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Found 19 results

  1. CallMeKills

    The Powder Room - My Way

    The Powder Room released a new song Friday. Seems like she's using that name for the more electro/popish music. My Way
  2. JaiJaiPrince


    There are apparently some pretty clued in and well connected Natalia stans floating around this site and nothing makes me happier than seeing that people genuinely appreciate the glory that was Natalia Kills. HOWEVER, for the last few years I have been on the hunt, scouring the internet for an old video and song Natalia Kills did in cola with Will.I.Am. From what I remember it was Will's song and Natalia was just featured, but she was definitely in the video! It was pre-perfectionist (I think) and it was called "Dance". It was during the period where Will was referring to himself as Super Blaque? I know one of y'all must have a clue or a link or a download for me. I have spent so long scouring old dead links and websites with little to nothing and even tried going straight to Natalia (new Teddy these days) to see if she could help but nope, nada! Work your magic!! (I'm also still hunting for a video Natalia made with Ardency Inn for Problem before it was released. It was set in a bar and her and a bunch of extras are partying and playing cards and shit and it was the long demo version of Problem they used. She looked so sickening and I want it so bad but hey, thats enough greedy Natalia begging for one day)
  3. Loser

    Natalia Kills fans

    Why are all you Natalia Kills stans so extra and messy. I used to hardcore stan her until like a month ago when I finally came to my senses she's such a piece of shit why do people actually like her. Plus y'all unnecessarily blame her husband for shit for no reason. I will always love her music tho
  4. Does anyone have the original leaked version of the EP? I have it but it's really LQ. I think I remember someone saying they had it in 320kbps? Not sure if that's true or not.
  5. Tracklisting: 01. Alexis Texas 02. Diamonds Days 03. Florida Blues 04. Hatefuck 05. I Don't Love You 06. Mr. Watson
  6. Loser

    Natalia Kills husband

    Am I the only one who doesn't hate Willy Moon? Like he's Bae and he produces and co writes all the songs and they slay so what's everyone here's problem with him???
  7. Countess

    Cruel Youth - Diamond Days

    Take it off your trade lists, cos 'Diamond Days' is out. Download: Cruel Youth - Diamond Days
  8. Countess

    Cruel Youth - Hatefuck

    I know everyone has it already, but here it is in i+! Download: Cruel Youth - Hatefuck
  9. Recently, I made two cover concepts for the new leaked ep by Cruel Youth 'Cowboys and Angels' using an image from a recent photoshoot Teddy did, but I can't seem to figure out what to do with the text! Would any of you mind working your Photoshop magic and help me! 1st cover concept : 2nd cover concept :
  10. I remember seeing this teaser years ago but I haven't been able to find it ANYWHERE since then. I found that somebody posted a link to it on the Natalia VK page but the cideo doesn't work: http://vk.com/video-12757868_166073879 I've found gifs of it as well as videos on youtube (lyric videos...etc.) that use the picture as a backround, but I STILL can't find it. Please tell me somebody like @PERFECTIONIST or @jlnsgr saved it! I'M DESPERATE. I would really appreciate if somebody who has it would send it to me, thanks! xoxo, @Cruel Youth
  11. Hello, darlings! Since, I haven't been on a lot and I feel bad, I decided to give you guys a brand new Cruel Youth leak! So without further ado, here is the FULL instrumental for Mr. Watson. Enjoy! Cruel Youth - Mr. Watson (Instrumental) xoxo, @PERFECTIONIST (I hope you're feeling better babe )
  12. Natalia Kills

    The Natalia Kills gif thread

    Here You can post Natalia Kills gifs so we have them ready to use
  13. Since Natalia deleted her iconic website for Trouble, I decided to upload the gifs, videos, and overlays I saved before she took it down . NOW, EVERYBODY GET SLAYED BY THE QUEEN OF CONTROVERSY HERSELF MS. KILLS: (dedicated to my babe @PERFECTIONIST since I took so long to put this together for him xoxo) GIFS PNG'S/OVERLAYS VIDEOS
  14. Natalia Kills

    Cruel Youth - Mr.Watson (OUT NOW!!)

    Mr.Watson Spotify: http://tinyurl.com/zpyp9un iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/zbh8amd Apple Music: http://tinyurl.com/h87rprk Amazon: (pre-order) http://tinyurl.com/zt8f8f6 Souncloud: http://tinyurl.com/jce29bw
  15. Today, on the official Cruel Youth (Natalia Kills) Twitter page, this short clip was uploaded with Mr. Watson playing in the backround. Perhaps, a nod to the Mr. Watson music video that's coming out? The video: Cruel Youth - Mr. Watson

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