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Bonnie McKee - Hot City (aka Epic Album)


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I think that i found the name of the album that Bonnie did with Epic.

I was doing a little research about Bonnie and i found this engineer's website, there's a list of albums that he mixed and we can see 

Bonnie McKee - Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt  (She recorded the title track during the Epic era)


tracker (thanks to moonchild)


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34 minutes ago, Countess said:

Nice job finding this! I guess he could just be using it as a place-holder title because that was the only song he worked on, or she could have just used that as a working title while she came up with another one - but either way, it's interesting to hear. Now I just wanna know what the song sounds like. :evil: 

We only have a preview of it :/ 

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2 hours ago, nanapop99 said:

Easy is easily one of her best song ever tho :hail:

I liked Easy the most from the EP but I don't revisit it as much as American Girl. Something from the EP just sounded off for me. I think it is the vocal production on the tracks. Nonetheless, I'm really hoping she gets to release an album this year.

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  • Cypher changed the title to Bonnie McKee - Hot City (aka Epic Album)

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