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  1. Turn Ya Head

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Don't worry! We're here to learn. I'm not a moderador but if you have any questions please tell me
  2. Turn Ya Head

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Yeah I checked your profile today because I was confused about your low reputation. You don't seem like an obnoxious user at all. I get that it doesn't bother you but it really makes it look like you did something wrong for some users so I really hope you get it back I see you're new so please don't let these mishaps keep you away from the forum! PHF is a really nice place and I'm pretty sure this user will get banned if they keep that behaviour up. Have fun!
  3. Turn Ya Head

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    I don't mean to be an ass, but if you're new to the forum I guess you could use this information: When you don't agree with someone, it's unnecessary and rude to downvote them. If you get downvoted too much, your reputation goes down. And what's the point of having a bad reputation if you haven't done anything wrong? I think downvoting should be reserved for occassions in which a certain user is being rude or disrespectful towards either an artist or a member. I guess it could also be applied to scammers and liars. But all in all, it's childish to downvote a person just because you don't agree with what they said
  4. Turn Ya Head

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    LOL the whole "downvoting people I don't like" thing is so childish. I thought we were grown ups here
  5. Omg it's nice that you'll be finding links Just make sure not to accidentally download A Star Is Born
  6. If you're kidding I'm going to jump off a bridge
  8. Turn Ya Head

    BTS comeback: Love Yourself 起 Wonder

    I'm late as hell but here's the tea: - Love Yourself: Wonder was never released in the end, as of December 2018. Instead of that we got a re-edition of Tear and Her called Answer, which includes some new tracks and remixes. - My advice is to listen to Love Yourself: Tear first if you like mainstream pop. It's really good. However, if you prefer Hip-Hop, I'd recommend Dark & Wild. In my masterpost you can find some videos. Their single choices are usually good so you'll be fine listening to those first. And I'll have to agree on the fangirls comment. They're sort of annoying and I've even seen some fangirling over their teeth. Yes. Their teeth. But don't let that image of the fandom keep you away from their extensive discography!
  9. Turn Ya Head

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Leak Rebellion
  10. Turn Ya Head

    How Can PHF Be Improved?

    They'd probably shit their diapers if they got banned! 😮
  11. Turn Ya Head

    How Can PHF Be Improved?

    I think you're right about that. Maybe only allow post deleting to users with over 100 reputation or something?
  12. Turn Ya Head

    How Can PHF Be Improved?

    So I'm a dumbass and I keep on accidentally posting threads on the wrong section Do you think there could be a way for us to move our own posts from a section to another one? That would be really handy tbh
  13. Turn Ya Head

    Currently Listening To..

    Btw - Happy Birthday, Britney!
  14. Turn Ya Head

    Who are your favorite members ?

    If I'm being honest I haven't met anyone unpleasant here yet! But I really have some members I appreciate a lot because of how kind and helpful they are. When I first joined, I was quite shy but I was really well received. The ones I have a soft spot for are @Skinny Legend @Cypher @trayertrash @Capsule @Tweener @Lancasters @Charlie91xo and of course the King of Flac, @Whoknowsmehere But really, everyone here is so nice that I struggle picking favourites!

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