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  1. coolaideonfire

    Vixen Eye's (very bad) Cover Art

    These aren't bad at all.
  2. coolaideonfire

    Britney Spears & Mother Join The #FreeBritney Movement

    Very confusing, as always, lol. I guess people on all sides are feeding the narrative for TMZ and that's why their reporting is getting messy. I'm inclined to believe whatever Britney herself says, or is reported to say I suppose, too. If she says she'll perform again, I believe that. She's reported to have claimed her father admitted her against her will during the court hearing, so I believe that (although you have to wonder who's telling the media this when it was a closed hearing?). The judge in the case has also ordered an investigation into the conservatorship with a report expected to be filed by September. I guess if there's anything untoward it'll be flagged up and the truth of the matter will eventually come out: https://theblast.com/britney-spears-conservatorship-investigation-advisors-report/
  3. coolaideonfire

    Britney Spears & Mother Join The #FreeBritney Movement

    I suppose the take away is that by filming the video saying she's ok and asking fans not to worry, she also agrees with the caption that went along with it if it wasn't written by her. It's difficult to know for certain, but I do feel like Britney's a very private person especially post-2007 where her life was under an intense microscope of public scrutiny and would be mortified by everyone discussing her life like this.
  4. coolaideonfire

    Britney Spears & Mother Join The #FreeBritney Movement

    I was critical of the movement and how it was unfolding on social media in a chaotic and frenzied fashion, but of course I support Britney and her right to advocate for herself. It's great that she attended the hearing, spoke about what she wants and made requests. I hope that this leads to positive changes for her, but I feel like if the end goal for her is to get out of the conservatorship that will be a long process.
  5. I like the 4th option too.
  6. Of course, a certain someone is down voting everything in this thread too. Hi sweetie. đŸ˜˜
  7. I've noticed this too but not on the scale you've received. It doesn't bother me too much, but some of the posts I'm downvoted on really have no reason to object.
  8. coolaideonfire


    I find the fan's constant speculation about this really gross, and the latest podcast is really inappropriate to me. We truly have no idea what is happening despite what we hear from supposed 'sources', we don't know what Britney's physical or mental health is like right now, and we don't know what her diagnosis is (if she even has one). I think 'FreeBritney' is slightly misjudged when it's possible that fans campaigning for this could unwillingly be asking that she's 'freed' her into a dangerous situation in terms of her long-term mental health and wellbeing.
  9. coolaideonfire

    Hyuksbf's Covers

    These artists need to hit you up to design their stuff for real (if they aren't already ;))
  10. coolaideonfire

    Some Of My Covers

    This is gorgeous! And your Lana Del Rey re-colours are great too.
  11. coolaideonfire

    Is Micheal Jackson guilty?

    I wish there was a love-heart reaction we could use to show empathy and support, because I don't have much to say here, but I hear you and want you to know that.
  12. coolaideonfire

    Is Micheal Jackson guilty?

    In the film, the two guys explain that they didn't realise it was abusive until their adulthood because as children it was presented as "love" and they enjoyed making Michael happy. It felt like a mutual thing that they were a part of as much as Michael. Wade shared in the film that it wasn't until he had a child of his own that he realised how vulnerable he himself was as a child. It's also very common for survivors to have a complicated relationship with their abuser, wanting to keep the secret and protect them, and it can take years to fully process that what happened was wrong because of all this. I'm curious to see if there'll be more allegations following this - a German fan already came out in January to say although he wasn't molested, Michael Jackson was inappropriate towards him in the way he behaved and gifted him a copy a book featuring photographs of naked children: https://mjandboys.wordpress.com/2019/01/27/another-boy-accuses-michael-jackson-of-molestation-2019-michael-jacobshagen/
  13. coolaideonfire

    Is Micheal Jackson guilty?

    I don't disagree, but I don't think Michael's behaviour is something to be championed either, lol - inviting other people's children into his bedroom, to share his bed, night after night is inappropriate no matter what his past might have been. I agree that adult/child relationships can be beneficial though, and from my own experience working with children in the past often times I feel a positive adult role model is what children need the most but these relationships can be formed in more appropriate ways.
  14. coolaideonfire

    Is Micheal Jackson guilty?

    I feel like there are many reasons why Michael would have chosen not to abuse certain people, and I'm happy to believe Macaulay when he says he wasn't abused by Michael (just as I would be happy to believe him if that was to change one day). Just because someone is a predator doesn't mean they'll abuse every child that comes into contact with them so because some people say he wasn't abusive towards them doesn't mean he wasn't abusive towards others. Also, I wonder if having a friendship with certain children was actually beneficial to Michael in the long run - after all Macaulay was a huge star at the time, there was nothing Michael could provide that he didn't already have access to in his position so the typical way Michael groomed children would be ineffective, but having a completely platonic and appropriate friendship with him was good for Michael's defence in the end (as appropriate as an adult man being 'friends' with a child can be, anyway).
  15. coolaideonfire

    Is Micheal Jackson guilty?

    I believe Michael Jackson was guilty myself. I've gone back and forth about this for many years, but hearing James Safechuck talk about his experiences in the documentary sealed the deal for me. He seems incredibly vulnerable and affected by his experiences that it's difficult for me to have any doubt. I believe Wade Robson, too, but it seemed to me that he's further along the healing process and was able to talk about it without as much emotional response as James showed. Generally, I think most people will agree that at best Michael was a wildly inappropriate man without any sense of regular boundaries, and at worst he was a child abuser who used his fame and wealth to prey on children and their families. Either way it doesn't look great.

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