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  1. coolaideonfire

    Zach's Cover Art

    Out of all the ones I've seen using this picture, this is my favourite
  2. coolaideonfire

    Avril Lavigne Head Above Water & Possible Leaks Thread

    Same, it's been so long, if it were to leak I think it would've by now.
  3. coolaideonfire

    Avril Lavigne Head Above Water & Possible Leaks Thread

    The one Avril song I'd love to hear in full is her version of Daydream. I remember back in the day people thought it would be the first single from Under My Skin.
  4. coolaideonfire

    Avril Lavigne Head Above Water & Possible Leaks Thread

    I replaced Dumb Blonde with the solo version 🤭 Nicki's contribution is just so lazy it might as well not be there.
  5. coolaideonfire

    Avril Lavigne Head Above Water & Possible Leaks Thread

    My issue with a lot of the ballads is that they feel very similar to one another and there's a very clear formula Avril and the songwriters have stuck to. I love a good ballad, and expected Head Above Water to be mostly ballads and I was excited for it because some of Avril's best songs have been her ballads, but they all sound the same here... like the melodies, and the way Avril performs the songs, are all very similar? It makes it such a boring listen.
  6. coolaideonfire

    Some Of My Covers

    Very cute! I love that it's using photoshoot from that time, and the styling is on point in terms of font choices.
  7. Good news... she's working on a second album!
  8. I agree with you! I think the science is great, and it should be celebrated that we've come so far, but there needs to limitations around it's use if it ever goes further than research and lab work. For curing / preventing disease it's ok, I think, but to decide a baby's sex, hair colour, eye colour, or whatever else, seems unethical to me.
  9. coolaideonfire

    Who are your favorite members ?

    I don't dislike anyone here ❤️
  10. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    What date were you trying for? Might be worth checking http://spicegirls.twickets.live to see if any second hand tickets come up and setting up an alert so they inform you when new ones are added. It's their appointed partner for resales and will always be face value or less.
  11. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    So the first 6 dates sold out this morning, they added 5 more and those have almost sold out too. I got tickets for Wembley, June 15th!
  12. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    Interviews from this morning BBC Radio 2 Heart FM
  13. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    I think they'll do more if the demand is there. Mel B said they have been quite nervous about it, and the other four weren't sure it'll sell, so that's probably why it's such a limited run right now but I'm sure they'll add more dates in the UK - even if it's just a couple of extra arena dates - and that they'll add dates outside the UK soon.
  14. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    I think they look great too.

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