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  1. My Mashup & Remixes

  2. My Mashup & Remixes

    My first mashup in a long ass time
  3. My Mashup & Remixes

    forgot to share these bops with yall
  4. Jaycoolguy - a thread

    how he not banned yet
  5. good revenge ideas?

    omg how do u track IP through email
  6. good revenge ideas?

    omg thats a good idea, wish i thought of that before i did a bunch of stuff tho
  7. good revenge ideas?

    wait you were being sarcastic, its hard to tell by just reading text it was my friend but they got scammed out of files i gave them and then they leaked
  8. good revenge ideas?

    yeah i was super upset because it was 2 really rare mariah packs, one even had 40+ stems but i had so much fun putting it on craiglist
  9. good revenge ideas?

    so my friend got scammed and the person uploadde the files onto google drive and got their email by checking the owner part of the file now all i need now are some good revenge ideas cuz they leaked some really rare stuff from my friend i so far signed them up for many email surveys and put it on craiglist help me out ya'll
  10. My Mashup & Remixes

    new mix https://fanburst.com/ifuseekme/circles-ifuseekme-acoustic
  11. My Mashup & Remixes

    gonna be posting alot of acoustic versions soon https://fanburst.com/ifuseekme/teenage-dream-ifuseekme-acoustic
  12. My Mashup & Remixes

    i made a mashup of MATM using an edm instrumental, woud anyone care if I posted it
  13. Has It Leaked?

    can someone look over my list https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vBd716CDOrVbOnp5ZJNnU2dYgpkP-kxbP9hSNeSC-o8/edit?usp=sharing

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