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  1. hey guys sorry its been a minute again. just never on forums anymore. but i'll be around every once in a while when I get a chance. i was logged out for a minute and didnt know my log in

  2. Flowers in your hair, burning smells in the air :)

  3. Remember that time @trayertrash manipulated mods on LanaBoards to ban me for no reason, claiming I was calling her racial slurs.... even though we're both white? :rofl: I tried tagging her but idk if she's still here anymore. 

  4. Iconic way to end a bad year
  5. Carcunt

    Avril Lavigne Announces New Music

    Well, being that she's at Epic Records which is probably the worst label to be at...
  6. Carcunt

    Joanne Deluxe Cover

    Are silhouettes illegal or racist now or something?
  7. Because she doesn't roam on pop forums so it's not like she cares if I air anything here. But she has a lot of friends she still keeps up with from high school.... ?????? My claim to knowledge is from what you're showing off as ignorance.
  8. Do you understand how jokes work? I'm obviously not handing personal shit of anyone's out. Hell, if I wanted to, I could just as easily hand out any info of anyone I wanted to. Trust me on that. It's not about Ashley, my own sister had a fucking miscarriage and I was one of the only people she ever told because of shitty people who "might not believe her" but I remember her sitting on the bathroom floor because she felt as if her insides were being torn out of her. But then having to get right back up and tell her 2 year old son mommy just felt sick and had to act as if nothing was going on at all when it felt like her world was ending. But no, it's about being stuck up @trayertrash's ass or "pretending to care for women's rights." Right?????? Until you've experienced a close friend or sibling or family member having a miscarriage, shut the absolute fuck up about it because all you're going to do is spew shit out of the hole that's on your face that obviously speaks utter bullshit.
  9. I agree 100%. Fucking disgusting... Fuck every one of you who think she's fucking faking it.
  10. Carcunt

    Teddy talks leaked ep and shoots album cover

    have you heard all the demos from Trouble? I mean... even if it's the same songs, there's plenty of different versions
  11. I bought Watchmen and Batman: Hush today. Do you read any comics, manga, or graphic novels?
  12. Carcunt

    Trayertrash Appreciation Thread

    You gotta cut her some slack, though, she has a family to take care of so she can't always be online 24/7 or be a perfect mod.
  13. Carcunt

    Trayertrash Appreciation Thread

    We were close friends for like, 2-3 years. I still consider her a good friend of mine. We had a slight falling out a few times but she's always been one of my best online friends. Idgaf what someone says about her, she'll always be one of my best internet friends (even if we barely talk anymore.) We have disagreeing viewpoints on some things but she's always been there when I needed her. Trayertrash is a good member. Be like trayertrash.
  14. Carcunt


    Sorry I'm late to the party, but welcome sis
  15. My posts keep getting deleted????

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Carcunt


      could you still see the first post from the double post?

    3. trayertrash


      idk how about the chatbox issue but it showed the posts twice, same with your and Tweeners posts after, but now they're all gone? I'll let Mo know 

    4. Carcunt


      Alright thank you. I notified him too but he said it might've been on accident but idk.

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