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  1. Last week
  2. Are u ready to fucking die cunts?


    1. Capsule


      i've been ready to die since i was born

    2. Reflecting
    3. Countess


      Terror Jr. out here slaying all these hos! :yaskween: 

  3. I ate you all more than I usually do. No one wished me a happy birthday.

    You don’t deserve me! Byyyyyyyye *dramatic music*

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    2. jlnsgr


      Happy Late Birthday @Capsule!

      Nice try Queen, nice try. You won't divide us!

    3. Capsule


      Happy late birthday to you, as well! What an evil mother trying to pit her children against each other. We will not stand for this! We are standing up to your mind games mommy!!!!

    4. Countess



      @jlnsgr, call me a queen as much as you want but if @Capsule calls me a mother ever again I'll cry. :tanya: I'm not old enough to be a mother yet!

  4. Earlier
  5. Has anyone gone to see Blade Runner 2049 yet? I just got back from seeing it then and I'm totally obsessed, it was brilliant from start to finish!

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    2. Whoknowsmehere


      I can step out my front door and look to the left and to the right and get a spectacular view of some of the most beautiful mountains over looking the water.  I can understand your appreciation for the view.  But I just was not fulfilled entertainment wise by the whole plot of the movie to be honest.  And to be honest, for me, the ending was so anti-climatic.  I am sure they did that on purpose in order to leave the door open to another movie.  Being a very big fan of the Blade Runner movies, it pains me to have to say that I did not care of this one. 


      I am glad you enjoyed the movie. 

    3. drewbby


      I thought the movie was absolutely brilliant! The score alone left me in shambles. 

    4. Countess


      @Whoknowsmehere You're lucky you live near such a good view! I live close to a big city so sadly there's nothing too beautiful around here. ;)

      @drewbby The score was brilliant, especially those jarring percussion moments they had during the action scenes! My favourite use of music definitely had to be that scene in the casino with the Elvis song playing though, that was so climactic and suspenseful to watch.

  6. hope everyone's having a good day today <3 

    1. Countess


      Sending all my love your way Ari! <3


  7. Happy birthday my darling! <3 I hope you have an amazing day and a great pity party for your special day. ;) Love you!

    1. Kyonxharuhi2


      It was pretty good thank you so much ❤️ I love you and this website so much ugh 

  8. tfw you feel kinda cute for the first time in months



    1. Countess


      Rocking up to my Tinder hookup like: tenor.gif

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  12. DKQEI97XoAALpSL.jpg


  13. Happy late birthday my darling! <3 Hope you had a great day filled with all of the Mariah you need and deserve! <3


    1. mceyedol


      Thank you I did.... i was spoilt rotten :)

    2. Countess


      I'm glad to hear it, I know you deserve all the finest things hun. ;) 

  14. Happy birthday!

    Hope you have a great day today :) 

    1. Countess


      Thank you baby! :yaskween: It's been so nice to get to know you over the past few months, I hope you're enjoying PHF! <3 

    2. Ari


      Bless you and thank you!
      I definitely am more and more every second <3 

    3. Countess


      @dangerousmixers I'm so glad to hear it! <3 Let me know if I can do anything to help!

  15. Happy Birthday, mo. Kisses. x

    1. Countess


      You better gimme some Kylie Cosmetics kisses boo! :yaskween: Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  16. Happy Birthday, Mo! 

  17. Quote

    Happy birthday. Hope you'll be gifted some scrumptious dick! :D


    1. Countess


      Why is it in a quote though? :stretcher: Is this a birthday message I sent to you one year? :shocked:

      I love ya boo, thank you for the kind words! <3

    2. Kim Craig

      Kim Craig

      I wrote it on your wall so I'm not sure what happene there. :shocked:

    3. Countess


      @Kim Craig Me neither. :stretcher: Let me know if you find some scrumptious dick for me tho! ;) 

  18. Happy birthday Mama Mo <3

    1. Countess


      If I'm the mummy then you must be the daddy. ;) Thanks for the love, papi! <3


    1. Countess


      You're a day too late, peasant! :hottie:

      Just kidding, thanks so much for the birthday wishes booboo! <3 Love you!

  20. OMG HAPPY BIRTHHDAAAY, im new here but WUATB <3  this is such an amazing forum, im so glad to be a part of it

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    2. hounderawr


      What does WUATB (I did google nothing came up!)

    3. hounderawr


      Nvm, I figured it out. I dunno how to delete posts on these.


    4. Countess


      @hounderawr It took me a while as well... :cackle: Good thing we got there eventually!

  21.  happy birthday to the best admin of all the times ..your an amazing person boo i love you as much i love your forum ..and i will forever be on Phf  whatever :yeah: 

    1. Countess


      I love you so much Speedy. :yaskween: Thank you for always being so kind to me and my flop forum, I'll cherish you forever!


  22. NC-GTW from mceyedol on Vimeo.

    This sounds... EPIC!!!

  23. I'm finally back! Moved home 2 months ago and only just got the broadband up and running! Yay! What have I missed music/leaks wise? Anything amazing of note? MC xx

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    2. jaycoolguy
    3. Tweener


      Welcome back, baby😘

    4. lightyears


      Yaaas i'm so excited for Nadine's, hopefully things will work for her this time :yaskween: Also, buy Hair Down by Mollie King on iTunes :yaskween: 

  24. Aid Moubarak to All the muslim gays and whores ..

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    2. SpeedofGays


      9 hours ago, Countess said:

      Who's Aid Moubarak? :orly: 


    3. Hawks
    4. SpeedofGays


      3 hours ago, Hawks said:



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