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  1. Turn Ya Head

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    Wow a fellow Argentinian! Hope you're having a nice time on this forum
  2. Turn Ya Head

    TYH's cover attempts

    Made this one as a joke for a really crappy mashup I worked on last month (and when I say crappy, I mean SERIOUSLY crappy to the point where I made it entirely on my phone using free software) but I realized it looks just as bad as the original single cover and some legends on the discord server stanned it The worst part is that it actually took a whole hour to make
  3. Turn Ya Head

    TYH's cover attempts

    My most recent ones! (I feel like these are way better) Ke$ha - Ain't Too Drunk to Dance Ke$ha - Strange Love Ke$ha - Friday Night Bitch Fight Ke$ha - Butterscotch
  4. Turn Ya Head

    Currently Listening To..

    This is nice to watch on mute
  5. Turn Ya Head

    Sophie Anderson - Driving for Dick

    Wow Queen of inventing music, Mozart could never produce such a masterpiece
  6. Turn Ya Head

    TYH's cover attempts

    Finished this up. Took this picture (no idea who made it): And turned it into this: Here are the editions I made (this was probably the most complex thing I've ever done tbh)
  7. Turn Ya Head

    TYH's cover attempts

    Made this one for my Title unreleased. I removed the text from the back cover so it looks kinda weird, but it works for me. If the textless picture ever leaks I'll probably remake this
  8. Turn Ya Head

    Moonchild's Artworks

    Thanks honey! You always have the best collections ever
  9. Turn Ya Head

    Moonchild's Artworks

    Omg this is cute! Do we know of any tracks from this album? All I know is the Opulence EP
  10. Turn Ya Head


  11. Turn Ya Head

    I'm famous! (Jk, but please read)

    While we're celebrating Royalty and our status, let's listen to this amazing demo by a singer whose name I don't know: If we get more impersonators, we'll have to add a new club. We already have the Downvoted Club. A new one would just add to the collection.
  12. Turn Ya Head

    I'm famous! (Jk, but please read)

    Lately, the infamous "downvoters" have been attacking everyone. Including me. However, things are starting to get worse since it seems as we have some impersonators on the site. Here's an example: This person has been downvoting people and after doing that, they changed their username. My point being, be careful of who you get mad at. Double check usernames. It might be an impersonator trying to make us turn to each other and start pointless fights between the nicest of members. Thanks to @Whoknowsmehere for alerting me of this account. Steer clear of these weirdos!
  13. I'll have to completely agree with @jlnsgr Ever since the Joan incident, we've been getting accounts like @Major Lazer who are only here to downvote other members and cause drama for literally no reason. It really pains me as this forum used to be active in a good way, but it's turning into an immature Call Of Duty server with 12 year olds who still think "your mom" jokes are funny. One of the best things in PHF is the freedom we have. I've never been in a forun where you could start fun drama, share download links and express your opinions regardless if they're offensive or not. However, some people are abusing of this privilege and if things keep going that way, we'll end up like that forum that shall not be named. I love this forum for the memories I've made and the few flawless members who have been like a family to me for the past two years, but honestly things are starting to get out of hand.
  14. Turn Ya Head

    TYH's cover attempts

    Thank you! It wasn't hard to edit tbh but thinking of a good concept and getting the resources to put it together was a pain in the ass
  15. Turn Ya Head

    Lolene's unreleased songs discussion

    Oh my god! Saviour of the Lolene stans! Please do us a favour and share The Electrick Hotel 2.0 with us

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