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  1. Bicth Farra has her own highlighter plus she can lip-sync circles around Valentina all those Legentina cabaret numbers have Violet SHOOK
  2. Farrah >>>>> Valentina but anyways bitch will stay local so I'm cool
  3. Godney's curse still so real and relevant
  4. To be fair some of the queens don't lipsync the backing vocals yet Godney does, I ain't mad.
  5. I'm still asking myself where's Rihanna tbh she can do a decent job
  6. Please make your previous work available on Spotify Mexico thnx
  7. Moxiie deserves everything. She has amazing visuals and a great voice. PS I designed the cover for her Jungle Pop Remix album but is awful af because I was an amateur back then But I'm down to re-design it, hit me up girl
  8. I can't believe my impact on her career tbh Lol I love her plus she is a Britney fan so we cool
  9. I love how can she says this and yet lipsync to Robyn's vocals on Piece on Me or Madonna's on MATM. God I love her.
  10. Me too but I don't want her to save Link I want either a game where you can play as both or a game where Link is just a support character and Zelda decides to take the job because Link is not good enough for it.
  11. Link can cosplay Sheik (if you own the amiibo) but sadly no, Zelda his time around is a badass without the need to be in drag plus there are rumors going around that the DLC will let you play as her.
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