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  1. I would feel the same way though? But whatever, I'm not fighting about this shit. I knew coming back here was a mistake, always is
  2. someone messaged me they were leaving and idk who it was but I already miss them :'( 

  3. Even when there's photo evidence of an assault men will still question whether it's real or not
  4. "You have until Sunday night to vote for the member you think should get this reward for their particularity to hate everyone and every artists on this planet" I only really listen to like 5 pop artists and think everyone here has horrible taste in music. I hate/dislike Melanie, Tove Lo, Troye, Karmin, Natalia, Allie Xtraforehead, Katy, That Poppy, Birdie, Nicki, Jojo, Hana, CL, Dami Im, Charli XCX, DNCE, Florrie, all the drag race singers and despise every male pop singer and only like 8 members

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      I'M CRYING, NOT ANOTHER ONE. :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: 

    2. trayertrash



    3. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      NO. :stretcher: I've ruined my childhood enough with just two of them, I don't wanna see anyone else like that. :shocked: 

  6. Okay I decided to do Hole since they're my favorite band of all time
  7. oh when I said "kill Trump" I thought it meant kill all rapist xenophobic misogynistic &/or white supremacist in current or future government positions
  8. fuck Hillary, marry an electric pencil sharpener, kill donald trump moldy sandwich, barbwire bat (a la Negan) Donald Trump's wig
  9. Fuck: Madonna, Kill: Britney, Marry: Gaga Batman, Superman, Spiderman
  10. Me the next 2 months 


    1. Woodcrest


      Me but for the entire year tbh

    2. trayertrash


      @Woodcrest for real tho! I just put up with shitter people this time of year because they make decent food, though I'm pretty sure I can't eat any of it now that I'm vegan :stretcher:

  11. you should edit the op, the original is quoted on here
  12. So fitting right now 


  13. All of the performances I said have been within the past few years when he's been active on social media. If he felt disapproval of past performances it seems he would've publicly shared them since he's pretty open about his opinions all the time anyway. Country artists perform at the Grammys tho? They have for decades so idk what you're even trying to say with that. As I said before, I never outright called him a racist and even applauded his past works, I said that this discussion itself is based around a racist set of views held in country music. You can say something lowkey racist without
  14. He said he's complained in the past but where's the proof? I couldn't find any tweets, facebook posts or interviews about previous non-country performers - which is something I spent almost a hour doing last night before even posting this - nothing was said about Elton John until after he made Beyonce comments (he also has a lowkey homophobic line in a song so that could possibly be a reason he name dropped Elton tbh, but that's another discussion ) I didn't label him an outright racist, I questioned why he felt the need to speak out against Beyonce but not any other non-country artists
  15. Justin Timberlake doesn't have a country song yet Travis never felt the need to discuss a pop/r&b artists (same genre Beyonce sings) being at the CMAs at any time in the past. She didn't perform solo, she performed with one of the most successful country bands of all time - like all the other artists I mentioned above. He may not have mentioned race, but there's some lowkey racism in being upset over a black woman who doesn't predominately sing country music and not showing that anger towards anyone else over the years who all happen to be white. The CMAs and country music have a long hist
  16. Travis Tritt, a washed up and forgotten country singer known of his songs... hmm... come to think of it he's not really known for anything remotely relevant, has anyone even spoken his name since the 80s??... took to twitter to share his disapproval of Beyonce performing her country inspired song Daddy Lessons with the legendary country band Dixie Chicks at the Country Music Association Awards. Though several tweets have been removed, the general message still remains. In past few years years, hard rock legend Steven Tyler, pop artists Kelly Clarkson, pop/r&b ar
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