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  4. If y'all need a good laugh, click on this tweet and read through the replies. I'm choking on my coffee rn... :cackle:


  5. I was watching the California Girls mv and my dad called me a fag. I told him it seems gay he'd prefer to watch HGTV than hot women in skimpy clothes. He grounded me. :cackle:

    1. Countess


      :cackle: Straight guys are so fucking stupid. You should blast 'Ur So Gay' through the house as well. :yaskween: 

  6. Me trying to get into this new Bebe Rexha album...


  7. This is what I want my funeral to look like! :hail: 



    1. liberation


      Omg how iconic... I have a friend who already demanded that when he dies he wants all his friends to perform 'Spice Up Your Life' in his funeral :cackle: 

    2. Countess


      @victorxcx :cackle: How iconic! I would request that too, but I don't have five friends to make up the entire group... :stretcher: All I could have was Geri solo performances. :fishie:

  8. Not fair! Bought tickets to see Mariah in Blackpool and now she announces 3 dates for xmas in the UK. Ahhhhhhh! Cruel world!

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    2. mceyedol


      I saw the Christmas concert last year in London. That's when I did Meet & Greet ;)


    3. Countess


      @mceyedol I remember that! The Skinny Chanteuse looks amazing. :hail: I'm sure she'd be worth seeing again!

    4. Tweener


      Screw it! See her thrice!

  9. Happy pride month, faggots!


  10. Has anyone watched Call Me By Your Name? I just finished and now I'm a mess... :fishie: 

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    2. CharliXCX


      I did and I hated how they chose to end it it broke my heart 😞

    3. Countess


      @BlackoutZone I never dragged Lana sis, get your facts straight! :wink:

      @SkullPop Oh fair enough, that makes sense I guess. ;) I honestly had really low expectations because I generally hate "gay" themed movies, but this one really hit me hard for some reason. :'( I'll check out those ones you mentioned though!

      @CharliXCX I knooow! :fishie: The ending was so heartbreaking but perfect at the same time. Allegedly they have a sequel coming out though so we might not have heard the end of them yet. ;)

    4. CharliXCX


      I sure hope there's a sequal 

  11. Me everytime Halsey is mentioned on this forum:


    1. nanapop99



  12. Happy Birthday!
    I hope you have an amazing day as always <3 

    1. Eclipse


      Thank you so much :bop:

  13. Empty your DMs pls! 🙏

  14. Does anyone have suggestions for new gif emojis we can add? :orly: I feel these ones are getting a little stale... :yeah: 

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    2. liberation


      I feel like we're missing at least one Gretchen gif here tbh..........

    3. Countess


      @victorxcx Which one is your favourite from her? ;) 

    4. Dasher


       Add a Camila one :D 

  15. Imagine having enough time in your day to do this... :cackle: 

    Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 3.32.56 PM.png

    1. jaycoolguy
    2. Tweener


      Appreciate people who are worth it <3  Also 3 minutes is not that much time :sassy: 

  16. Happy Birthday, gorgeous! <3

  17. I hated this song at first but now I can't get this out of my head :yaskween:


  18. my heart is a blame

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