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  2. Truly nothing but bops


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  4. who is this bitch @All the Time and why are you downvoting all of my posts?


  5. You are the best, keep going

  6. You do anal ? Im interested

  7. Last week
  8. THIS JUST IN: Palo Santo by Years and Years is my all time favourite album


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  10. try to steal melanie next time thank you

  11. Have you watched the new BlackMirror? What’d you think of Ashley O’s songs?

    1. Tweener


      I loved Miley's performance in the series. She has improved as an artist and as an actress. I am so proud of her! :) 

    2. hounderawr


      I want the songs from the episode.

  12. Happy Aid for us  all the muslims around the world 💕

  13. .

    1. Tweener


      Do you have an attack, Tyty? Should I call ambulance?

  14. Happy birthday! The real PHF OG!😍❤️

    1. Speedy


      thank you baby 💕

  15. It's my birthday :bye:

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    2. Music Xclusive

      Music Xclusive

      Happy birthday 🎂 🎉🎈

    3. Honeymoon


      Happy birthday cutie

    4. Speedy


      thank you babies 💕

  16. Does anyone think global warming is a good thing? I love Lady Gaga.  I think she's a really interesting artist.

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      If you know, you know... :cackle: 

  17. @Tweener the little shit thinks I have no boyfriend 🤣😂 can you be my virtual boyfriend? Promise I won't tell James

    1. Tweener


      which little shit? expose ha <3 

    2. jlnsgr


      The exact same one that has been a pain in the ass the past few days

    3. Tweener


      Well, boy just be my lollipop. Lemme Lemme lick you up. <3 

      miley cyrus wink GIF

  18. Ignorance is your new best friend

  19. I just wanna know...Who are we trynna fool with this account? :cackle: 

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    2. Rich Girl

      Rich Girl

      I don’t.... who do you think I am?

    3. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Till We're Everyone Emerged, Naught Ere Risked

    4. Rich Girl

      Rich Girl

      Wtf. No those aren’t me. 

  20. Did anyone manage to rip the Savages video? 

  21. This is one of my all-time favourite songs. <3 Amy's voice is angelic, and I love the bittersweet mixture of the sad lyrics and the happy, boppy melody. Plus, Trisha Paytas is in the video! :hail: How could it get better?

  22. Imma just leave this here...


    1. Whoknowsmehere


      Well Miss misfittttt.  You are prettier than a lot of the "Basic pretty straight girls" I have seen running around.  Keep being who you are, and don't worry about them. 


      That's what I would say to Kim Petras if I could.

  23. As much as I hate my life at the moment I'm thankful for the boy I got to spend my life with. Take care of your loved ones 

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    2. Tweener


      Everything will be okay baby. You are amazing. And your boy is too. Wish you both all the best ❤️

    3. jlnsgr


      @Skinny Legend definitely get, even though I just had to let him go home again and won't see him until May. Can't wait to move in with him. That will be the highlight of my year

    4. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      @jlnsgr Awww, I'm so glad. <3 You don't have long to wait! May will come around so quickly!

  24. Congrats to Gaga for her first #1 single since 'Born This Way'! :yaskween: I can't believe that Bradley Cooper has a #1 single before Nicki Minaj does! :cackle: 

  25. ily all❤️

    Sorry for lack of replies and the like, my computer's power supply died 2 weeks ago and I barely have a chance to get on the net due to it. It'll be fixed soon tho! Also happy Kerli album release day! (Feels weird to say that tbh) Fave is mimicry, and everybody bleeds/where the dark things are currently tied for my second fave.

    Side note out of boredum I started playing FFXIV on my PS4 and need friends. XO


    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      I used to play FFXIV myself but I haven't played in aaages! I do wanna get back into it so once you've finished the main plot let me know and we can play through the expansion pack together. :wink: Have fun!

  26. Hi! I tried to reach you on PM, but it says that you cannot receive messages.

    I'd like to talk about some trade stuffs 

  27. Ariana lowkey snapped with thank u, next :bop:

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