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  1. sher179

    Fefe Dobson

    I just heard the snippet OMG. IT'S SO GOOD.
  2. sher179

    Kylie Minogue - Golden

    Did this "Dancing" song leak? Im SO excited for new Kylie though. I really enjoyed Kiss Me Once.
  3. sher179

    New Song

  4. sher179

    New Song

    Listen to "Last 7 Months" by sher179 #np on #SoundCloud Hope you guys like it!
  5. sher179

    "Face" snippet

    Hey Everyone! So it's been literally forever since i posted on Phf, let alone in this thread so I just thought I'd post a clip of something I've been working on to get everyone's opinions! I've been so busy this last year with working on music and am really hoping to start getting the gears in motion for bigger things. Hope everyone has been well!
  6. sher179

    Music Trading Thread

    Can anyone please consider sharing "Love Incredible" by Camila with me? I might get back into trading, it's just my list is obsolete. So I have nothing. Also on a side note I'm back! Had a job that was eating my soul and might be starting my first relationship (time consuming), but I'm ready to be cunty with y'all again
  7. sher179

    Lady Gaga - Joanne

    I AM FUCKING SLAYYYYYED.OMG even my brother that's into like Nine Inch Nails and other stuff like that, really enjoyed the album!!
  8. sher179

    Lady Gaga - Joanne

    I'm at work, but I downloaded the album and previewed a couple of the songs in studio quality and I am SO excited. Honestly this sounds like a great body of work and people should appreciate it for what it is. I'm a casual Lady Gaga fan, but I'm definitely buying this album. There's a lot of emotion of playing around with different genres/eras, it sounds like it's gonna be fun to take in
  9. sher179

    PHF Matchmaker: Pair Up Our Members

    Omg @CountessI love this idea! Lol keep pairing and messaging me y'all. I hate being lonely in the fall/winter . @Amelia Lilyis super cute, but he has a bf so #sadlyofflimits.
  10. sher179

    Music Trading Thread

    Hey y'all! I haven't been in this thread forever. But could anyone let me know if Phoebe Ryan's "Be Real" is circulating? :3
  11. sher179

    The Official 'Vintage Songs' Thread

    yayyyyyy thank you so much and of course! I'm gonna make a list tonight
  12. sher179

    The Official 'Vintage Songs' Thread

    OMG THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA! @Countesscould you please upload the 3 from the first post. They sound awesome, but they were taken down and I'd go look for them myself, but I don't wanna end up with crappy quality
  13. Azealia Banks dm'd me back on Instagram after I told her I was dissapointed in her, we got in a heated debate. 

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    2. sher179


      Hahaha omg ok maybe I'll have another chat with her and like use the whole thing to product place, different things. Or if y'all take selfies saying what you think would help her grow (like constructively, not just bullying y'all) Id totally send it. She'd probably have SO much worse to say though lol. 

    3. Tweener


      Just tell her to listen to this Grammy-nominated, suicide level lowering, future Nobel Peace Prize winning song :magic: 


    4. Countess


      You better bring those receipts for us bitch! :rockon: I need to see you read this ho!

  14. Anyone here from Canada that can drive and is looking to go on an adventure?

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    2. sher179


      Hahahahahaha what? I'm literally looking for people to go roadtripping with silly. And no one NEEDS dick ;)

    3. Countess


      @Dayfid is willing and ready. :tan: 

    4. Dayfid

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