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  1. Some Of My Covers

    Do you have this without the sticker? It's so good! Her team is so lazy using this picture for all the singles and then the EP, it's like they only had two photos to choose from, and it was a horrible decision having her name twice on the final cover.
  2. Spice Girls

    Victoria was on the Late Late Show with James Corden, he asked if she'd do carpool karaoke with the Spice Girls and she said yes. It'd be great to see that.
  3. Made Up Album Thread

    Ella should come in here and steal those cover arts for whenever her next album comes out So good!
  4. Will your fave be relevant in 20 years?

    I think Britney's career will slow down, and she'll probably make a conscious decision to retire from the spotlight in the coming years, though not necessarily from her career entirely. I think her music and contributions to pop culture will live on beyond the next 20 years and she'll be remembered for her impact on pop music. We may see the odd album or other creative project along the way but nothing quite like what we've seen from her in the past. Lana will be relevant in certain circles for as long as she likes, she's very prolific in terms of her output, and it seems she'll continue making music long after the general public are bored of her. It seems to be very much in her nature and I don't see that stopping.
  5. Most Iconic FLOP albums

    Heidi Montag - Superficial The best pop album post-Blackout. I'm only half joking.
  6. Made Up Album Thread

    Just made a playlist with your Little White Lies tracklisting, it works so well! It would have been such a fantastic album. Since the forum won't let you upload the original image, would you upload the HQ blue cover to an image host like imgur.com so I can use it in my iTunes?
  7. The begging thread (please leak....)

    I imagine those will leak eventually, when people get their Kickstarter rewards.
  8. I think cover albums are probably easier and cheaper to put together. I'm not sure what the tracklistings are, but if the songs weren't popular in Australia at the time they were first released, they'll mostly be "new" to the general public too.
  9. What Scrapped track Are You Still Dying To Hear?

    Avril Lavigne - Daydream We have clips, but I'd love to hear her version in full. I believe it was being considered as the first single from Under My Skin at one point.
  10. Tomb Raider Appreciation

    Looks like Mayan mythology again, yaasss.
  11. Best Selling Female Albums of All Time (United States)

    Jagged Little Pill and Baby One More Time are the ones for me.
  12. In memory of.. those scrapped albums

    I'm so interested in the Different Kind Of Country era. I love all the leaks from West Cost Time and Everything Comes And Goes, but it seems Different Kind Of Country gets overshadowed by them.
  13. Whats your favourite type of genre of music?

    Pop and electronic.
  14. *Official Tea thread

    Yas I need the Sugababes tea.
  15. The BRITs Awards 2018

    I thought this year was so dull, haha. And I didn't like Jack Whitehall as a host. My favourite performances were Dua Lipa and Stormzy.

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