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  1. I saw this song once on a list of worst duets of all time
  2. the ariana one is a bop wdym
  3. I thought why not share some awful songs and cringe together This whole album sounds like ARTPOP and Charli XCX's recent work but without any musical structure or talent Her daughter makes music too. It's not much better than the song above tho Here we have a basic Purpose sounding beat with some tiktok girl who faked her pregnancy and cant sing. I hope she gets sued by the Monroe estate or by Sesame Street ya'll remember that guy who sounded like Tones & I abou six years ago who went viral? he's now making religious music
  4. ifuseekme

    Rita Ora

    thanks! i need to delete some old messages also, im out of space lol
  5. ifuseekme

    Rita Ora

    did u check dbree and leakth.is?
  6. she got in trouble for leaking part of break into my heart supposedly
  7. ifuseekme

    Rita Ora

    did the solo version of girls without the watermark leak
  8. https://mega.nz/file/XMgzHY6R#oiFSdy4si7szEeezKLOGX8OFN2kGQ5eTk6TV-NBg2ec
  9. I have enough thanks for the offer tho I'm uploading to mega rn
  10. I found call it whatever music video with 241mb on vimeo
  11. Thanks! i can try to get the other released songs in flac from deezer if u want
  12. np! there werent many leaks for this album so half of the stuff was hard to find
  13. here is all the writer's demos and leaked snippets we have https://mega.nz/folder/zFh1iaKR#awJFvm84vjdzN6q0uaiZHg
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