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  1. Oh wow! I came here from the other thread - my heart had sunk so hard so I'm glad to hear the good news! To be quite honest, I saw some people talking about Amelia Lily on Discord and I wondered what the forum was up to - I went back and read so many old threads just for the nostalgia of it. I may not be active anymore, it's insane how other interests and responsibilities drive you away from what truly made your day for years, but coming back to this place really made me realize how much I missed it Seeing the other thread, getting the scare that PHF was going to be gone permanently,
  2. That actually sounds sick! Even if we just got a writer's demo I'd be happy to hear the full thing tbh. At this point us Britney stans are feeding off of crumbs alone! LOL
  3. If this is true, I sure hope we can get at least a peak of it in the future! I remember back when Danja did a youtube video and previewed an instrumental he had supposedly made for Britney for the original Britney Jean. It's at around the 5 min mark. I really enjoy Danja's work with Britney, but given how hard it is to get a hold of her music, I doubt we'll be hearing it anytime soon. Unless her team decides they need a quick buck and releases them officially
  4. Well But you didn't hear that from me
  5. I'm late but literally how tf did I get 33. This is offensive
  6. Heya! Hope you have fun on the forum. I'm sure you'll find lots of other artists on this forum, I know I did because some of my faves are recommendations I got from here Thanks for doing a cool introduction and letting us know a bit about you! That's way more than I can say about a lot of new members Looking forward to having you around
  7. My username is TurnYaHead But beware, my last.fm is full of flops
  8. I got told that they leaked, but I can't find any links
  9. Probably a bunch of straight girls with a fetish for gay people
  10. @dexstar YASSSS DRAMAtical Murder! I suggest Naked Butlers/Hadaka Shitsuji, that one's really messed up but I guess it works if you're into really freaky shit
  11. Currently listening to this masterpiece, my wild dreams of these two collaborating need to come true:
  12. Wow a fellow Argentinian! Hope you're having a nice time on this forum
  13. Made this one as a joke for a really crappy mashup I worked on last month (and when I say crappy, I mean SERIOUSLY crappy to the point where I made it entirely on my phone using free software) but I realized it looks just as bad as the original single cover and some legends on the discord server stanned it The worst part is that it actually took a whole hour to make
  14. My most recent ones! (I feel like these are way better) Ke$ha - Ain't Too Drunk to Dance Ke$ha - Strange Love Ke$ha - Friday Night Bitch Fight Ke$ha - Butterscotch
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