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  1. Last week
  2. We also aren't getting 'Hurt' from Porcelain Black this month as promised last year, and months before really. She replied to a comment on her insta saying 'no. I’m livid. Hit up “Rockman” he delayed my entire project and fucked me over.'

    Someone get their hands on it and share plz.

    1. Countess


      Wow! Someone who for her whole career has been a messy bitch is still a messy bitch in 2018! I'm so shocked! :hottie: 

    2. Moonchild


      I was completely done with Porcelain Black since 2016, when I knew she would do nothing with her music. She supposedly was doing it "independently" but definitely she did nothing. She also opened something in PayPal, like for donations and shit. Maybe she wanted to obtain a damn million from donations, so she gave it up. And that shit of "Hurt", nor is it that good, nor is coming anytime. I'm done with her. Shit. I think she could learn to do something nice with FL studio to begin (fuck, I think I'm not terrible at doing things there) and then trying to get something out of there by her own, with no extra producers. But since she seems to be no humble at all, well, there are the results. Her 2 fans must be now done with her.

  3. Got this email.



    Dear Kerli Fans,

    We are reaching out to connect with you as Kerli’s brand new management team. Kerli herself will also reach out soon to connect on a more personal note. 

    All of us, from time to time, meet situations that challenge us deeply, ones that we need to muster all that is within us to overcome. The last 2 years have been such a period in Kerli’s life, both on a personal as well as a professional front. This period made completing her first independent album, one which you are all an important part of, a testing experience. 

    Although Kerli is a firm believer of taking full responsibility for any matter in her career, we as her new team are here to tell you that the industry related challenges that faced this incredible artist, had unfortunately not been met with a supportive or precise team in the past few years. Kerli as an artist, had to take on most of the tasks alone, where an entire team of experts were necessary to carry out such duties.

    Creatively, Kerli is a perfectionist, and although she has enough music to release a full length album, she refuses to deliver to her fans, whom she values at the highest level of respect and admiration, anything less than the highest of her achievement ability. Our primary goal is to help Kerli get an incredible album across the finish line. Our next update will be posted when a correctly gauged finish line is visible. 

    We appreciate your patience and are excited to fulfil not only the final piece of her pledge campaign, but to fulfill your desires to hear a truly inspiring collection of music, straight from Kerli’s heart.


    -Kerli’s Management 

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    2. eyb0ss


      It'll be 10 years this July, since her one and only full length album. One official EP since then too to beat it all.


      I've kinda stopped following what she does, finally. Only saw this email and thought how predictable.

    3. camilacabello


      That's sad, hope she comes thru for her fans still that have been waiting for ages.

    4. Moonchild


      I think I will wait a little more. Maybe one year maximum. I mean, I (still) haven't got bored of her. Anyways, I think I like her music too much to give up by now, or maybe I'm just a sort of newbie with her music, so... I'll try to stick up for her. I hope she don't get like Porcelain Black, I honestly hate her now, and not precisely because of her lack of music, but for her lack of humility.

  4. Can someone please tell me where this is from or provide me with a link or something???

    tumblr_otrpzotSn41rdizqpo1_500 (1).gif


  5. hello, what @BlackoutZone did post and then delete it?? can you plz give me a link.


    1. Countess
    2. Tweener


      OH STOP IT! Just give him the damn link!

      Here you go baby. Enjoy :)


  6. I thought it would be nice to say hello to my dear lil' pophateflopers

  7. That moment when the only Valentine's Day card you receive is the newsletter you wrote yourself and sent out... :cackle::yeah:

  8. R.I.P this profile

    1. Countess


      I'm sure she's still around here on a random account stalking us... :cackle: Her attention seeking ass could never leave PHF for long!

    2. Choker
  9. What kind of bop is this! :hail: 

    1. jaycoolguy


      i found this ages ago and no one listened to me !

    2. BlackoutZone


      Totally amazing, I'm bopping lately

    3. Countess


      @jaycoolguy You should sue them! :ban: 

  10. hello @BlackoutZone do you unreleased (New) britney spears. if you have do you blackout and in the zone ones

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    2. MelaniesPlayground


      Or we just not leak :hottie: Beg another day

    3. BlackoutZone


      I don't have any songs :fishie: Only demos :yaskween:

    4. Kesha


      Can you me and you and me and you :bop:

  11. Earlier
  12. Reminder that you're all gay and are going to burn in hell, bisexuals, asexuals, spermisexuals etc included 

  13. ionnalee just funded her first World Tour in just 5 days. I'm just saying guys. Sometimes, you don't need a big label. Just to be talented!


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    2. jlnsgr


      Kerli is nowhere to be found (so is her album and fanbase) :mo: 

    3. Feral Heart

      Feral Heart

      honestly kerli is so much more well-known than jonna i'm surprised jonna has this whole campaign going with comme des garcons and shit :yaskween: proud stan

    4. Countess


      And Gaga with her multi-billion dollar label behind her still can't get through one world tour... :cackle:

  14. Still I wonder when Should I?


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    2. jlnsgr


      She better survive this year. Can't wait for a proper new album!

    3. Countess


      I don't know why they're calling it a lyric video when only half of the words actually come on screen... :cackle: It's kinda repetitive imo but I do like the looks she's serving.

    4. Reflecting


      On 2/5/2018 at 3:14 AM, Countess said:

      I don't know why they're calling it a lyric video when only half of the words actually come on screen... :cackle: It's kinda repetitive imo but I do like the looks she's serving.


  16. a SONG



    1. Countess


      It reminds me of a darker version of 'Run Away With Me'... :cackle: I actually like it though!

    2. choke


      Yaaaas stan the lesbo Paramore :cackle: we love our LGBTQIDKDBSUIWBSJSIH icons

  17. A true queen! :hail: Beyoncé could never!


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    2. Countess


      @jlnsgr WHAT? :tanya::tanya::tanya: How have you never heard of this absolute icon? She has one of the best albums of all time!



    3. victorxcx


      She is looking beautiful :yaskween: dead @ her tits, they look amazing as well :cackle:

    4. Countess


      @victorxcx Right? :hail: Pregnancy did even better for her than her five boob jobs!


    Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 22.56.26 1.png

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    2. jlnsgr


      @Countess it's a mistake for Work Bitch. It's actually 4 stars out of 5

    3. Countess


      @jlnsgr Good. ;) Although I still don't appreciate you paying 'NTIFY' dust while stanning 'Shit Shit Boom'. :ban: 

    4. MelaniesPlayground


      I think you got it wrong ;) The real ratings look like this:

      1. Alien :magic::magic::magic::magic::magic:

      2. Work,Work :magic::magic::magic::magic::magic:

      3. Perfume :magic::magic::magic::magic::magic:

      4. It Should Be Easy (feat. will.i.am) :magic::magic::magic::magic::magic:

      5. Tik Tik Boom (feat. T.I) :magic::magic::magic::magic::magic:

      6. Body Ache :magic::magic::magic::magic::magic:

      7. Til It's Gone :magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic:

      8.  Passenger :magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic:

      9. Chillin' :magic:

      10. Don't Cry ?? what's this song

      11. Brightest Morning Star :magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic::magic:

      12. Hold On Tight :magic::magic::magic::magic::magic:

      13. Now That I Found You :magic::magic::magic::magic::magic:

  19. Obsessed.

    Also sad that Rose has threw together an album (most songs sound shit tbh but Green Gold has RM486's piano version) before Kerli has even announced when hers is dropping smh.


    1. Countess


      You better get that rape accusation promo Rose! :yaskween: 

  20. State of our music industry: four women who have written empowering music about overcoming issues such as sexual assault lost to a man singing generic lyrics about loving a woman for her body. #GrammysSoMale

    Edited by Bryan
    1. Plastic Heart

      Plastic Heart

      Honestly, I'm not surprised. He didn't even show up to the Grammys either.

    2. Countess


      Write an article about this for us to post please. :phone: 

    3. Bryan


      @Countess I love you but I have papers to write for college. :P 

  21. Tears are rolling down my face...

  22. Sorry, you have not made enough posts to view that content. on every single page :))))))))

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    2. MelaniesPlayground



    3. Countess



    4. Kreayshawns Missing Kitty

      Kreayshawns Missing Kitty


  23. Why have I listened to this song fifty times in the past week? :stretcher: 

    Don't judge me PHFamily!

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