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  1. Yeah I need to add the shadow back, I think. looks too flat like she wouldnt be able to bend her arm or something thank you babe!
  2. Not finished but wanted to share something since it's been a while.
  3. felt like i had a stroke while reading this. "youll stop to have interaction with me" ?????????
  4. New cover I made for All The Rage! Also the first vector I've ever finished
  5. You missed a few things! ALX - I Will Love You More (Live at Bellwoods) Allie X - Sanctuary (Acoustic Live) + All The Rage (Piano Version) Allie X - Catch (Billboard Remix) - released on the Catch - EP (which you also forgot idk if you want to add that or not tho!) also things like CX1 demos those are the more in depth things, i'm not sure if you care to put them in or not since theyre just alt versions or whatever, but here they are incase you need them
  6. Mine is all tea We need more of these style threads, they're so fun
  7. Thanks babies xxx I'm not a huge fan of the actual cover either. I wish I still had the original photoshop file for this, I would make it a Honeymoon cover for you But it's long gone </3
  8. Found an old cover I made on my tumblr, and I still really love it. So here!
  9. Everything's so accurate besides me. A jock? More like "The school gay that sucks all the football players dicks and then runs his mouth about it so he gets beat up" You should explain your choices @Countess
  10. I think when done right, sampling can be really cool, especially if you know the song they're sampling! But oversampling does gets annoying. Some samples that are done right: (these ones add them to the song, not just used as a main beat which I think is annoying.) Lana's Ooh Baby sampling Sexual Healing Gaga's Alejandro sampling some violin score from 1904 You and I sampling We Will Rock You I also saw something on twitter that proved literally every song on Lemonade is sampling other songs, which is so annoying and uncreative imo. Literally almost no tracks were
  11. Would be deemed a flop because it didn't chart well on its debut, but it comes back months later soaring, a la E•MO•TION. Sia - Apocalypse (feat. Allie X)
  12. Cute! Are you making one for each album? And yeah, why is Coverlandia acting up? Every time I click a cover there's an error. Whatever, I could really care less tbh, that site is corrupt as fuck
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