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  2. this one hit me so hard. been a wreck the whole search. she was so important to young babygay me. i remember late nights when i was, like, 13, camping out at promotional events & appearances she'd do, just hoping to get to say hi. fuck.
  3. The only bitches i stan Veronicas: Hook Me Up > Life On Mars > The Secret Life Of... > Self-Titled (the fucking tragedy when your scrapped album could've been your best 😅💀🤡) (AND it getting scrapped made your next release suffer too) (AND then you get stuck in singles limbo)
  4. can any Lana stans help me out with a gift I'm trying to put together for a friend?  can offer my Veronicas stan knowledge in return, lmao xo

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      I'm a stan but not a stan, so I might be able to help? :orly: What do you need?

    2. V
  5. yeah, but still never released, lol. they even redid it with new vocals & shit for the new album. will we ever see it?? hmmmm... haha
  6. with Baby I'm Ready, Best Friend, the Line Of Fire remix, Sugar Daddy..........................
  7. Good news/bad news/good news! • I finally got my hands on this album! • The Veronicas feature on one song… it’s a cover - not one that they or Cherie wrote, and they only do faint backup vocals • it’s still a p good track
  8. “March” better come thru… Jess’s emotion/ballad tracks always hit my top ten… In Another Life… The Only High…
  9. looks like there’s not a topic on this yet??? I’m so excited!! good fucking riddance, Ruby Rose 🥀
  10. Jess posted this to her insta story in December but deleted it a couple hours later! sounds so good, I’m so ready for new tracks & tours ”tell me the truth babe, did you ever feel anything”
  11. Photoshop - I use CC but CS6 was pretty good too
  12. “But that record was shelved for five years.” She talks about how there was apparently a legal process to get these songs out, it sounds to me like it's the 2011 tracks! It’s only coming out now, according to Currie, because Blackheart Records took an interest. “I negotiated with them instead of through my lawyer who I had to let go — two lawyers actually.” There's no way of knowing how they were officially going to be marketed if it'd been released back then, though, because in the beginning all they talked about was that they worked together, and how amazing each other were
  13. Anyone remember when The Veronicas recorded some tracks with Cherie Currie back in 2011? And then around two years later, Cherie was saying she had no idea why they weren't out yet... ...they're coming out this month!!! "It will be coming out in September, I never though it would see the light of day.” I know the Life On Mars era was one of my all time fave sounds... who else is hype af for this to finally drop?!
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