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  1. lanadelrey

    Hilary Duff Leaks February 2019

    I bet her castmates wonder the same about hilary
  2. lanadelrey

    The Veronicas - Without You preview

    they better fucking release it soon!
  3. lanadelrey

    Hilary Duff Leaks February 2019

    thanx!!! will check it out! nah, im not that much of a quality freak
  4. lanadelrey

    Hilary Duff Leaks February 2019

    all these hilary leaks made me want to listen to the BIBO album and it seems I deleted it (oops) could anyone upload the version that includes the bonus tracks and chasing the sun and all about you? please
  5. lanadelrey

    Britney Bot: The cutest thing you'll see in a while!

    yasss, i saw it the other day and LOVED it It transported me right back to when she came out and I would search the web for her pics! and when I played her enhanched cd on my computer ugh what a time!
  6. I still need the video this would be a good time for TMZ to leak the shit out that video
  7. lanadelrey

    The Veronicas sneak peek

    I'm so mad Lolita didnt do as they hoped for... it's such a great track
  8. lanadelrey

    The Veronicas sneak peek

    what's up with them? why aren't they releasing the album?
  9. lanadelrey

    Leona Lewis - Unreleased/leaked songs

    Outta My Head pt.2 i'm ready!
  10. lanadelrey

    Fifteen Songs J. Lo Shamelessly STOLE

    I accepted the fact that she's the queen of not singing her choruses... and that's ok the funny thing is, for example, when you look at the only time she sang If You Had My Love back when it was released, its so strange to hear her sing the chorus! it's a mess, but she tried though
  11. Great article! I think she also said she wanted to work with only 1 or 2 producers this time around (speaking of TOD) I've been obessed with this scrapped album ever since she premiered Mona Lisa... and although we know most of the tracks leaked (thought to be recorded for this album) were in fact recorded for ITZ (she experimented A LOT during those sessions), I kinda feel the vibe of it and I would feel a sense of completion if 2 or 3 more tracks leaked from those collaborations with B&A I understand the business decition from the label not to release this project coz it was so left-field from her, but its sad that she wanted to write and express herself and wasnt able to
  12. lanadelrey

    Spice Girls

    I think they look great! loved the little skit, thought it was very fitting to their brand and faithful to their personalities hope to see more group photos and I really hope they film it this time (and have victoria join them onstage for a special performance or something)
  13. lanadelrey

    Hilary Duff - Rare and Unreleased

    it seems like someone got hold of a few unreleased songs and created a "cd" with them the cd doesnt look legit, but im sure the songs are
  14. lanadelrey

    Music Mafia Songlist

    you could just google that and find out how simple it is https://9soundclouddownloader.com/

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