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  1. Turn Ya Head

    Avril Lavigne Head Above Water & Possible Leaks Thread

    I get why people don't like DB. I guess the lyrics are kind of childish and cliche, and I know some here dislike Nicki's verse. Maybe TMIO is sort of catchy, but I think what gets to me is the instrumental. I really can't explain how, but it reminds me of Disney movies in a bad way
  2. Turn Ya Head

    Avril Lavigne Head Above Water & Possible Leaks Thread

    To be honest... The album overall was kinda disappointing. First of all, the standard version of the album is something like 40 minutes long? I don't normally care about this, but it seriously could have used 2 or 3 more tracks. And, the reason why I think it could have used more tracks is that most of it is ballads. The only song I can say I really liked is Dumb Blonde, and I kinda liked Birdie too, but as many members have already said, DB sounds very out of place and doesn't really match the direction this album tried to go in. Yes, I get that it's all about overcoming her struggles, but imo this could have been done in a better way. Idk. My problem with the ballads in this album isn't that they make up most of it, in fact what bothers me is that they all sound pretty similar and the album ends up being bland. Individual songs rating, warning, might be offensive: Head Above Water - 5/10. I still don't understand how this was the lead single AND the title track. It's forgettable to say the least. Birdie - 9/10. One of the standouts in the album. I'd say it has more power than the rest of the songs, and the lyrics are way more positive and interesting. I Fell In Love With The Devil - 7/10. I like the lyrics, that's about it. It's generic and follows the typical sad ballad formula. Tell Me It's Over - 2/10. I want to throw my phone across the room everytime this one comes on. Nothing said. Dumb Blonde - 10/10. Major "Girlfriend" teas. This would have fitted perfectly in "The Best Damn Thing". I'll be listening to this one pretty frequently! It Was In Me - 4/10. Nothing special. It's not as dreadful as Tell Me It's Over, but then again, why do I feel like I've heard this song a ton of times? Probably because again, it's very generic. Souvenir - 4/10. Boring and bland again. It has a little bit more energy than the other ballads, but it's still a skip for me. Crush - 3/10. Almost as annoying as Tell Me It's Over for me. Maybe because of the similar vibes? Goddess - 1/10. What is this. It sounds like an Ed Sheeran song but worse. The lyrics make me think of Tumblr. Bigger Wow - 6/10. Still boring and generic, but a little step in a better direction. The "na na na" part in the chorus is kinda catchy. Love Me Insane - 5/10. It had potential, but after the first chorus it became repetitive and boring. The beat keeps the same strength during almost the whole song. Warrior - 5/10. It reminds me of every popular motivational song. But the vocals save it a little for me. Overall I give it a 6/10. Would I listen through the whole album again? No. Do I hate it? Also no. It's just far from Avril's best effort and considering it was released almost 5 years apart from "Avril Lavigne", I was expecting a way more memorable comeback. This is just my opinion, though.
  3. Turn Ya Head

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Lolene's stuff is confusing af because even her leaked songs are hard to find, but I've searched a lot and from that list I haven't been able to find: Too Beautiful to Be Alone Day Star Here Comes the Rain Not exactly sure if they leaked or not, but yeah. And in your list you're missing the Zoo remix (only a snippet leaked), Kiss It, Jealous, I Miss You and Blow You Away which remain unleaked too.
  4. Turn Ya Head

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Most of it leaked, but not all, as far as I'm concerned
  5. Turn Ya Head

    Who are your favorite members ?

    But what about "don't make an 18 year old cry"? Without him, that iconic line would have never existed!
  6. Turn Ya Head

    Avril Lavigne Head Above Water & Possible Leaks Thread

    @kallumlavigne @Girl Under You that would be great! You really are lifesavers
  7. Turn Ya Head

    Avril Lavigne Head Above Water & Possible Leaks Thread

    Seconded. I like Nicki's verse, but someone needs to make an extended edit when the solo version comes out in HQ!
  8. Turn Ya Head

    The 2018 PHF Rewind Awards!

    Let's not turn this into drama central. Peace? Love? Heidi Montag?
  9. Turn Ya Head

    The 2018 PHF Rewind Awards!

    Whew! I came second for the Brendan Jordan award? Guess I'm gay now Congrats to everyone! I feel like every award was well deserved. Love you guys! Looking forward to another great year in PHF. And don't forget to stan BTS!
  10. Turn Ya Head

    Lolene's unreleased songs discussion

    Awww you went to a meet and greet? You're like, the luckiest person ever. Lolene needs to make a comeback. She seriously doesn't have a single bad song.
  11. Turn Ya Head

    Currently Listening To..

    I've been really into this song lately
  12. Turn Ya Head

    Lolene's unreleased songs discussion

    Thanks for the info! I agree, Lolene is a total Queen. Her music is 10/10. I'm kinda conflicted over the girl Lolene's managing now though, Nova Miller. She seems to have lots of talent but her music isn't on Lolene's level. I swear, if the British Queen of pop doesn't make a comeback, I'm going to officially announce the death of music!
  13. Turn Ya Head

    Lolene's unreleased songs discussion

    Omg really!? It's a bit of a honor to meet you lol. Your screenshot was posted in another forum, that's where I found it
  14. Turn Ya Head

    Lolene's unreleased songs discussion

    @Whoknowsmehere @Capsule I'm trying to find the official remixes and Kiss It, which obviously leaked but got taken down. I'm pretty sure I'm close to finding the remixes so just let me know if you're interested in those
  15. Turn Ya Head

    Lolene's unreleased songs discussion

    Lolene is a great singer imo. If you enjoy Heidi Montag and Kristine Elezaj, I'm sure you'll like Lolene too. Her career has been a mess all along, and now she owns a label.

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