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      • Some of these request are… like who the hell wants to put already released Bombastic songs on it? or Stud Muffin? or Thorns (she can re-use it for BM3 tho, wouldn’t be mad).   Let’s hope she already chose songs for the deluxe and won’t listen to some of these comments 
      • I cringe so bad at the "but daddy I love him" line but i actually like the rest, so maybe as a bonus track!
      • I really love this. Would keep but daddy I love him tho. It’s easily one of the best from the album.
      • Here's my idea on Taylor Swift's The Tortured Poets Department. (19 April 2024) I'm probably gonna get jail for this but idc idc, the released version is unnecessarily long and I hate that it has a trillion versions bffr. Does this have commercial appeal? No, not as what she's been doing in the last years. Do I prefer a much more cohesive version instead of a 2-hour playlist made for the stans? Hell yes. No acoustics, not a trillion lyrics videos (lol?), not a thousand merch options, just the album. Singles plan: "Little Old Me" (5 January 2024) "Down Bad" (9 February 2024) "I'm Gonna Get You Back" (15 March 2024) featured only in the deluxe but anyways "So Long, London" (3 May 2024) "The Prophecy" (31 May 2024) "Guilty as Sin" (14 June 2024) Tracklist: The Prophecy Cassandra Down Bad The Alchemy So Long, London How Did It End The Black Dog The Bolter Guilty as Sin Little Old Me Retitled from Who's Afraid of Little Old Me The Albatross Fresh Out the Slammer The Manuscript My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys Deluxe version bonus track Florida (feat. Florence Welch) Deluxe version bonus track I'm Gonna Get You Back Deluxe version bonus track Always Wonder Deluxe version bonus track; retitled from Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus lol terrible title I Hate It Here Deluxe version bonus track The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived Deluxe version bonus track That said, it's a shame that strong tracks like Fortnight, But Daddy I Love Him (I retitled it The One I Want) or the title track have very bad lines throughout - that it's just best to leave them out.
      • I know it’s not finished but… The Tortured Poets Department imo this should be her soft launch for a new start of eras in the TSMU (Taylor Swift Music Universe). There would be a deluxe exclusive to target but it would only have 2 songs on it… Im gonna get you back and the acoustic version of down bad. Singles 1. I Can Do It With A Broken Heart! (Released February 9th with a music video the following Friday) 2. My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys (Released March 15th with a music video on the 29th) 3. Guilty As Sin (Released May 31st with a music video released on June 28th, it would also get a radio mix) Promo Single Down Bad (Released April 5th with lyric video, the deluxe would also be announced on this date) Fortnight Guilty As Sin My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys Down Bad So Long, London Fresh Out The Slammer The Tortured Poets Department But Daddy I Love Him The Alchemy I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can) The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived Loml I Can Do It With A Broken Heart! Imgonnagetyouback - Bonus Track Down Bad (Acoustic) - Bonus Track   I didn’t want to include any anthology tracks at first but I felt like Im gonna get you back fits with the album as a bonus track. Also it killed me cutting Florida and Clara Bow but it had to be done, who’s afraid of little old me on the other hand… no comment. Fortnight would also be a solo version.
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      • Kesha Slays

        The jokes and laughs, all the good and the bad and they think that i'm fine, but I'm cold inside and paralyzed. Now i'm walking ahead, moving on's what i've said, even though it hurts to do this on my own oh. And that last goodbye, looking back like it was just last night, but wherever you are I hope you find the right. No it's not fine, forever you'll be on my mind, i'm a fool should've known you and I would end this way. No it's not fine. 

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      • yan

        Love Race talks about a love or crush that didn't work out or the person was not good, but sometimes when you think about the past you still think about the situation and wonder... What if everything was different? but now you don't care because you know your worth



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      • Kesha Slays

        The edited, English translated lyrics of this cover to Fine by TAEYEON sung by Isabella Gonzalez (her YouTube channel here if y'all want to check her out) are haunting me! I love these lyrics, they make so much more sense! And Isabella sings them so beautifully! 


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      • V

        take me back to the Gothic Summer tour 💔

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      • Rauru

        All these leaks, and no Kerli.

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