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  1. lanadelrey

    Rumored Singers Album Covers

    The britney one is true coz its on most promo copies of bomt single
  2. lanadelrey

    Mo's Long-Awaited Leona Lewis Megapost

    she diserved that poor baby oh baby, so u a hilary fan? that explains it all
  3. lanadelrey

    Mo's Long-Awaited Leona Lewis Megapost

    I appreciate the kelly tea (which I obviously knew as I'm her biggest fan) but A Moment Like This still remains cheesy, generic, unrelatable and forgettable. So its not her I Will Always Love You, I can guarantee you NOT A SINGLE PERSON remembers Leona did that song (as a matter of fact, unfortunately nobody remembers leona at all) as oposed to kelly who unfortunately is still remembered for that song (as much as she tries to forget about it lol)
  4. lanadelrey

    Mo's Long-Awaited Leona Lewis Megapost

    It was just so bad that her XFactor single was a cover of the 1st american idol single. The song is cheesy and leona doesnt add anything to it to make it memorable First Time I Ever Saw Your Face is simply beautiful, so whoever wants to cut it from her debut needs to deal with me I Will Be IS emotionless... cant believe she was made to record a cover of an Avril Bside... the video is pure comedy! Never seem someone act soooooo bad! Run is a masterpiece And I didnt know Homeless was a cover (?)
  5. lanadelrey

    Ashlee Simpsons Demos/Unreleased

    @trayertrash who do we need to kill to get these???!!! I WANNA CRY!
  6. lanadelrey

    mandy moore discography

    Buy Wild Hope on itunes and give ha your coins bb!
  7. lanadelrey

    Music Trading Thread

    I think i have a few tracks
  8. im not a fan of hilary AT ALL, but Sparks is still a bop... and I LOOOOOVE the video (the tinderless one of course) still love Collide... but I get that nobody bought that style from her, she was seen as this big voice ballady type of singer and she cant sell shit with her bland personality, so that masterpice of a song was completely wasted and went unnoticed it could've been huge... I mean, her twin sister "Fade Into Darkness" was a decent hit and played around the world so...
  9. lanadelrey

    List of everything The Veronicas

    yes, we need a good compilation of their unreleased discography so i can check which unleaked stuff I have, and can share something with the world
  10. lanadelrey

    List of everything The Veronicas

    These girls are a fucking mess Where's the fucking album? What happened??
  11. lanadelrey

    Kelly Rowland - Concept DANCE Album

    im a mess, this is the best i could do https://mega.nz/#F!Z1M3GCTZ!vSKhkR26aGQzmqZnRfbglQ
  12. lanadelrey

    Kelly Rowland - Concept DANCE Album

    I kept some of her unreleased stuff and dance features and created one long time ago lol lemme upload them...
  13. lanadelrey

    Black Eyed Peas - RING THE ALARM

  14. lanadelrey

    Britney Spears - I Have Nothing (LQ Snippet)

    I seriously need these cassette tapes Do u guys know if anyone is starting a campaign to collect money for this I need to hear these tracks! Pls!
  15. lanadelrey

    Latest leaks


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