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  2. Ur gonna freak when you hear how much Ariana Grande songs run for (1K).. 💀
  3. it’s only natural circulating??? also that thesource snippet sounds bad like we-
  4. omg we got 1/4, be generous and give us the rest
  5. For one freaking song? Anyone that would pay that much for one song has to be out their DAMN Mind.
  6. now a new camila its up for sale on the source, so new unreleased for the info lol https://dbree.org/v/0a4073
  7. Wasn't it called Woke Up? ION had a better chorus, i still cannot remember where i heard "it's on-ly nAturulll the dadadadadaa" melody, it's been in my head for a few years now, maybe back in 2017 she talked about it or something, i don't think that has ever been in circulation.
  8. Thinkin bout one is so good?! The pitched samples the guitar the bass the beat. This is how you do chill pop right. The organ and the whistles this song is kind of haunting but I love it I wish we got more songs like this on Camila. The skrillex song going around on the source is (probably) not only natural. This is (probably) another song from that session
  9. so how did thinkin bout one leak? i swear it was still selling for $500 a few days ago
  10. Tbh not a bad price! I thought it would be worth more tbh!!!
  11. it's in heavy circulation babe, but it's 750 dollars
  12. ok so i got the answer, @GOODBYE hacks mails
  13. i want the truth about the member @GOODBYE (formerly Wine) who is apparently a hacker and scammer why did he joined just to leak the Miley song ? 🤔 Is he dangerous ? Is it my last day alive ? Pray for me 😪
  14. Has anyone gotten the snippet for it’s only natural?? Did that ever leak???
  15. Apparently Wine is a scammer, @AngelSky please give us some tea
  16. nope, i think it's only natural is the next one
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