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  4. Okay I think its the same ones that I seen too on youtube
  5. would you happen to have Nick Lachey's song Slave?
  6. Does anyone have Nick Lachey's unreleased song "Slave"? nick sang it to his gf now wifie Vanessa Lachey.
  7. thank you so much if you have anymore rare songs of Nick's can you please share with me I'm a crazy fan of his ❤️❤️❤️
  8. Only indirectly I want to go through her entire discography.
  9. I would love to see what all unreleased is out there... I feel like I'm missing some!
  10. Anyone remember Savvy and Mandy? Just remembered 'Waiting for the Heartbreak' and how much it SLAPPED

  11. I am in search of Nick's song "It's You" I was wondering do you happen to have it? I saw it on soundcloud but its not there anymore
  12. Last week
  13. I just don’t know how we could do that... or even if someone knows about the song or if someone even heard it
  14. Lauren wrote Feel Alive with Hilary & Toby
  15. I guess it's possible! If Lauren and Tayla were involved, it doesn't sound like Avril wrote it all by herself so they could have shopped it to Hilary first. We'll have to find the writing credits for the Hilary version and see if they match.
  16. I was thinking about it just yesterday when I heard the song and now it makes a little bit more sense
  17. This is the track information according to genius: ”Produced BySebastian Teigan & Ketil Jansen Written ByTayla Parx, Lauren Christy, Sebastian Kornelius Gautier Teigen, Avril Lavigne& Ketil Jansen” I know that Hilary worked with Lauren, I don’t know about the others. And Avril could have added something later so that’s the reason why she was credited. And maybe she didn’t include it because it was a Hilary’s song.
  18. I think that is not Avril's song. Avril's song Don't Stop has her in the credits, and it's from Head Above Water era
  19. Did Avril write the song? Idk, I know it's been years but I still feel like there's bad blood between Hilary and Avril... I can't imagine Hilary singing a song she'd written.
  20. I also never heard of it before. It was the first time...
  21. I was wondering about that... it is the first time that i heard something about this title. weird 😛
  22. Guys, that website has a song named “Don’t Stop”, do you think that it is Avril’s song? Because it’s melody is very similar to what Hilary was recording those days. I was even listening to it yesterday and it seems like it is a sister of “Outlaw”
  23. That and her turning down the "Lizzie McGuire goes to high school" spin-off are the only decisions Hilary's ever made that I disagree with.
  24. Welcome to PHF boo! It's so cool to see you stanning Kerli and Taylor! I've had phases of obsession with both of them even though I haven't really checked for either lately. I hope you make lots of friends here and enjoy your time on PHF!
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