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  1. Hidden Gems by Your Faves

    Unreleased Selena Gomez - Sad Serenade Miley Cyrus - Last Goodbye Meghan Trainor - Better Get Running Carly Rae Jepsen - Wildflowers Bonus tracks/B-sides Aly & AJ - Careful With Words Ashley Tisdale - Blame it on the Beat, Whatcha Waiting For
  2. i'd kill for these songs to leak. god, could you imagine a major Hilary leak? even if it was just like two songs.. ugh.
  3. Some Of My Covers

    love these sfm.
  4. Songs That Should Have Been Singles

    Hilary Duff Metamorphosis: Where Did I Go Right Hilary Duff: The Getaway, Who's That Girl, Weird Most Wanted: Break My Heart Dignity: Gypsy Woman, Dignity, Happy Best of: Holiday (Remix) BIBO: Confetti, BIBO Aly & AJ Into the Rush: Something More, Out of the Blue, Slow Down Insomniatic: Bullseye, Blush Lindsay Lohan Speak: Disconnected, Very Last Moment in Time ALMP: Black Hole Demi Lovato Don't Forget: The Middle, Trainwreck HWGA: Catch Me, Got Dynamite Unbroken: Who's That Boy, Fix a Heart Kelly Clarkson Thankful: Just Missed the Train Breakaway: Gone, Addicted My December: Sober (yes, it was a single, but it should be been treated so much better) AIEW: If I Can't Have You Stronger: Let Me Down PXP: Nostalgic
  5. Zach's Cover Art

    Ive been meaning to make new ones for Play On and Carnival Ride, but just haven't got around to it yet
  6. Zach's Cover Art

    I have! I'll post some tonight

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