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  1. Exactly - however I think Skylar Grey initially didn't meet the same label issues. They didn't stop her from releasing two albums with them, but I'm aware that after 2016 the situation with them went downhill and now she's finally free from her contract. But I'm so glad you bring her up, her new album is excellent, definitely her best yet, and very worth it. Bonnie definitely should take some notes, in releasing terms mostly.
  2. "scored it with my boyfriend in my home studio" GIRL YOU HAVE A STUDIO RIGHT THERE??? Like, use it and then release something.
  3. Exactly! Just look at all these years that she's taken to release the damn Epic album - and yet it still is nowhere in the near horizon I honestly stand by the option of her dropping the songs she has the rights to as standalone singles. At least they should be like 10. Drop them, girl, we'll arrange a playlist for you.
  4. LOL at least even I was able to drop a second album last year, unlike Bonnie and I have an EP coming later this year, so luckily I'll be unMcKeefied soon! Also, I'm already (re)conceptualising my third album and it's very very cool, so this McKeefication goes fast as possible ddd.
  5. I know right? Like, "yeah, coming in the summer guys! I just didn't tell you which year "
  6. Okay so this project is most likely going to be scrapped, but if I eventually do something with it, I might try and drop some verses in recently leaked Lana Del Rey demo "Queen of Hearts"
  7. With this as the album opening and S.LA.Y. as track #2 I think it's a very solid start for the album! Thanks for doing this. Gonna try it as the intro too
  8. This is getting insane, I dreamed Bonnie PMed me asking me for the damn booklet what the hell, album first, Miss
  9. I'd work for her for free if it meant that she is going to be a constantly-releasing artist. If it meant albums every 3 years or less, and some singles here and there, or at least 5-6 track EPs every 1.5 years, I'd literally give her my damn work for free I'd swear I saw someone posting one for DGMGF here in the thread! However I don't remember who was it. Probably our friend @BonnieMcChicken? If not, my apologies bestie, it was long ago and I'm even more oblivious than Bonnie herself Guess I would've done one myself by now but I kinda despise DGMGF and I wouldn't use it at al
  10. Not her liking this flop ass comment I left in her latest post I swear she keeps trolling us
  11. Thank you so much! yeah, the CD was actually rushed because I wanted to put it up for BTD's 10th anniversary, but I'll def do something else with it! I guess it would've been great to get a 10th anniversary edition because it's such a classic album.
  12. At least Sky doesn't say we "talked her into making an album" even though she keeps promising Masochism 7 years after its initial mention still follow both only for the tradition. But neither ever reply so EDIT: wait, now that I remember, Bonnie teased Hallelujah back in like 2018 (not the cover, her original song which is >>>) and I commented something like "not you teasing one of my favourite unreleased songs of yours! Is it coming?" and she liked the comment and never mentioned anything related to it again. Gee, so close.
  13. Bonnie McKee - Electric Heaven (suggested concept for the Epic album, which was intended for 2014 but has since been postponed and currently unknown if it's going to actually be released or not. This looks cool for a current release, though). CD back cover coming soon.
  14. Did this little thing with her new picture and I thought I'd share it with y'all... Suggested tracklist: S.L.A.Y. Hot City Outlaw Jenny's Got a Boyfriend I Wanna Fucking Call You Hit Me Up Electric Heaven Everything But You Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt Rewind Your Heart Unlock Your Love Last Call Lover
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