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  2. I really hope more epic songs leak Someone please just share like ten more times
  3. glad this finally leaked, it's so pretty & good
  4. Yeah, the live version! Hopefully the studio version surfaces soon 'cause these leaks have been increasing my thirst for Bonnie tracks so
  5. Okay so... I didn't want to put her in the same field as Sky Ferreira and Bonnie McKee when it comes to this stupid tease-releases-and-release-nothing game... but here you go again, girl so now it's official, music drought for another 5 years? I doubt she will release a project now that the momentum is over. What a way to build excitement and hype for nothing, I'm really jealous.
  6. Yeah... no. I didn't had any expectations on those teasers to be honest yet she still dissapointed me.
  7. what a disappointment
  8. kerli really knows how to consistently disappoint https://superrare.com/artwork-v2/elysia-30786?fbclid=IwAR24kCfm5jySJBs29bmoR4BI7C5RxWibcKYmtTWM9PVfHof4dvHPudIiUlI
  9. Yesterday
  10. Ha, stealing the idea RIGHT NOW.mp3 Me too, but I grew a little tired of having American Flag related covers so I wanted something different lol. But it's true, I think it would've worked well if the album was released. Maybe I'll take Electric Heaven as a title, it sounds amazing and I never thought of it before tbh.
  11. SHES NOT COMING! Just an NFT Project!
  12. I'm using American Girl for the title. it's simple and makes sense imo since AG was the only single released from the album b4 it was shelved. The visuals for that title could've been really cool too...
  13. I love this and hope these songs Surface soon!
  14. I have a provisional tracklist like this: S.L.A.Y. American Girl Jenny’s Got a Boyfriend I Wanna Fucking Call You Somebody’s Gonna Get Hurt Rewind Your Heart* Forever 21* Hot City* Everything But You* Unlock Your Love My So Called Life Right Now* Don't Get Mad, Get Famous* Sleepwalker (Bonus Track) Stars In Your Heart (Bonus Track) The mark (*) means a song is unleaked. She said the album could have from 12 to 14 songs. I put 13 plus two bonus. Since Sleepwalker has been said to be excluded from
  15. Not sure... I feel it belongs somewhere after the cancelation of the Epic album and before the Bombastic era, so I'd say it's like 2014, but it's just my own speculation. Haven't found any official info about it. Same goes for I Can Totally Do This and other similar songs like Hallelujah, Speed of Light, Stud Muffin, Always on My Mind... EDIT: don't mind my nonsense, was just speculating. Just read it was a pitch for Carly Rae Jepsen.
  16. What do you guys think the actual epic track list would have been?
  17. I need to figure out the tracklist and what the album name should be. Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt is just not a good title IMO.
  18. I think you're mistaking with the song "When I'm Alone" which was later given to the k-pop group "f(x)".
  19. I always thought it was pre-Epic album, or maybe a very early iteration. It would sound really good if it was revamped with some more of the synth that was intended for the album.
  20. Restless was a song she wrote for (with) Carly Rae Jepsen. That song was kind of a joke because of the lyrics they said. That song was never meant to be released.
  21. Anyone know what era "Restless" is from? I put it into my version of her Epic album cause the vibe kinda matched. That summer breezy feel
  22. New song leaked called Sabotage. https://dbree.org/v/75961a Definitely not from the Epic sessions. What do you guys think? 🤔
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