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  1. coolaideonfire

    Some Of My Covers

    That's the best cover for the Let Go B-Side's I've ever seen!
  2. coolaideonfire

    Hilary Duff - Rare and Unreleased

    I'd be interested in Dignity outtakes, and anything extra from Most Wanted - I love "Beat of my Heart" and "Wake Up" so much.
  3. coolaideonfire

    Tomb Raider Appreciation

    Can't wait to play this next week!
  4. coolaideonfire

    Naked Attraction

    I had no idea there were other formats! I only watch the British one too, lol.
  5. coolaideonfire

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Is Geri's "Bling" the same as this? It leaked a long time ago.
  6. coolaideonfire

    Rumored Singers Album Covers

    There was a run of Blackout CDs that came with the booklet flipped so that photo would be the cover, and the original cover was inside, instead. The title was written in the space where the spine is.
  7. coolaideonfire

    American Horror Story: Apocalypse

    I'm excited. I wasn't a huge fan of Coven, but I loved Murder House so the crossover interests me. The promo graphics are creepy as hell with the bright red baby.
  8. coolaideonfire

    Thoughts on other forums

    I love PopJustice and it's probably where I get most of my pop-music news. I imagine the comment about Girls On Fire being offensive to burn victims wasn't supposed to be completely serious. The humour there is over the top most of the time.
  9. coolaideonfire

    Thoughts on other forums

    FOTP was great when it had it's download area, but I don't check it any more. I think they still have it, but it's hidden/restricted somehow, and I'm not sure what you have to do to access it, haha. I've checked ATRL and Church Of Pop before but never stayed. I used to like MSB/Only iPlus which I still check every now and then, and Spill It Now which I never check anymore, but both had a lot of problems some years ago I think and never quite recovered.
  10. coolaideonfire

    List of everything The Veronicas

    I was just looking for the two Hanni & Nanni soundtrack songs because I wasn't aware of them until today, and found this thread... they've had so many songs over the years!
  11. coolaideonfire

    Spice Bus to be back on the road

    You're in luck then! 28th July - 20th August, at the Spice Exhibition at the Business Design Centre in Islington (near Angel tube station). https://www.spicegirls-exhibition.com/ I believe it will be located outside, so you shouldn't need to buy tickets to see the bus, but if you're going to go you may as well go see the exhibition too.
  12. coolaideonfire

    Spice Bus to be back on the road

    I don't think the crowdfund was successful, but the bus (without the inside refurbishment) is going to be in London at the end of the month anyway.
  13. coolaideonfire

    Tomb Raider Appreciation

    I'd like some standalone games next I think, that aren't connected as a trilogy. Just Lara finding out about an artefact and her adventure towards finding it. AND MORE / BETTER PUZZLES! Haha. I've found since Crystal Dynamics took over with TR Legend that the tombs and artefacts Lara is after are so easy to access because the puzzles are quite basic? I'd be here for them bringing back puzzles where you have to search for a key, or missing pieces, to open a door or complete a mechanism.
  14. coolaideonfire

    Tomb Raider Appreciation

    Really looking forward to this!
  15. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    If anything does happen with the five of them it'll be mid-late 2019 at the earliest as Melanie C is touring and releasing a new solo album this year. The rumours of them considering an animated movie are true, apparently, but even that will be years from now since it'll need to be scripted, animated, voiced, etc. There was an article about it a few weeks ago: http://variety.com/2018/film/news/spice-girls-animated-superhero-movie-1202734123/

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