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  1. roger

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    Oh yeah, got too busy and became less and less active here
  2. roger

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    haha not really, mind explaining?
  3. roger

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    Hi guys! This is me You can follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rogerschz I always accept requests and I usually follow back
  4. Happy birthday! <3 You're never on here as much anymore but I loved our time together and all the fun and knowledge you brought to the site. Hope your life's going well and you still find time to check in with us sometimes. <3 

    1. trayertrash


      Happy birthday! We all miss your porn posts :'(

    2. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      @trayertrash The Night Club needs a new leader. I think you'll have to take over. :'( #RIPToMyBoner

  5. Hot xxx video  thread is flooping girl comeback 


    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Yasss, where is our Queen of Kink? :'( 

  6. Nah, it's not a popular opinion but yeah, kinda hot.
  7. I hope she thanks Marina too
  8. Go is her best single to date, she should continue with that...
  9. roger

    First Ever PHF Petition To....

    Whoever marries him... LEAK THE NUDES ha!
  10. Just discovered this site http://www.qobuz.com/ All the songs there are lossless, there's even songs that are only available in digital stores as iTunes! Sadly I can't buy from my country but maybe someone is lucky enough to get some nice things from here, I hope you get a surprise
  11. roger

    PHF Picture Editing Contest!!!!

    To be honest I'm not a pro with photoshop and editing pictures so don't expect a super marvelous work, to be honest I wasn't sure if get into this contest because I pretty much suck and I don't have the time to learn how to make amazing things and apply filters and all that stuff that the tumblr preteens know how to do haha But the thing is, I saw your pictures and you are such a cute and lovely couple! I'm so happy for you and I wanted to give it a try I did a very minimal editing job, just fixed and enhanced the color and made very minimal changes. Here are the pictures http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/90354077/file.html Hope you both are happy with the changes I made Blessings and best wishes & Congratulations
  12. roger

    Target Editions

    Hilary Duff's Most Wanted (both regular and Collector's edition) has "Do You Want Me (Live @ AOL Sessions" as a Target Bonus Track http://www.discogs.com/Hilary-Duff-Most-Wanted/release/1097330 http://www.discogs.com/Hilary-Duff-Most-Wanted-The-Collectors-Signature-Edition/release/3047639
  13. roger


    Anyone pledged for their new album?

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