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  2. I'm really hoping she hasn't fallen for some Nigerian prince scam that's cleared out all of her bank accounts
  3. I hope that account will return to leak full song this time. We need more OT4 Songs and the Better Together Unreleased Songs. I hope we'll get the songs from the 2 scarpped albums. Btw who bought Who can I run to and Boyfriend ? So I could get contact with. For Girls like us it's dead for me because I can't buy it. If You gave me love is 100$ then I'll buy it for sure and re-leak this in my YouTube Channel.
  4. Lemonade https://krakenfiles.com/view/kf3lrkgk7s/file.html
  5. Yesterday
  6. OMG I completely forgot, I refused because I didn't though it was you ๐Ÿ˜ญ. Can you send back please
  7. The snippet is from her film but we're getting the album this summer, y'all just don't want to believe that and it's totally understandable knowing her previous promises
  8. That Wild Card snippet is from her short film. Y'all ain't getting shit this summer.
  9. Bonnie McKee Is Coming. 2022. She Confirmed To Me. She Came Into My Room Last Night In The Form Of A Banshee And Screamed At Me For Hours. Insiders From ATRL Told Me The Same Thing Happened To Them. It Is Coming. It Is Coming.
  10. Last week
  11. Yeah same he won't respond, unfortunately. We have more info in this one disc group if you wanna join, drop your disc I'll add you.
  12. Leaks5h was awful. It was a group of people who hacked Dinah and Camila's iCloud, which is where all their leaks came from. Epic was too secure with Fifth Harmony for them to constantly get hacked over and again. We also would have producer information on the songs they leaked in that case. Leaks5h leaked all the songs they had in studio (which was a few only) in horrendous quality because they leaked through Twitter after downscaling the quality beforehand. They disappeared after Camila left, I assume they will be back for the 10 year anniversary. (Maybe that's wishful thinking.) No, unf
  13. Btw where did leaks5h went ? He completely disappeared after the leak party. And is there any fifth harmony songs in sale ? I might buy one song according to the prize.
  14. I don't even think he remembers it exists. He probably has every set of words similar muted on twitter
  15. onairjake shared all the snippets of tellin me on twitter, vine etc. guess he liked to tease. he talked about having the studio version on twitter and all that. hopefully he will share on the anniversary
  16. Yeah itโ€™s in that video full of snippets, lemme get the link https://youtu.be/1oBoJCFi_JI
  17. I tried to avoid over playing them for this reason. Iโ€™m still not tired of them.
  18. I kept dosifying the listen after the initial rush and so it's still fun to me. But I feel you, it feels like there's not much left to talk about here. I'll believe it when I see it, this girl keeps promising since years ago, without releasing anything. Her replying on TikTok or Instagram is not enough, because she's done that before and it's led to nothing.
  19. so y'all are on the stage of writing the same shit every week. she's coming this year
  20. Has the joy of having (most of) the Epic tracks worn off for anyone else? It felt like Christmas for a while, waking up to new leaks almost daily, and the euphoria of finally hearing these pop masterpieces we've been waiting nearly a decade for. I listened to pretty much nothing but the leaks for a few weeks, meticulously arranging them into my dream track list of the perfect pop album that could have been. It was encouraging to see Bonnie responding to comments on TikTok and Instagram ensuring that something was "coming soon", and for once I actually kind of believed her. Now, here we ar
  21. I don't know. Wells Fargo has claimed she is "victim of undue influence and financial exploitation." Maybe stemming from her ex? I don't even know.
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