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  1. lanadelrey

    Kelly Rowland - Concept DANCE Album

    im a mess, this is the best i could do https://mega.nz/#F!Z1M3GCTZ!vSKhkR26aGQzmqZnRfbglQ
  2. lanadelrey

    Kelly Rowland - Concept DANCE Album

    I kept some of her unreleased stuff and dance features and created one long time ago lol lemme upload them...
  3. lanadelrey

    Britney Spears - I Have Nothing (LQ Snippet)

    I seriously need these cassette tapes Do u guys know if anyone is starting a campaign to collect money for this I need to hear these tracks! Pls!
  4. lanadelrey

    Latest leaks

  5. lanadelrey

    Most Iconic FLOP albums

  6. lanadelrey

    In memory of.. those scrapped albums

    Glassheart is flawless as it is... the problem was the 1st single and how they handled the era and promotion
  7. lanadelrey

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    i once posted a leona demo coz someone was begging for a leak, so...
  8. lanadelrey

    Latest leaks

    RIGHT??? I mean, i love this leak but WHERE THE FUCK IS QUICKSAND???????????????????????????!
  9. lanadelrey

    Music Trading Thread

    Which songs?
  10. lanadelrey

    Music Trading Thread

    Which songs?
  11. lanadelrey

    Jessica Simpson is coming

    She doesnt have a "best" album Her albums are mostly filled with fillers lol She has some pretty good songs on each one of them, but all of them have some awful songs In this Skin is pretty close to a good album (the 1st version, without the cheesy covers)
  12. lanadelrey

    Jessica Simpson is coming

    John shanks producing? She's a decade late with that... but I'll take it lol
  13. lanadelrey

    Music Trading Thread

    I think they'd rather get coins instead of giving them lol
  14. lanadelrey

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Can u point me right to where it is for sale?

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