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    • Savages

      Luca is the cutest shit ive ever seen. Im on my second watch in a row and just, ugh. I demand a part 2 cuz the ending, tho happy, made me bawl.

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    • Vixen Eyes

      Omg the spotify link on the main page has Winter Story by Given 🥺😭
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    • Vixen Eyes

      This site is beyond glitchy on mobile 
      1. Skinny Legend

        What problems do you have?
    • Savages

      Okay CDProjektRed. You gave us Kerry as the inly gay male romanceable character and one ugly joytoy.
      This us me BEGGING for Angel to ve added in sometime. Never have I wanted to full throttle fuck the ever living soul out of a games character. The way he talks to you and then THIS LOOK? I want 6 in every color.
      Yes this is me simping over a 3D model in a video game. Yes this is me saying id skull fuck him but also protecc, and more fucc, him.
      They did me dirty with this spot in the game. I may not recover. 😂
      Also heres some pics/funny nudes of my V cause I get bored and giggle like I'm 12.
      Thu game has me fucked up, yo.

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    • TakeMeLikeAWave

      Badly need those outtakes from Treat Myself photoshoots. I'm really dying for it jk. I have outtakes of her photoshoots in You Magazine, they have watermarks and they aren't in HD but they are in good and decent quality. But if you are a good hearted ones who are willing to share them jk. I'm just tired looking for them lol
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