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  1. R.I.P this profile

    1. Countess


      I'm sure she's still around here on a random account stalking us... :cackle: Her attention seeking ass could never leave PHF for long!

    2. Choker
  2. What even happened to you girl? I used to love your posts & collections! :'(

    1. MelaniesPlayground


      If you're still wondering it seems @Countess Deactivated her account. It was in an accusation thread for Taylor Swift, over a year ago now.

  3. Taylor Swift's 'Sexual Assault' Photo Leaks

    I would feel the same way though? But whatever, I'm not fighting about this shit. I knew coming back here was a mistake, always is
  4. someone messaged me they were leaving and idk who it was but I already miss them :'( 

  5. Taylor Swift's 'Sexual Assault' Photo Leaks

    Point proven
  6. Welcome to the first PHF's Biggest Hater Awards

    I'm here for Pence de-gaying us
  7. Taylor Swift's 'Sexual Assault' Photo Leaks

    Even when there's photo evidence of an assault men will still question whether it's real or not
  8. Welcome to the first PHF's Biggest Hater Awards

    "You have until Sunday night to vote for the member you think should get this reward for their particularity to hate everyone and every artists on this planet" I only really listen to like 5 pop artists and think everyone here has horrible taste in music. I hate/dislike Melanie, Tove Lo, Troye, Karmin, Natalia, Allie Xtraforehead, Katy, That Poppy, Birdie, Nicki, Jojo, Hana, CL, Dami Im, Charli XCX, DNCE, Florrie, all the drag race singers and despise every male pop singer and only like 8 members
  9. Welcome to the first PHF's Biggest Hater Awards

    Vote for me! I hate everyone and everything

    1. Countess


      I'M CRYING, NOT ANOTHER ONE. :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: 

    2. trayertrash



    3. Countess


      NO. :stretcher: I've ruined my childhood enough with just two of them, I don't wanna see anyone else like that. :shocked: 

  11. Delete a Song From Your Faves Discography

    Okay I decided to do Hole since they're my favorite band of all time

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