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    • I'm not sure if that was clear but those songs are the songs that BBC2 played during the week because they choose the Lost Tapes as their album of the week. I believe BBC2 choose the songs themselves even though they might have been influence by Flatline being a single and Today being the song the girls are pushing on playlists. The BBC2 performance is something else and has yet to happen.  I hope they will use more songs from the lost tapes in their future concerts now that it's been released but nothing is for sure. I guess they will still push hit loaded setlists until they have an album with brand new material to promote.    
    • Here is a post about Bridgit Mendler’s unreleased second studio album that has been in progress since 2013 in several different stages.     “In October 2013, Hollywood Records, Bridgit's former label, hired composers to help compose the album including Mitch Allan, Dan Book, Alexei Misoul, Augie Ray, Beloryze, TMS, Ina Wroldsen and Steve Mac. In an interview with Clevver News, Bridgit said she had been inspired by Nelly Furtado's first album, "I'm Like a Bird" among others. Bridgit had a lot of songs prepared for the album, including "Dedication", "Echo", "Deeper Shade of Us", "My Way", "Mystified", and others. In an interview with PAPER Magazine, Bridgit revealed that an album track might be called "Rome". On a date I couldn’t find specified Bridgit mentioned the original tracks she started making had been scrapped due to her wanting to change the sound, and she apparently said 'Something was nagging at me to change the way the record sounds'. In April 2015, Bridgit posted a video of her at her computer and mentioned her computer fully crashed taking all of the song lyrics and some recordings she had for the second album and Bridgit had to re-write all of the songs. On July 2, 2015 fans noticed that Bridgit didn’t seem to appear on the Hollywood Records artists page anymore. the original album had been scrapped due to Mendler wanting to change her sound, as she has said 'Something was nagging at me to change the way the record sounds'.On November 18, 2016, Bridgit, through the Black Box record label, released her extended play, Nemesis, as a small sample of what the second album would be with the singles "Atlantis" and "Do You Miss Me at All", and the tracks “Library” and “Snap Your Fingers”. The fans praised Bridgit's new style and she later revealed that she was making her second studio album. On the 21st of the same month, Bridgit posted on twitter 2 photos to her computer with lyrics of one or two songs. On November 21, 2016, Bridgit uploaded two photos to twitter with the lyrics of a possible song. Throughout 2017 she released the singles Temperamental Love, Can’t Bring This Down, and Diving. Bridgit Mendler teased a song on April 18, 2021 but never released it. On November 17, 2022 after a long time off of the platform, Bridgit tweeted “hello world, k sit tight for news. As of January 28, 2023 there has been no update on news. It is currently unknown if Bridgit is signed to a record label, Bridgit is concurrently enrolled at Harvard Law School, where she is a 2L, and at MIT. She has been enrolled in college since 2012, and Harvard Law School since January 2019.”       these are some possible tracks for her second album, the first 3 songs were released as singles, the rest of the songs are songs revealed by name or songs that leaked online. "Temperamental Love" with Devontée "Can't Bring This Down" with Pell "Diving" "Oxygen" "Salem" "Flowers" "Rome" "Goldmine" "Idiot Moves" "Oh Why" "Dedication" "Echo" "Deeper Shade Of Us" "My Way" "Fly To You" "Hey Man" "Mystified" "Take You Away" "I Can't Do This Anymore" "Never Forget You" "Yoohoo" "Running After You" "Choice" "Coins In The Air" "Falling Stars" "Hallow" "Make It Up" "Pins And Needles" "Timeless" "Twisted" "What I Want" "While You Were Sleeping"  
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    • Actually, I couldn’t log in. I tried. My password wasn’t working for a while and I couldn’t get into the email I used. Not that I didn’t wanna be here. 😅
    • Been busy, so did this happen or was it BS in the end? I can’t find a YouTube link.
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