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  1. Does anyone have a list of most titles that were intended for the Epic album?
  2. Ah could you get the Chelsea Lankes one?? Thank youuuu
  3. someone leaked his drum kits and samples https://twitter.com/blahzemisfits/status/707647144623091712
  4. My faves: -Blue by iamamiwhoami -Electra Heart - Marina -Wounded Rhymes - Lykke Li -True Romance - Charli XCX -Give In - On An On
  5. I'm pretty sure I remember her saying that the version of Red Lips that was released was technically the demo version, and the final version was set to be released on her album, which as we know was scrapped. There is a snippet of a different version on youtube that has alternative production which I assume is the 'final' version that was supposed to be for the album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zwaipUkQ0M A bit of a mess, but what else would you expect from Sky
  6. Aw! Yeah i'm super self conscious about my thigh's too, but I think I'm just overcritical of myself
  7. Oh okay I totally get that. No one has ever stated the situation like that before, which makes total sense. And omg I can't believe I typed Phoebe!! I've been watching too much "Friends"
  8. Is this still happening? Or did this become her album? Or will it still be after her debut is released?
  9. Thank god she's not retiring. I was honestly having a mental breakdown when she hinted at being done with music. Don't scare me like that!
  10. I like her style a lot, however, her personality is a little trying. I wish I loved Porcelain as much as I love her music!
  11. Omg if her whole album ends up as RedOne revamps of Porcelain & the Tramps songs then.. but most of those songs are good i guess so hmm.
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