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  1. New Song

  2. New Song

    Listen to "Last 7 Months" by sher179 #np on #SoundCloud Hope you guys like it!
  3. "Face" snippet

    Hey Everyone! So it's been literally forever since i posted on Phf, let alone in this thread so I just thought I'd post a clip of something I've been working on to get everyone's opinions! I've been so busy this last year with working on music and am really hoping to start getting the gears in motion for bigger things. Hope everyone has been well!
  4. PHF Matchmaker: Pair Up Our Members

    Omg @CountessI love this idea! Lol keep pairing and messaging me y'all. I hate being lonely in the fall/winter . @Amelia Lilyis super cute, but he has a bf so #sadlyofflimits.
  5. Azealia Banks dm'd me back on Instagram after I told her I was dissapointed in her, we got in a heated debate. 

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    2. sher179


      Hahaha omg ok maybe I'll have another chat with her and like use the whole thing to product place, different things. Or if y'all take selfies saying what you think would help her grow (like constructively, not just bullying y'all) Id totally send it. She'd probably have SO much worse to say though lol. 

    3. Tweener


      Just tell her to listen to this Grammy-nominated, suicide level lowering, future Nobel Peace Prize winning song :magic: 


    4. Countess


      You better bring those receipts for us bitch! :rockon: I need to see you read this ho!

  6. Anyone here from Canada that can drive and is looking to go on an adventure?

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    2. sher179


      Hahahahahaha what? I'm literally looking for people to go roadtripping with silly. And no one NEEDS dick ;)

    3. Countess


      @Dayfid is willing and ready. :tan: 

    4. Dayfid

    Smother me in your luscious boobs and then SMOTHER YOURSEELLLLLFFFF But first, send me some vegetarian recipes. The other hoes on this site don't got knowledge like you do
  8. Feeling pretty overwhelmed right now... 

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    2. sher179


      @Tweener so you know how I've been seeing a vocal teacher? I've seen her for four lessons and the pricing was great. I really felt I was making some progress. But everytime I have a little question that will help me practice on my own, she says "we can talk about it next lesson". And it's been really hard for me to make any progress like that you know? Now I have to look for a new teacher and i'm just trying to find someone that loves music as much as i do. Also my money is running out and i'm just hoping for the best. Thanks for asking btw <3

    3. Tweener


      I hope you find someone who loves music then <3 Good luck!

    4. Countess


      You'll be okay! You can do a lot of these things on your own now you have the basis for your lessions. ;) I can't wait to hear some tracks from you!

  9. Y'all. Not this making my fucking life rn. Honestly I lost a lot of respect for Taylor and Selena and gained a bit for Kimye. Also like omg poor Katy. She was right all along. Snaky bitch. .... still gonna listen to TS6 though, BUT ILLEGALLY!
  10. The Holy Book(let)

    I guess it would be kind of ironic for Satan to mention anything Holy jkjk. Also I'm pretty sure you joined the masses in forgetting about this you fuckers.
  11. If PHF Was A High School...

    Omg y'all I could never dye this luscious black hair of mine. I'd probably be in the glee club or sucking off everyone's sloppy seconds. Edit: This is me. http://giphy.com/gifs/movie-happy-mean-girls-ncNGTwJKxVOTu
  12. Me singing "Hackensack". I probably sound stupid. But I'm gonna work to get better



  13. Azealia Banks Defends Her Skin Bleaching

    Im just so dissapointed in her. Not this in particular. But I mean she was so racist and homophobic and everything towards everybody, plus to brown people as well (she said some really ignorant things). So I would never say "good for her" for anything she does. I'll just let karma get her.
  14. Anyone to talk to about taboo topics?

  15. Went to a gay bar for the first time in my life tonight with an old friend. Lmao so we're both sitting together and talking, having a good time, the music isn't too loud. Them two batches get up to the dance floor and the dj turns the music obnoxiously up. All of a sudden a guy from table comes us behind us. Now I usually don't judge people on their looks, but he was looking a mess and was only looking for one thing lol. So anyway he extends his hand to my friend and the my friends like "no, no I don't Dance", so as Im ready to turn down his offer as well, I realize I wasn't even sloppy seconds hahaha. Oh my god, my life. Definitely a good night though. Got some sweet smiles from a bartender who I think mightve been gay. 

    1. Countess


      Lmfao, awwwww. <3 If it's any concilation, I never get hit on at bars either but I get a lot of dick from online. :morning: You just gotta find your niche!

    2. Tweener


      That's so cute!!!! <3 

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