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  1. I think it'll be the seventh, as she uploaded one song twice. 😂 If I remember right, she mentioned at the start that she had 13 episodes ready. I don't imagine that total included the Thank You and Christmas Kiss ones which were filmed more recently than everything else seems to have been. I really hope she follows this with an album - the final episode could be music themed, showing her in the studio, with the songs released afterwards.
  2. Yeah, I agree! Some of the lighting and angles aren't flattering at all, but I like the video generally speaking. Here's the next episode of Geri's Rainbow Woman.
  3. New music video from Mel C "Into You" is available on the deluxe edition of her new album, and was released to streaming a couple weeks ago on its own.
  4. Another one of Geri's "lyric videos" for Hallelujah (again 😂)
  5. Awesome choices! Aside from Machinee, I love Say Something, She's My Religion, and Who I Am.
  6. Lana - Life Is Beautiful because we'd been waiting so long.
  7. Episode 6 of Geri's YouTube series, and "Love & Light". Definitely one of my favourite songs from her leaked album.
  8. It's my favourite of the lot so far, I think. She seems very warm, and like a great mother
  9. Next episode and song coming today The track is "Hallelujah", which I think is probably the same song Ryan Louder (producer) made available on his website a while ago.
  10. I'd given up on ever seeing decent artwork for Thankful. Kelly should call you up for the re-release in 2023!
  11. Yeah I agree, it's very messy! I feel like they saw her views take a nose dive after Episode 2, and are trying to figure out what scheduling works best. They've even changed the times of the uploads too - when the series was announced they were meant to be available from 12pm on Sundays, now it has changed to 2pm for some reason.
  12. Episode 4 - Grrr Power And, "Rainbow Woman" lyric video (with talking all over it, of course )
  13. I think it's a great direction for her musically, although I know some fans aren't that happy about it. When you think back to her three albums she always had a lot of ballad-style songs among the uptempos so it's not too surprising to me that as she gets older she would prefer this. She's always been a fantastic writer and that's where her music shines anyway.
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