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  1. obviously they were removed for a reason (not quite filled in), but I think downvotes gave message interaction a little texture. idk it makes me laugh seeing users with -300 community reputation it lets me know they were an icon
  2. https://www.idolator.com/7598858/bonnie-mckee-interview-bombastic-ep?andro=1 She definately didn’t have ownership when she left july 1st 2015: Yeah, there’s a whole album. I toured with it, I opened up for Karmin last year. The songs are still alive, but I’m in legal limbo with Epic. […] I plan on getting them back… I may have to re-record them.
  3. does anyone have links to where PSA or feel so right originally leaked? apparently they leaked on soundcloud and somebody mustve gotten a soundcloud pro rip of the OG PSA upload
  4. if Bonnie put out a song every time her fans fought in this thread shed have a career
  5. finally something that'll communicate hope to her fans
  6. does anyone know which songs are confirmed to be outtakes from Trouble + bombastic? no guesses please, trouble is between 2002-2003 and bombastic seems to be Sean Walsh produced 2015? not sure if its 2014-2015 or something
  7. this. she should fill her fans in who have been waiting years and years.
  8. I loveee bombastic. thorns too its amazing you just have to get the vibe. whatever the situation was with the epic masters, she vindicated herself of any 'I didnt have the rights' 'I didnt have ownership' ambiguity conclusively in 2021. she has no excuse in that department anymore as of then, and now cannot use the pandemic as deflection of the album either. all thats left is moving towards a actual release mixing, mastering, re recording, funding for music videos, promo material, packaging, artwork, distribution, photoshoots, promotion and also release fees and publishing.
  9. so shes been teasing and confirming all these epic tracks for this year.. but said shes releasing the 2019 album in the summer? is this some sort of revenge troll for the leaks
  10. shes listed as a performer on BMI along with a few other kooljack produced tracks (not written by XCX) - 1 of these got released so she probably recorded it although it doesnt seem likely it was on the album by that alone (theres a small chance with the deluxe) im not sure if the tracks were circulating apparently they were on publishing sites but not sure if anyone found a workaround to obtain those
  11. What did she say she was releasing in the summer again
  12. polished masters > poorly rendered demos from 2012
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