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  1. Good news... she's working on a second album!
  2. I agree with you! I think the science is great, and it should be celebrated that we've come so far, but there needs to limitations around it's use if it ever goes further than research and lab work. For curing / preventing disease it's ok, I think, but to decide a baby's sex, hair colour, eye colour, or whatever else, seems unethical to me.
  3. coolaideonfire

    Who are your favorite members ?

    I don't dislike anyone here ❤️
  4. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    What date were you trying for? Might be worth checking http://spicegirls.twickets.live to see if any second hand tickets come up and setting up an alert so they inform you when new ones are added. It's their appointed partner for resales and will always be face value or less.
  5. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    So the first 6 dates sold out this morning, they added 5 more and those have almost sold out too. I got tickets for Wembley, June 15th!
  6. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    Interviews from this morning BBC Radio 2 Heart FM
  7. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    I think they'll do more if the demand is there. Mel B said they have been quite nervous about it, and the other four weren't sure it'll sell, so that's probably why it's such a limited run right now but I'm sure they'll add more dates in the UK - even if it's just a couple of extra arena dates - and that they'll add dates outside the UK soon.
  8. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    I think they look great too.
  9. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    I agree, but it seems normal for stadium tours at the moment I'll probably get a cheap seat and enjoy them through binoculars.
  10. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    Spice World Tour 2019 Saturday 1st June - Manchester Etihad Stadium Monday 3rd June - Coventry Ricoh Stadium Thursday 6th June - Sunderland Stadium of Light Saturday 8th June - Edinburgh BT Murrayfield Stadium Monday 10th June - Bristol Ashton Gate Stadium Saturday 15th June - London Wembley Stadium Support from Jess Glynne.
  11. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    Their social media is live - @spicegirls across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Emma said on her radio show this morning that all will be revealed around 3pm (UK time) today!
  12. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    I'd love it if they re-released Spice and Spiceworld - just re-issue the standard albums on vinyl, and re-release them on CD/digital as deluxe editions with the b-sides, unreleased songs and demos with a DVD including the music videos. Both albums are over 20 years old now and deserve some love, and it's a good way of prolonging the legacy without damaging it. But, I think the most we can expect are a few UK shows.
  13. coolaideonfire

    Spice Girls

    Geri, Mel C, Mel B and Emma are going to be interviewed on the Jonathan Ross Show next Saturday, 10th November in the UK. Looks like the long awaited 4-piece reunion will happen with rumours of an announcement coming Monday.
  14. coolaideonfire

    Hilary Duff - Rare and Unreleased

    You've heard Twisted? Can you describe it? Is it the same as Heidi Montag's song like some people were guessing earlier?

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