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  1. Yesterday
  2. Kerli's book comes out the 29th.


  3. Why do we keep on making trash bag humans famous? When I look at the charts, I just don’t get how some of them are selling when they have no talent and a shitty personality. Someone explain to me!

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    2. jlnsgr


      @Tweener because she is talented, put a lot of efforts and thoughts in her visuals and lyrics?

      Unlike artists like 6ix9ine, just to mention one.

      PS: For once, I wasn't talking about Mariah Carey. I don't like her music and I find her lazy when it comes to performing live BUT she has a voice and some catchy songs.

    3. Tweener


      Nice psychological move, baby😍 I'm proud.

      But Melanie Martinez is not talented. She can't pronounce simple words, sings everything on one note and her "higher" notes are super forced and under the note that it hurts to listen. The only thing she has is an image which some deaf gays bought. It's not talent cause if it was, everyone could be talented... just like 6ix9ine💁🏻‍♂️

    4. SkullPop


      I’m sorry @Tweener but Melanie is talented. From what I’ve seen people use Melanie’s voice & image to denounce her talent. Yet, she can write. While her voice is not the strongest her lyrics are enough to back her up. While some may find her image cringe. Songs like Haunted & Bombs On Monday clearly show that the bitch can write. Plus, while the good sis @jlnsgr gave examples (visuals & lyrics) you just didn’t take them into consideration. Her visuals might not be the best either, but she has a vision & she sticks to it. Something not many artists can say they do as they’re flip floppy as hell. She definitely is more talented than most of what is on the charts. I at least thought in the rap takeover we’d have better rap 💀. The only thing that sucks right now is your comeback sis. I would’ve expected better from you. :mo:

  4. We stan a woke black queen! :hail:THIS IS THE 90S!



  5. Earlier
  6. as I cough out fire
    you're lighting up
    and you burn me with every maybe
    and I cut the chords and I break the locks
    but I’m powerless in your slavery

    and I curse this hell 
    and I hate your guts
    and I swear I will pay for this craving never again


    1. Savages
    2. Moonchild


      This sounds awesome. I think Kerli is pointing towards a very different sound, something we've never heard from her. I'm so here for it!

  7. If she keeps doing posting daily and the cover is 3 x 3, we'll have the full photo45858721_10157132217764415_4127602062676459520_n.jpg next Friday.

  8. No really, Kerli is coming y'all.





  9. She's coming.



    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      If this had happened three years ago I would have been hype, but as it is it's just JoJo - Too Little Too Late.mp3. :bye:

    2. Moonchild


      YAAAAS. I hope she comes through with a new single before the year ends, and that her album comes in Q1 from 2019.

  10. I feel that I might be alive

    Until Sunrise

  11. There are people who complaim that the chatbox is dead and if you just look for help you will be banned immediately. No wonder the chatbox is dead everytime.




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  12. Sometimes I forget that it is okay not to be okay. We need to address that before we can move on with our life. 

    1. SkullPop


      We love facts!!! If you ever need a shoulder sis I’m here for ya 💗💗

  13. ban this newbies challenge

  14. I love you all. So, someone send me a Kerli song plz. 😂😂😂😂 i'll beg

    1. Alejandro ZM
    2. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      @eyb0ss Gurl, I expect begging from all the new members but to hear it from you is embarassing. You can do better. :bye:

  15. Did anyone try the mono.? I thought the mono. was lovely.


    1. Billian Janks

      Billian Janks

      meeeeeeeeee, love that track produced by honne

  16. I'm just looking for an angel with a broken wing...

  17. They say i’m Broken but diamonds are hard to crack. I’ll dance pon it, on that body boy.

  18. The real Titanic scene in 1999 Music Video :cackle:


  19. Message me.

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    2. Hunter


      A song from 2013

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    3. Speedy



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    4. Speedy



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  20. Leak Carribean Love legend.

    1. XCX WORLD


      you are the reason of cancer

  21. Goodnight to everyone except Melanie rats. You can choke 

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Good morning to everyone except Ratsey. I hope you died in your sleep.

  22. Why did you change your name? :stretcher: I legit thought you were a new member and was so ready to start disliking all your posts... :shocked:

    1. Jericho


      I can’t find a good name to settle on, send help, or assistance. 

    2. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      @lukehub Why not Skinny Legend #2? Or Mo's #1 Fan? Or hell, even just #BuyAStarIsBornOniTunes? :orly: 

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