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  1. Turn Ya Head


  2. Turn Ya Head

    I'm famous! (Jk, but please read)

    While we're celebrating Royalty and our status, let's listen to this amazing demo by a singer whose name I don't know: If we get more impersonators, we'll have to add a new club. We already have the Downvoted Club. A new one would just add to the collection.
  3. Turn Ya Head

    I'm famous! (Jk, but please read)

    Lately, the infamous "downvoters" have been attacking everyone. Including me. However, things are starting to get worse since it seems as we have some impersonators on the site. Here's an example: This person has been downvoting people and after doing that, they changed their username. My point being, be careful of who you get mad at. Double check usernames. It might be an impersonator trying to make us turn to each other and start pointless fights between the nicest of members. Thanks to @Whoknowsmehere for alerting me of this account. Steer clear of these weirdos!
  4. I'll have to completely agree with @jlnsgr Ever since the Joan incident, we've been getting accounts like @Major Lazer who are only here to downvote other members and cause drama for literally no reason. It really pains me as this forum used to be active in a good way, but it's turning into an immature Call Of Duty server with 12 year olds who still think "your mom" jokes are funny. One of the best things in PHF is the freedom we have. I've never been in a forun where you could start fun drama, share download links and express your opinions regardless if they're offensive or not. However, some people are abusing of this privilege and if things keep going that way, we'll end up like that forum that shall not be named. I love this forum for the memories I've made and the few flawless members who have been like a family to me for the past two years, but honestly things are starting to get out of hand.
  5. Turn Ya Head

    TYH's cover attempts

    Thank you! It wasn't hard to edit tbh but thinking of a good concept and getting the resources to put it together was a pain in the ass
  6. Turn Ya Head

    Lolene's unreleased songs discussion

    Oh my god! Saviour of the Lolene stans! Please do us a favour and share The Electrick Hotel 2.0 with us
  7. Turn Ya Head

    TYH's cover attempts

    Finally managed to get something to work! Can't believe it took me this long
  8. Turn Ya Head

    TYH's cover attempts

    Made this, still not satisfied with how it looks I kinda want to do something like this but have no clue how to crop the picture:
  9. Turn Ya Head

    TYH's cover attempts

    Thanks! I ended up not reworking the Face Yourself cover but I'll get to it eventually I made this one for the Halsey-less edit of Boy With Luv I made (which I uploaded HERE by the way), but the pic was kinda LQ so it's just temporary
  10. Turn Ya Head

    Made Up Album Thread

    Certainly, very much, sort of, maybe, possibly, yes. I'm just not a fan of the style...
  11. Turn Ya Head

    TYH's cover attempts

    Here are two more I can rip if you guys like them Sadly I lost the project files and such when my hard drive broke
  12. Turn Ya Head

    TYH's cover attempts

    I've been making my own covers for a while, but never felt confident enough to post them Here are the most recent ones and also the only ones I have on my phone Side note: I'm aware that the Face Yourself cover is awful, and for that exact reason I'm working on a new one.
  13. Turn Ya Head

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    They leaked??? Any chance you could send them my way?
  14. Turn Ya Head

    Albums coming in 2019

    YASSSS! A BTS article written by me would be full of very biased opinions, but I'll try to make the descriptions as objective as possible And you know, a BTS article might lure a bunch of their crazy fans, and they may or may not join the forum and spam it with k-pop #GetThatPromoPHF
  15. Turn Ya Head

    Make an assumption about a member

    Awww don't worry! The nerdy kids are always the best to hang with

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