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  4. vibewithme

    Nick Lachey - Unreleased collection

    Would u be able to post what you have?
  5. Musicsongs

    Hear'Say Unreleased 3rd Album

    Their 20th anniversary is in 2021. I don’t remember them being that close to Girls Aloud. I wonder if social media interest in 2021 will prompt someone who has the unreleased album to leak it.
  6. legallylei

    Hear'Say Unreleased 3rd Album

    I still have hope that one day we’ll get to hear some of the tracks recorded for the planned 3rd album too!
  7. Whoknowsmehere

    Hear'Say Unreleased 3rd Album

    Not sure what you need, but here is some of their music. I am not sure If I have previously shared this on PHF, and I am to lazy to look back through all my posts to find out. Also to @legallylei for liking the request. https://mega.nz/#F!4U1E1C5b!sU0WaetaJ5MJnga2kPDd8gLink Hear'Say - Popstars (Lossless) 398MB https://drive.google.com/open?id=17hzpfi9jldc8kOijatC76Joewz1j38dS Pure And Simple (Backing Track) 38MB https://www.mediafire.com/file/nugag67eooli2ot/Pure_And_Simple_(Backing_Track).wav/file I hope this helps you in your hunt for their music.
  8. Last week
  9. rymc730

    Hear'Say Unreleased 3rd Album

    bumping this thread. Anyone have any Hear'Say, particularly unreleased, that they can share?
  10. kallumlavigne

    Some Of My Covers

    Honeymoon Album Poster
  11. Ashley OO

    I'm dying of THIRST

    and still a mess lmao
  12. Ashley OO

    Rico Nasty

    any news ?
  13. I hate when Nicole adlibs . They all danced so well together I’m so proud of the girls. I’m glad Carmit is back I love her she is such a strong dancer. Kim just had a baby 6 weeks before the performance so I think that’s amazing she looks like that.
  14. Roxas94

    Unreleased songs that we need them to leak (2019)

    Nothing leaked yet... And right now I don’t remember
  15. Whoknowsmehere

    Nick Lachey - Unreleased collection

    You think that's something...Hell...I had to do a search just to find out the name/s of any of his songs. LOL. And I found out that he was a member of the Boy Band - 98 Degrees. I did not know that. I just thought he was semi known only for being married to Jessica Simpson. I did find this. Probably nothing unreleased here. But, if you are a fan, (I am not), you might like this link. It consists of, some of his apparent solo music. As well as, some 98 degree music. http://musicmaniamachine.blogspot.com/search/label/98°
  16. Whoknowsmehere

    Christmas Music

    I just found this over at reddit about 15 minutes ago. some of you may like to have it in your Christmas collection. Carols for a Cure, Volume 21 (2019) (Various Broadway Show Songs) 75MB http://www.mediafire.com/file/tw668yhr5j94zo5/cfac21.zip/file I cannot this link still works. Found this 3 years ago on reddit. Carols for a Cure (x20 Volumes) https://mega.nz/#F!3YggwCjL!f5zcQsflHBMbLQYD0vLr6w
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  18. Kelsea Ballerini

    Nick Lachey - Unreleased collection

    thank you
  19. lanadelrey

    Nick Lachey - Unreleased collection

    Did I Ever Tell You is a bonus track from What's Left of Me And there are some tracks in there that are older
  20. blonde-rebellion

    Christmas Music

    Christmas In New York by Abigail Breslin is one of my faves (also check out her new music as Sophomore, it's really good !!)
  21. Skinny Legend

    Black Widow (2020)

    Marvel has released the official trailer for Black Widow starring ScarJo and coming out May of 2020! The movie looks like an absolute serve. But I'm not sure how invested I'll feel in this given that we already know what happens to Black Widow a few years down the line... What do you guys think?
  22. The jump off stage was definitely very 5H! But other than that not so much.
  23. vibewithme

    Nick Lachey - Unreleased collection

    https://dbree.org/v/583e41 Ordinary Day All In My Head Patience Did I Ever Tell You The Chance You Didn't Take The End Gone The Way That You Love Me I'm Ready For You The Power Within Last One Standing Temporary (feat. Kara DioGuardi) Without You I can't speak to actual quality, most are sourced from YouTube or leak sites
  24. Did no one else think this proformance was very firth harmony post camila?
  25. Kelsea Ballerini

    Nick Lachey - Unreleased collection

    can you list these songs so i can complete my main post ? If you have a link to download it will be cool too
  26. vibewithme

    Nick Lachey - Unreleased collection

    Wow, I have 13 songs from that album (Coming Up For Air was the working title), I didn't realize so many songs leaked.
  27. lanadelrey

    Nick Lachey - Unreleased collection

    Didnt know there would be people that cared for his music I have like 30 unreleased songs (most from the scrapped album that had Patience as the 1st single) and a lot of outtakea from the 2nd album
  28. The performance was really hot & it made me so f***ng horny 😜 Their bodies are on 🔥
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