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  1. That actually sounds sick! Even if we just got a writer's demo I'd be happy to hear the full thing tbh. At this point us Britney stans are feeding off of crumbs alone! LOL
  2. If this is true, I sure hope we can get at least a peak of it in the future! I remember back when Danja did a youtube video and previewed an instrumental he had supposedly made for Britney for the original Britney Jean. It's at around the 5 min mark. I really enjoy Danja's work with Britney, but given how hard it is to get a hold of her music, I doubt we'll be hearing it anytime soon. Unless her team decides they need a quick buck and releases them officially
  3. Well But you didn't hear that from me
  4. I'm late but literally how tf did I get 33. This is offensive
  5. Heya! Hope you have fun on the forum. I'm sure you'll find lots of other artists on this forum, I know I did because some of my faves are recommendations I got from here Thanks for doing a cool introduction and letting us know a bit about you! That's way more than I can say about a lot of new members Looking forward to having you around
  6. My username is TurnYaHead But beware, my last.fm is full of flops
  7. I got told that they leaked, but I can't find any links
  8. Probably a bunch of straight girls with a fetish for gay people
  9. @dexstar YASSSS DRAMAtical Murder! I suggest Naked Butlers/Hadaka Shitsuji, that one's really messed up but I guess it works if you're into really freaky shit
  10. Currently listening to this masterpiece, my wild dreams of these two collaborating need to come true:
  11. Wow a fellow Argentinian! Hope you're having a nice time on this forum
  12. Made this one as a joke for a really crappy mashup I worked on last month (and when I say crappy, I mean SERIOUSLY crappy to the point where I made it entirely on my phone using free software) but I realized it looks just as bad as the original single cover and some legends on the discord server stanned it The worst part is that it actually took a whole hour to make
  13. My most recent ones! (I feel like these are way better) Ke$ha - Ain't Too Drunk to Dance Ke$ha - Strange Love Ke$ha - Friday Night Bitch Fight Ke$ha - Butterscotch
  14. This is nice to watch on mute
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