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  1. Message me you cow xoxo. I have unreleased NB. 

  2. It's not my fault that you don't know the first definition of to deny. Please kys.
  3. verb past tense: denied; past participle: denied 1. state that one refuses to admit the truth or existence of.
  4. This list is mostly a giant embarrassment...
  5. That moment when a random hoe quotes a post that's almost 4 years old by someone who isn't even on this site anymore.
  6. No1 wants Glory unless it has your glorious nudes hidden inside of it, Britney.
  7. Y? Bcs I exposed you on PHF, Britney? Send me Mood Ring vocal session/pro tools/multitrack inb4 I expose you worldwide -- THIS JUST IN: Britney Spears is really a tranny Polish boy who lurks around on seedy websites like pophatesflops.
  8. When you google somebody and it thinks you're Britney Spears. Send me stems if you're Britney. https://www.google.com/search?tbs=sbi:AMhZZiuUvWar6RhITJiAQmCWsJ1uLXnJ8Y489vr75gIAtxgyJ23s3cDFnwRFgYDP5D3OGFc0S5GGHJQcHthuGGBtdmtfQdQBDFPGXlq0TC28uRDX6Wso_1HsYF6BTY7ZbJJ7ptPms97eaFZCJJZcMVCKcrMTrYBVtesG8D29cTnnS6RSM2vP6naHiOV2Yhg3Wc6bviP8CtO32sTF4PDJ32Ab5u7IwvuYT2tziU6rz9zNYwnIdMu5YPlHbvxdExsWYgzig16b4yGGbGEx-ubXir6HGlloEzSp8q0I013Q1r3UsSTLsvSRrT7EyFnA9SPcvJvwCmWQ7OamXTGAb93xnjaLBufjhNkpxHHXLEVxEVB_1tGMVO5RU3Pws84vvMIrtR081RuwoJ1pxMmVauENv1BDvtApI0O3Qb91jVb2EqH9LNnZt-CSXepKk_10-gEVduDlOMjQaSpd8C
  9. At least she's not having a total meltdown like she does sometimes.
  10. I disagree. I actually think that's pretty rude that they're using her name to brand things, then refusing to even speak to her? Racist, no, but still a pretty shitty thing to do.
  11. @BlackoutZone Tweenwh0re informed me my brand of humor goes unnoticed by most people and comes off as rude xoxo #WillamLovesYou. So, sorry-not-sorry.
  12. We don't need little Beyoncefails in this world.
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