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  2. Degenerate

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    Oh Hey, I'm still alive xx
  3. Degenerate

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

  4. Degenerate

    Lana Del Rey Uses Witchcraft to Destroy Donald Trump

    She better do one to ensure her album doesn't flop ..
  5. Degenerate

    Lana 'YAIL' posters spotted

    Probs the end of this month
  6. Degenerate

    RuPaul's Drag Race | AS3

    Wig flew, I'm so ready for this season they all look beat asf
  7. Degenerate

    Ultraviolence - Acoustic

    Wig flew
  8. Hey gorls here are the edit's of the current unleaked songs, Miss Hakan scammed me so have fun xox Yes To Heaven - http://picosong.com/dem7/ Be My Daddy - http://picosong.com/deJB/ Fine China - http://picosong.com/deSs/ Every Man Gets His Wish (Version 2) - http://picosong.com/deSq/ BBM Baby (Version 2) - http://picosong.com/deS5/ THESE ARE EDITS!
  9. Degenerate

    Lana Del Rey's Unleaked Songs

    It's fake, It's made from stems and other vocal takes
  10. Degenerate

    Lana Del Rey's Unleaked Songs

    Oh that's a snippet from a song called "Hundred Dollar Bill" at 2:25
  11. Degenerate

    Lana Del Rey's Unleaked Songs

    There is a Demo called "Ruby" Not Ruby Tuesday, We still are not sure what "Ruby Tuesday" is
  12. Degenerate

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

  13. Tickets too see PATD! in London then the next day VIP tickets too meet and see Melanie Martinez 🙌

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      That's awesome! :hail: You better post your pic with Melanie here when you get it!

  14. Degenerate

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    My ugly mug says Hi xox
  15. Degenerate

    Social Media Thread

    I feel personal attacked and no longer safe in this environment, gorl I'm always on skype

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