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  3. And it’s probably my favorite. πŸ˜‚ But this is what makes Gaga albums great imo cause no one ever has the same favorite song!
  4. It's literally my least favourite track off the album... Idk what I'm missing!
  5. So is the discord still down? When can I get in? Lol
  6. Last week
  7. Has anybody got all these on one link by anychance?
  8. so is there any new links so we can join?
  9. Anything New from Madison Beer, Rita Ora, Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello, Julia Michaels, Tinashe
  10. The person meant unreleased lol
  11. I didn't want to post this, but since you asked so nicely...Enjoy!
  12. I like the 'Alice' remix the most I think, and I actually probably prefer it to the original track (although that isn't saying much because I really never liked the original ). Definitely do the whole album, I'd love to hear an upgraded (and hopefully longer) version of 'Sour Candy'!
  13. I'm Australian too! Only us 90s Australian kids will know about the wonders of Eva Simons and Wynter Gordon.
  14. Australian, can confirm this. My brother knew who she was instantly when I said "the chick who sang Take Over Control". I've been fantasizing what the full versions of You're The Gold and Overdose have sounded like for years. Kind of surreal to finally hear them. If anyone follows her on her socials, can you please ask her to put up fully mastered versions of all her songs with a donate button or, hell, even a price. I would totally pay for her first two albums worth of mastered demos and I'm sure plenty of peeps here would too.
  15. Was revisiting Lana's discography and decided to whip up something with one of my favorite tracks in the past years (I used to hate this song a lot).
  16. Yeah, I'm not too proud of the edit anymore lol. I'm actually using that colorful edit in my iTunes that's going around now. It was made by someone on Twitter.
  17. My 'Alice' remix has 25k views and '911' has 13k and that's why i decided to work on more song but I don't know where to post them so people can hear the rest of them. My favorite one is 'Sine', I love the extended outro and Chromatica III inside the mix but it's stuck. And yeah, I see what you mean. I like remixes but not ALL the song needs to be reworked into something different. That's why I often like to keep the original vibe of the song, just a little bit upgraded. Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚
  18. I haven't heard a lot (besides the official release of Rain On Me Purple Disco Machine Remix which is A WHOLE BOP)... but I like yours! It's not over-remixed which is sometimes my issue WITH remixes. I say do the whole thing and post a link to it here or somewhere so we can get our lives to a remixed Chromatica!
  19. I'm curious if any of you guys have heard any good unofficial remixes off this album because I might want to remix the whole thing and I need to hear the competition lol
  20. Thank you very much for finding this. And a Big Thank You for sharing it with us. Good job.
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