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  1. Agree with your thoughts that this picture works incredibly well. It really suits the mood of the album!
  2. Something like that definitely matches the album better. The official artwork makes it seem like it'll be a very happy/positive album.
  3. Melanie C - Into You (Acoustic) Melanie also makes an appearance in this video for Celeste's single Love Is Back
  4. I think it'll be the seventh, as she uploaded one song twice. 😂 If I remember right, she mentioned at the start that she had 13 episodes ready. I don't imagine that total included the Thank You and Christmas Kiss ones which were filmed more recently than everything else seems to have been. I really hope she follows this with an album - the final episode could be music themed, showing her in the studio, with the songs released afterwards.
  5. Yeah, I agree! Some of the lighting and angles aren't flattering at all, but I like the video generally speaking. Here's the next episode of Geri's Rainbow Woman.
  6. New music video from Mel C "Into You" is available on the deluxe edition of her new album, and was released to streaming a couple weeks ago on its own.
  7. Another one of Geri's "lyric videos" for Hallelujah (again 😂)
  8. Awesome choices! Aside from Machinee, I love Say Something, She's My Religion, and Who I Am.
  9. Lana - Life Is Beautiful because we'd been waiting so long.
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