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  1. omg what a mess. So I'm back to cringing at the lip sync?!
  2. @idrk I'm gonna need you to do this for all of my top artists. 😆 This is amazing!
  3. Rihanna - Russian Roulette (Unmixed)
  4. When I was clicking through the descriptions, the vocal credits were to Ashley Alisha and they linked another channel. So the video that @Skinny Legend posted says the idea came from this one: And then the description for this one credits Ashley: https://www.youtube.com/c/AshleyYoonOfficial
  5. Yup, she just was lip syncing.
  6. This video totally ruined it for me. HAHA Between the high pony, purple/pink aesthetic and her singing into a mic, but playing the mixed track. I'm cringing. Looks like this vocal take is actually by Ashley Alisha! Had to go through a couple video descriptions, but we found the answer!
  7. Cruel Youth - Hatefuck (Alt Mix) Anyone able to confirm this one?
  8. Oh! This is so interesting, I wasn't even aware of Brave Girls. I bet you it's probably some random YouTube/SoundCloud/TikTok cover, but I do wanna figure out who this is.
  9. Anyone know who the real singer is for this one? Rollin'
  10. No clue, but this song is fire!
  11. Britney Spears - Hooked On You (Ft. Pharrell Williams) (Final Mix) aiff file OG leak Britney Spears - Pull Out (Final Mix) aiff file OG leak Britney Spears - Rock Star (Mastered) aiff file OG leak Converted to mp3, 320 in iTunes: Britney Spears - Hooked On You (Ft. Pharrell Williams) (Final Mix) Britney Spears - Pull Out (Final Mix) Britney Spears - Rock Star (Mastered)
  12. Your responses are perfect! I love that you walk me through your fact-checking process! Thank you!!
  13. Kerli - Dinohorror (Demo)
  14. Thank you! Everyone's been so kind, means a lot! 😭
  15. I guess technically Red has credits on Gypsy and Angel Down for both albums, so I wouldn't be surprised if they had more collabs in the vault that aren't even registered!
  16. Is this a legit demo or an edit? I do hear vocals taken from another demo, but that demo goes "I will, I will" like in the released version and this one goes "she will, she will". People are real creative these days.
  17. I swear, if Act II actually gets released, it will be such a moment in music history.
  18. Camila Cabello - Never Be the Same (Demo)
  19. Awesome! Thanks for the info, I always try to include as much info in my iTunes for organization. 😄
  20. @808Dream and @Moonchild You both are amazing with great reputations! One lesson I learned as a kid is to compromise where you can; a take on the "pick your battles" saying. Though the users who complained are less active, their voices are still valid. The same way begging for leaks isn't encouraged in the Latest Leaks thread, I do think fan-made leaks sit on the blurred line of the generally accepted content in the thread. The impetus of the posts isn't to clog up the thread with fake material, but as someone who doesn't spend their whole day in front of a computer and doesn't have a better k
  21. Sia - Pictures (Demo)
  22. I've been asked to stop posting everything I find on dbree in the Latest Leaks thread, so instead, I created this to help verify whether something is fanmade or legit. Unfortunately, I don't have as much time as other folks here to look into every artist releasing music, so that's why I'm on a music forum asking the collective for their wide array of expertise. For those who have found their way to this thread, you are also welcome to post here if you aren't sure if something is legit or not. If you know something is fanmade, it would be great for you to include how you came to that conclusion
  23. Anyone following the RSD releases? Chromatica was just officially announced as a yellow vinyl on a tri-fold sleeve!
  24. I really hope for that one to leak and Double Vision. I love Prince Royce, but I feel like the girls are more suited for the style of song.
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