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  1. They have extended intros and outros. They lead into each other for story purposes
  2. Not so much a "made up" album but a huge rerelease. Pretty much have the resurgence of all the Cry Baby outtakes and the sudden popularity of songs like Training Wheels and Play Date and also owing to the pandemic cutting the K-12 Era short it would be ideal to re-release Cry Baby. Not only would the album feature all new songs in place of existing ones it would also feature an alternative story for the character of Cry Baby herself. With the story starting off more or less the same but diverging towards the middle with the replaced songs serving as almost alternative retellings of the ev
  3. So I made two versions of this. One for the "We Could Be Lovers" Joanne Outtake version thats hasn't leaked and the "Lovers" The Cure/ASIB writing sessions version that did leak. https://ibb.co/5ndJn9K https://ibb.co/gwWmp9j
  4. So the design of the Kesha one isn't of my own idea I saw a similar cover but remake it in better quality with a different "High Road" font
  5. Honestly didn't do much here but I just didn't care for the regular cover. Something about her face just looks off to me.
  6. Yeah the text color was bothering me i have like 5 different version with different color texts. The purple and green color thing was kinda inspired by Tales from The Crypt.
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