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  2. Britney Spears & will.i.am Lose In Lawsuit Against Tulisa

    I'm glad that now she won't have to sell drugs for a living She should just accidentally leak her demo right now and then drop a new single right after
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  4. When did Stanning peak?

    Honestly, 2012 was the best year for pop music. Pop culture has taken a backseat as of late because of the growing interest in different genres of music. Streaming services actually killed pop music imo. Before streaming was available, people often times just listened to whatever was on the radio. We're in the era of hipsters.
  5. Britney Spears & will.i.am Lose In Lawsuit Against Tulisa

    I legit can't hear anything similarities. Tulisa's song just sounds like a lot of noise.
  6. When did Stanning peak?

    I'd say 2010-2014 bcuz of the messy wars,gifs, etc. Ex:
  7. #NoStoppingMeProject

    I bet you there's more corrosion on his harddrive than pink eye at a summer camp.
  8. What Scrapped track Are You Still Dying To Hear?

    I'll be forever waiting for 'Catch Me If You Can'...
  9. I'm late but oh well The title track is actually a cute song and so is the choreo, it just sounds a lot like "Heart Shaker" in my opinion. My ranking of the mini-album is What Is Love? = Ho! > Sweet Talker > Dejavu > Say Yes
  10. Yesss queen Chuu as your icon :yaskween: 

  11. Remember when the collaboration between Britney Spears and will.i.am, 'Scream & Shout', was all over the airwaves back in 2012? The song was a major hit for both artists, solidifying will as a solo star worldwide while giving Britney the much-needed comeback bop she deserved after a string of unsuccessful singles. But what you might not have realised is that the song was actually subject to a large-scale legal battle enacted by English singer Tulisa. Tulisa, who had a moderately successful career both in group N-Dubz and as a solo musician before becoming a judge on X Factor UK, was originally given the beat to write to and crafted a song alongside Jean Baptiste entitled 'I Don't Give A Fuck'. As a side note, a song allegedly by Tulisa entitled 'I Don't Give A Fuck' has been online for a few years, but we don't see any similarity between that and 'Scream & Shout'. Either way, the track was ready to be released on her album The Female Boss, but the song's producer Lazy Jay didn't want her to have it and instead passed it onto will. "Tulisa wrote to that song before I did – this is the truth," will stated in an interview. "But the producers of the beat…didn’t want her to have it." This is where it gets weird. Tulisa's lyrics were allegedly used by will and Britney without her permission, even though she was never credited as a writer for the track. But the oddest thing is that Tulisa's vocals can allegedly still be heard on the final track, with Brit's voice just laid over the top. I have to admit I can't personally make her out, but at least that somewhat explains why Britney raps in an English accent throughout. Regardless of what we can hear, Tulisa proved her case enough to win the five year-long legal battle, and has earned herself 10% of the publishing rights and income for the track. Although we're sure will and the other writers weren't too happy about it, they do have something to shout about. All proceeds from the sale of the song have been stuck in legal limbo ever since it's release, and now that the lawsuit's been resolved it should mean a tidy payday for all involved. What do you think about Tulisa's big payday? Can you hear her in the final version of 'Scream & Shout'? Sound off in the comments section below!
  12. Spice Girls

    Victoria has once again confirmed there will never be a reunion. Why do they keep playing with their fans emotions like this?
  13. Hi

    Welcome to PHF, I'm sure you'll make lots of friends on here!
  14. OMG

    I heard it hit #1 on the Paypal charts too! Queen of R&B!
  15. My New Puppy!

    Omfg, you're such a cutie! Thank you for taking such good care of them even when their own owners who should have been looking after them failed. Hopefully you'll be able to get them all desexed so you don't have any more kitten surprises! I only just saw your tips, but they were all great! He's pretty great with toilet training now, although it helps we've just started leaving the door open all night so he can come in and out as he pleases. It was definitely a trial when we first got him though, especially when it was colder outside. The only rule I didn't follow entirely is #4, he loves toast sooo much that I sometimes cave in and give him some crust, but that shouldn't kill him I don't think. YOUR DOG IS SO CUTE! And Wafer is the most adorable name ever! I wanna give her a cuddle so bad!
  16. What Scrapped track Are You Still Dying To Hear?

    I'll be forever waiting for 'Hallucination'...
  17. #NoStoppingMeProject

    Still sitting on Farhan's external hard drive waiting to be leaked...
  18. I'm sorry but when you have Leona Lewis in the world then you can't claim that Sammie is anywhere near the top percentile... Don't get me wrong, I've followed her career since 'Step Up', I've met her before and she's sweet and has a good voice but there's nothing special about her at all.
  19. Shut up, fatty! Samantha Jade's talent isn't on the level of most singing show contestants, it's far above! That's why she swept X-Factor Australia so easily. She's the sad object of mismanagement from start to finish. Even prior to this deal from her reality competition show run, her deal with Jive was also a pretty raw deal and so have most of her deals. She's never been given the push she deserves to become a star. I blame the old men in charge.
  20. What Scrapped track Are You Still Dying To Hear?

    One of Camila's managers has said that both tracks are being worked on for release. I guess it's just a matter of time now.
  21. #NoStoppingMeProject

    Then where's Quicksand?
  22. Murder on the Orient Express

    You were right sadly... The cast was stellar but sadly this version was poorly directed and a little bland.
  23. They don't care about her because sadly they know there's another thousand girls just like her but skinnier and younger waiting to get their moment on X Factor... These stars have maybe a year of relevancy until the new season starts and they're forgotten about.
  24. They kinda have a similiar vibe I guess but they're not close enough to call it a straight up copy. And anything with Pitbull is immediately worse than it's comparison.
  25. Samantha Jade release disco-album pop flop

    Sammie should be grateful she's featured in ANY publication, even if it's in a negative light... I hate to say it but her career is pretty much in tatters at this point, let's hope she gets a Neighbours role soon.
  26. Are You Gay?

    I hate to define your sexuality but I think you're sushisexual all the way sis! You should be flattered, we all know the gheys have the best taste in music. You're welcome Madonna! Do your boyfriend and friends know you're trans? That seems so disrespectful of them tbh...
  27. #NoStoppingMeProject

    What do you mean? I'm sure it took a lot of hard work to guess Gaga's iCloud password!
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