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  1. Carcunt

    Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

    i hope this is her first album to actually have an explicit tag. i'd love to hear her saying "bitch" and "fuck" in a few songs
  2. Carcunt

    Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

    This song is such a generic piece of shit. Coming from her, I expected a lot more lyrically, vocally, and audibly; she's made a huge mistake with this single. Whatever Katy or Kanye did, please, apologize so she can not make shitty music. See what you made her do????? the video is cool. but the song is trash. i hope this album is actually her Circus album and can be good in parts, but maybe her next one will be good again.
  3. hey guys sorry its been a minute again. just never on forums anymore. but i'll be around every once in a while when I get a chance. i was logged out for a minute and didnt know my log in

  4. Carcunt

    Kendrick Lamar Masterpost?

    Is there one of these for him here? I don't think there is... if anyone who has everything gathered can upload it, that'd be greatly appreciated. Demos, unreleased songs, mix tapes, etc. Whatever's possible to find (excluding albums.)
  5. Carcunt

    Latest leaks

    Any new Lana leaks?
  6. Wow, this is still uploaded too lmao
  7. Flowers in your hair, burning smells in the air :)

  8. Carcunt

    Lana del rey : Lust for life

    We aren't getting the album on Friday. Just in case you haven't noticed, Lana releases lead singles MONTHS before she drops a record..... she's not "surprise" dropping it on Friday without announcing a tracklist or release date ahead of time. Especially an album that'll be a big title for her, unlike Honeymoon. This one will probably have bonus tracks (again, finally) and we're probably gonna see one more single before the album drops (if she includes Coachella on the album, then that was the last pre-release single unless she does this era like she did Ultraviolence.) TL;DR We aren't getting the album Friday. Sorry but no.
  9. Carcunt

    Britney Spears - Unreleased [Masterpost]

    Did the full version of Rebellion ever leak?
  10. Carcunt

    LANA DEL REY - Love (Young And In Love)

    They were for UV and once they leaked, she found another producer to make the album over again.
  11. Remember that time @trayertrash manipulated mods on LanaBoards to ban me for no reason, claiming I was calling her racial slurs.... even though we're both white? :rofl: I tried tagging her but idk if she's still here anymore. 

  12. Iconic way to end a bad year
  13. Carcunt

    Avril Lavigne Announces New Music

    Well, being that she's at Epic Records which is probably the worst label to be at...
  14. Carcunt

    Cruel Youth's EP tracklist?

    I don't care who does and doesn't like me. You're June's MOTM out of the 20-30 members that post frequently. Post count means...??? lol Just says I have less time to be here and spend more time doing other things with friends in real life, unlike you.

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