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  1. Happy Birthday boo!! All the best wishes from me, I hope you'll achieve your dreams and I have high expectations for your album hunty, so don't fuck it up! <3 I hope you'll have a wonderful day!

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      You're so gorgeous! <3<3<3 Thank you for always being so sweet and supportive to me. All the members like you on this site helped me to have a great day. Love you guys. :mo: 

  2. IntoYouu

    Struggles With Depression

    Yep, exactly. It's like feeling hate for your body, but pain and time can make it something beautiful
  3. IntoYouu

    Song vs Song

  4. IntoYouu

    Song vs Song

    The Killers - Mr. Brightside vs. Marina and the Diamonds - Can't Pin Me Down
  5. IntoYouu

    Struggles With Depression

    In my case I want to kinda make my body feel the pain so I can get stronger. Pain motivates me and sometimes I just need it. It's better than razor blades at least (a very late reply tho)
  6. IntoYouu

    Song vs Song

    Rihanna - Do Ya Thang vs. Selena Gomez - Perfect
  7. IntoYouu

    Struggles With Depression

    I know exactly how this feels Whenever I meet someone new in real life sooner or later I find out that they keep talking behind my back, that they're only "friends" with me because I got a car etc. I just got so used to it that even now when I have a few close friends, I still feel like they're constantly talking shit about me and they're using me. Currently I'm trying to focus on what I love = doing music, so later on IF I will get popular all those bitches can regret talking shit about me. There will always be that one person that wants to hurt you, but you can't give up! You always have all of us and it doesn't matter that we're all from different countries and we communicate through the internet. Focus on yourself, focus on the person you wish to be, focus on your dreams! And if you ever wanna talk, I'm here
  8. IntoYouu

    its vowelzsz

    Hello there! It's always good to see someone new Hope you'll have a great time here! PS. hate you for that title xo (jk, love ya)
  9. IntoYouu

    Stranger Things

    You will, I didn't like him at the beginning as well, but he grew on me What episode you're on?
  10. IntoYouu

    Tomb Raider Appreciation

    I have the same! I play a bit and then I'm like "fuck it, it's too hard". It's because of the textures, you can't really see any passages and it's confusing to me Well, I don't know tbh. If the DLC is very promising, then go ahead
  11. IntoYouu

    Stranger Things

    I never watched GG or PLL Shame on me probably.

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