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Heartbreak Anthem

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On 2/8/2018 at 3:02 PM, Ruthless Love said:

For my first time I do believe I did a damn good job, though! It was out of my comfort zone, honestly, and not something I normally would do.

When it comes to adding shadows it's always worth making it a few shades darker than you think it should be. You can't usually go wrong with darker shadows, lighter ones might allow too much backing detail in which is where the realistic-ness can be challenged.

Another possible option is to highlight/select the shadow layer, and then with a large and soft black brush add a couple of clicks of darker backing where the subject is sitting just to add some depth! Also, the further away the shadow is from the subject, the further away the person is from the wall/surface. For example, in the Alexz cover the shadow could do with being right behind her to suggest that she's leaning. It looks a bit floaty in the current state, however I love the concept and if the title text was at full opacity it'd be even better!

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