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  1. Paradise

    Singers I truly hate..

    You guys are so incredibly extra lmao... Can't relate
  2. Paradise

    Melanie Martinez

    Melanie Stans ™
  3. Paradise

    Ellie Goulding - Delirium Outtakes

    Someone post the songs, fat!
  4. Paradise

    Allie X announces Collxtion II on facebook

    What kind of weird, passive-aggressive mess is this?! We're only talking about a song fam...
  5. Paradise

    Allie X announces Collxtion II on facebook

    I guess it's true that she said "What's The Hard Way?", but either way, I'd think it's a little too convenient that we know every title on this track list.
  6. Paradise

    Allie X announces Collxtion II on facebook

    Didn't she say 'Medusa' is fake? Almost convincing.
  7. Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one!

  8. Even though I think the product we got is probably much, much better than what would've been released (considering that travesty, "Spark The Fire" ) , it still would've been interesting to have gotten the original third album. Ideally, TIWTTFL would've just been the follow up!
  9. Paradise

    The Shade Thread

    Don't know if this is in reference to me referring to Foxes as Loui But personally, I only do so if the stage name is a thing as opposed to, I guess, an actual name... Just seems weird calling her "Foxes".
  10. Paradise

    How Can PHF Be Improved?

    I like these!
  11. Paradise

    How Can PHF Be Improved?

    Can I suggest the idea of changing the rank names to fit with the new URL/theme? I don't know exactly what they should be changed to, but they could be along the lines of "Flop", "Smash", "Hit", and so on. I don't know. I just think using "Bi-Curious", etc., is a little out of place now? Maybe?
  12. Paradise

    Happy Birthday Hawks!

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have/had a great day.
  13. Paradise

    American Horror Story: Hotel

    I'm clueless as to how I'd rank all the seasons together, but I do know Murder House would be first. Bravo on your flawless first pick!
  14. Paradise

    Scream Queens

    I'm pretty sure they're set for at least the first season, but I'm not sure where they'd go for a season two? I guess if the main character survives she could head off to a new sorority and a new set of killings or something, but it seems like it would work best as a one season show to me tbh. This series is another anthology series I believe, like AHS! No relation among the seasons.
  15. Paradise

    How Can PHF Be Improved?

    I liked Pop/Hits/Flops.

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