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  1. RadiantEdits

    Scrapped Tracklists

    I updated it
  2. RadiantEdits

    Scrapped Tracklists

    ANTI Working Tracklist
  3. RadiantEdits

    Unreleased songs that we need them to leak (2019)

    do we have any snippets of just a vibe or drip bitch? I never heard of those titles
  4. RadiantEdits

    Scrapped Tracklists

    Madame X Working Tracklist Killers Extreme Occident Dark Ballet I Don't Search I Find God Control Batuka Funana Medellin Future I Rise Crazy Faz Gostoso Loca Back That Up Come Alive
  5. RadiantEdits

    Jessie Malakouti / Jessie and the Toy Boys / Eden xo

    the new songs are so good, I'm looking forward to the EP also does anyone have a DL link for Side FX? I've seen people say it leaked but I can't find it anywhere, someone help pls
  6. RadiantEdits

    Made Up Album Thread

    I love the Zendaya one, shame her album never came out
  7. RadiantEdits

    Some Of My Covers

    can you pls re-up this link? đŸ˜­
  8. RadiantEdits

    Scream Queens

    I miss this show It had so much potential. Why they didn't do Summer Camp for Season 2 is beyond me, S2 was trash.
  9. RadiantEdits

    Are You Gay?

    no gross
  10. RadiantEdits

    Albums coming in 2018

    how much u wanna bet 90% of these albums won't be out by the end of 2018
  11. RadiantEdits

    Scrapped Tracklists

    a Khia collab also DJWS confirmed he produced Sire, So I'm calling this bullshit
  12. RadiantEdits

    How Can PHF Be Improved?

    National Leak Day since there are some hoarders, one randomly selected day a year everyone could leak at least one song on their trade lists
  13. RadiantEdits

    Made Up Album Thread

    double post
  14. RadiantEdits

    Made Up Album Thread

    this is amazing, sounds more interesting than his actual albums
  15. RadiantEdits

    Kerli - Utopia (naecos' booklet)

    so gorgeous and official looking! Great job

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