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  1. Dayfid

    Christmas Music

    Christmas is less than a week away so post your favorite Christmas music here
  2. Dayfid

    Pokémon Sun & Moon

  3. Dayfid

    Official PHF Discord Server

    I joined!
  4. Dayfid

    The 17 Best Singles of 2017

    So happy Rita Oral made it on the list twice! Who would have thought a flop like her would be so such a household name. Thank you for including my summary Mo! I love you! Also super happy Tomorrow Never Came, Rainbow, New Rules, Green Light, Love, and Anywhere also made the list!
  5. Dayfid

    LADY GAGA replaced at.. EUROVISION

    As if Gaga was going to fly all the way to Europe for a single performance while she's busy filming A Star Is Born. lol.
  6. Why is Halsey so upset? Who hurt her?
  7. http://www59.zippyshare.com/v/bXfJDi2U/file.html Here's the stems instead, hope this helps.
  8. Dayfid

    7 Reasons to Look Forward to Final Fantasy VII

    Slay @ you including the crossdressing part. I bet they're going to "get with the times" and remove that part so they don't get yelled at by Tumblr for offending them. This also inspired me to write a list of 13 reasons to watch 13 reasons why.
  9. Dayfid

    Unheard Of: Lady Gaga's Scrapped Music Videos

    I forgot how many damn videos she scrapped at the last minute. I'm so happy the DWUW video was scrapped though, it looked awful.
  10. Dayfid

    Gale Force - Wonder

    Fuck it up King What a bop
  11. I had no clue that's how they did things or why that video from Birmingham was even leaked to be honest, thank you for explaining.
  12. Uh actually the video I posted is from the Birmingham show lol Why would they randomly record the show and send it to a studio to be mastered? The only livestream we have from artRave is the Paris show.
  13. This is so fake. You can tell it's just a "remastered" fan edit of a bootleg. This is a real soundboard recording. Listen to how clear the vocals/instrumental are and lack of audience screaming, the little cheering you hear in this is from Gaga's mic.
  14. Dayfid

    Latest Updates

    Bless. Thanks for all the hard work you do King
  15. Gotta love when you try to be helpful but some people turn out to be ungrateful little brats. :magic:

    1. Skinny Legend
    2. Dayfid


      Not gonna bother, I'm sure they'll be commenting on statuses in a few days asking if anyone has the final version of Casanova by Allie X!

    3. Tweener
  16. Dayfid

    39 demos from Kylie Minogue's "X" leaked

    Well yeah but half the time it's just old stuff or snippets, I want CollXtion ii to leak in full already because I'm a greedy little cunt
  17. Dayfid

    39 demos from Kylie Minogue's "X" leaked

    Ugh. I'm jealous of Kylie fans. Why can't some massive Rebel Heart sized leak happen to one of my faves? I need some new Gaga, Charli XCX, Allie X, or Sia.
  18. Dayfid

    Selena Gomez & The Weeknd Dating

    Leave me and my drug addiction alone.
  19. Dayfid

    Selena Gomez & The Weeknd Dating

    Clean it up, coke whore.
  20. Update: Camila speaks out: So it has finally happened.
  21. Updated with Camila's personal response.
  22. I feel this note is so shady and the fact that Camila didn't even tell them herself but had her representatives do it for her just hours after their final performance together.

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