this time around, they also signed up for a deal covering at least 3 studio albums shortly before their direction of travel changed that led to the hiatus. Though it’s inevitable, greater control for them pertaining to A&R decisions is not necessarily a good thing with regard to ‘us’ in our role as fans or what we want from them. I would advise monitoring Cutebad as a measuring stick with regards to where Xeno are (now and for however long Cutebad last), with regards to how inspired they (Xeno) are creatively. Then again, there is a counter argument that the (cough) chemistry between GA & Xeno (Brian and Miranda) is where Xeno’s inspiration primarily came from and they needed GA as muses to open their creative flow and without them it closed up. Essentially GA (as a unit) would be foolish to develop a united rebellion against Brian, as without he (and Miranda), would the sonic DNA of GA even be there? If Brian snapped out of his policy of only considering Nicola for vocal parts that require a cutesy voice (for example) she may at last start to feel listened to by him and that, in conjunction to a higher publishing cut at least for her (than what Xeno possibly feel comfortable with - but could be talked into if faced with that choice, or nothing), would change the dynamic between them to such an extent that work between them would be possible. Nicola is one of those people who can walk into a room and if she vibes, then that positivity influences others, if she doesn’t vibe then nobody benefits from the mood that ensues and in creative terms that’s not a good atmosphere for anyone. The “Deadlines & Diets” standoff (that everyone knows about) was not a one off and the group (minus Nadine) have always pushed for material such as “Beautiful”, over what Polydor/ Xeno know the public want. We all want them to come back with an Xeno (or at least an Xeno sounding) banger, the question comes down to them being open to advice and there being enough space for everyone’s ego to feel accounted for in business terms. Kimberly may be a slight issue as her daytime TV host career is slowly building momentum in the U.K (and her agent is clearly motivated to win that away from Rochelle Wiseman). The whole Cutebad/ Venus narrative is simply not working in the UK in the way the Sugababes/ GA symbiosis once did (in days gone by) which at least provides an opening for that past dynamic to return and show the new girls how it’s done.
    • Wholly shit, I've always dreamed of hearing a "BAM" demo.
    • The German opening to Sailor Moon goes off  
    • Like the Sugababes, Girls Aloud aren't really an active band anymore in that they're not releasing music, but they're still working together on new projects. They recently announced a new sleepwear range with Primark with all proceeds going towards breast cancer charities to honour their late bandmate Sarah Harding. They also have a charity concert coming up, but that guy from Years and Years will be performing instead of them    I'm sure their intentions are very pure, but I can't help but feel like a part of this is testing the waters to see if people care about them as a four piece. I don't know what their sound would be in 2022 and Xenomania is MIA from the pop scene so Idk what they would do together as a group. What do you guys think?  
    • since shazam can recognize the jingle of the songs from her album there must be a database that holds those sounds right? and apparently bella has the files, even the two deluxe songs stored on her computer so maybe one day she’ll think the album is kinda nostalgic and release it with hollywood records for her devoted fans or something or maybe she’ll become really poor one day and she’ll think about this old album she has in the vault and milk this album with 5 editions of a vinyl or something for $30 each and signed cds for her very last fans on twitter idk 😂 
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