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  1. Hey everyone! Does anybody have a DL for Icona Pop's 2012 self-titled album? I can't find it anywhere... m4a/mp3 preferred but anything helps! I'm also looking for the bonus tracks - Heads Up & Rocket Science
  2. wow the hard work the OP put into this thread so much info, I will definitely come back to this thread whenever I organize her leaks
  3. for released content - just use Apple Music or Spotify, the monthly fee really isn't that much plus it saves you so much space on your PC to stream through the cloud, and you save time by instantly having access to all new releases rather than manually finding links for unreleased content - PHF's, dbree, lanaboards, ATRL, sharemania.us - I keep up with these sites to look out for latest leaks, usually links are provided
  4. sadly no, I just remembering reading it on a forum somewhere when the album was coming out
  5. it's never coming out sadly, been scrapped since 2015
  6. I wanted this album SO badly, I loved her EP. Call It Whatever was confirmed as the title, and according to Hollywood Records the album went in the following order (source) Tracklist 1. Call It Whatever 2. Paperweight 3. One More Night 4. Drop the Beat (3:31) 5. Boomerang (2:56) 6. Down Like That (feat. Jacob Lattimore) [3:00] 7. Boyfriend Matieral 8. Bad Case of U 9. Break Into My Heart (3:23] 10. Daydream (3:02) 11. Jersey Deluxe Tracks 12. X-Ray Spex (2:55) 13. Soopa Gloo (3:10) She rec
  7. she posted this, interesting... now we have an artwork to use for Dirty Blonde (I'm guessing these photos were taken for the 2018 version of the EP w/ Say That Again & Scandalous since the photographer shot the single cover for the former)
  8. do we have any snippets of just a vibe or drip bitch? I never heard of those titles
  9. Madame X Working Tracklist Killers Extreme Occident Dark Ballet I Don't Search I Find God Control Batuka Funana Medellin Future I Rise Crazy Faz Gostoso Loca Back That Up Come Alive
  10. the new songs are so good, I'm looking forward to the EP also does anyone have a DL link for Side FX? I've seen people say it leaked but I can't find it anywhere, someone help pls
  11. I love the Zendaya one, shame her album never came out
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