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  1. wow okay you could've just said no jeez someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed
  2. it would be really nice if you could possibly leak it or something i kinda just really want to try and make a mashup between her & Selena
  3. someone should leak the "i'm so tired" demo by Selena Gomez have been dying to hear that along with Charli XCX's demo of "Rare" and Selena's demo of "Let Me Love You"
  4. someone should do a gal a favor and leak Charli's demo of Rare by Selena...
  5. i've only heard the snippet, did the full demo leak? and if so do you have a link?
  6. someone should leak "i'm so tired" (Demo for Lauv & Troye Sivan) Demo by Selena Gomez Rita Ora - "Wolves" (Demo for Selena Gomez) "Let Me Love You" Demos by Selena Gomez & CL
  7. yesss please someone has to leak Crowded Room and Charli XCX - Rare
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